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chapter 466.1: Marriage Ceremony

“Perform obeisance to Heaven and Earth!”

“Second obeisance to the parents!”

“Husband and wife perform obeisance to each other!”

Yang Chen, dressed in a red auspicious costume, held four brides with hijabs in their hands in red silk. Under the direction of Master Ancestor Wang Yong, they bowed to heaven and earth and their respective elders. Then Yang Chen and the four brides bowed to each other, they finally officially became husband and wife.

When bowing to the parents, Yang Chen’s parents had already enjoyed their lives, so they had to kneel down to worship the elders and the sect master. Even if the parents were alive, Yang Chen couldn’t let them appear on such occasions. Even Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had calculated it, if Yang Chen’s ordinary relatives were known, they would definitely bring disasters to them.

Yang Chen’s wedding also ended with the last call of being “sent into the bridal chamber”. Yang Chen brought four charming ladies to the new house that the sect had already prepared.

Of course, this was just a new house in the apparent sense of the external arrangement of the sect. In fact, the real new house of Yang Chen and his wife was in the Dragon Palace and no one knew about them except the five of them.

The cloud-like guests brought stunning gifts. You know, this was to celebrate the wedding of the only fifth-rank alchemist in the mortal world. The guests who came here would be savvy people who would go out of their way, especially to give Yang Chen a good impression. Naturally, the gift would never be light.

All kinds of rare medicinal materials, refining materials, pill furnaces, spiritual springs, books, fire seeds, formations, etc., almost everything that Yang Chen had focused on before, piled up like a hill. It’s impossible for every guest to deal with it with a shabby gift. It was strictly calculated, it was even higher than the income value of the hundred thousand mountains in decades.

Yang Chen’s gift in return was really generous. Every guest who entered the gate of the mountain would be given a second grade inner sensing pill, plus two fourth grade foundation establishing pills. These pills were prepared beforehand, just for giving back gifts. Fortunately, with the profound spirit furnace, Yang Chen does not need to refine the second and fourth grade, he only needs to refine the first grade inner sensing pill and the third grade foundation establishing pills.

Although the second grade inner sensing pills has no effect on the masters of the dacheng stage, it still has a certain effect on the masters of the Yuanying stage. At least it could let the Yuanying stage ancestor discover the deviation of the cultivation in their body. If the Yuanying stage master doesn’t use it, handing it over to a master at the peak Jiedan might give him a breakthrough opportunity.

As for the fourth grade foundation establishing pill, there was no need to say more, as long as it was not an elm knot, a cultivator who could cultivate to the peak qi refining stage, after taking fourth grade foundation establishing pill, it was 100% certain that he would reach the foundation stage without any problem.

Needless to say, this was for the younger generations of these masters. Such a return gift really made these happy congratulations continue.

Although four brides were married at the same time, the four brides were in four new houses. Yang Chen went to each room one by one to pick up the red hijabs on the brides’ heads, and drank the hebu wine over the arms, which was regarded as completing the last process of this wedding.

The bridal chamber was just a symbolic entry, now everyone’s cultivation has not reached the Yuanying stage, so it was not suitable for dual cultivation. This time the marriage was more important than a formality, rather than a real start of dual cultivation.

The four girls felt very happy about becoming Yang Chen’s wife. This was the moment they had been looking forward to long ago and now it has finally become a reality. Although they were still a bit shy to say anything, the smiles on the faces of the four women could better explain their inner thoughts.

The lively scene lasted for more than two months before all the guests dispersed. Under the scene of big people gathering, no one with evil thought dared to make trouble in Pure Yang Palace during this period of time. Everyone passed the two months very peacefully.

However, some of the people from the wine immortal house and the seedling clones of the old tree demon were hidden among the guests on the periphery. It was discovered that many people were sneaking in the Meiqing Mountain range, not knowing what they were looking for, but there was no further action. In order not to disturb the guests, no one paid any attention.

Sun Qingxue’s master Hua Wanting and Shi Shanshan’s master Song Huan were the last to leave, the injuries of the two girls have not fully recovered. But together with Yang Chen, they said goodbye to their masters.

The four girls have now taken up the appearance of a woman, they looked like women. Hua Wanting and Song Huan gave their disciples a thousand warnings and left a lot of demands on Yang Chen to let him take good care of their disciples and then they reluctantly left.

After sending away all the guests, Yang Chen and his four wives completely let go of their busyness and began to heal Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue. All other things were handed over to the palace master to arrange.

Regardless of healing or alchemy, a quiet and undisturbed environment was needed. Yang Chen spent half a year again, refining a batch of enough questioning inner heart pills to meet the requirements of the Five Elements Sect, Blue Cloud Sect and Qiankun Sect in the next few decades, so as not to be disturbed during these decades.

He became more proficient in the refining of the questioning inner heart pills. It originally took a year to complete the refining, but now it only takes half a year. Moreover, it could reach hundreds of pills in one refining. It seemed that the concept of practice makes perfect was applicable in any industry.

The reason why he had to prepare so well in the early stage was because Yang Chen not only wants to restore the cultivation of the two women this time, but also wanted to take advantage of this rare seclusion to adjust the direction of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s cultivation. On the other hand, he also hoped that the five of them would be able to collectively attack the Yuanying realm.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling had reached the late stage of the Jiedan stage and if she was not injured, Shi Shanshan was even at the peak Jiedan stage and Sun Qingxue had also entered the late Jiedan stage. With Yang Chen’s help, it was not impossible for everyone to reach the peak Jiedan stage within twenty years.

Yang Chen never doubted that his four wives would not be able to survive the thunder tribulation. Even without the help of Yang Chen in their previous life, the four women were all very powerful women who survived the thunder tribulation. Could it be that with the help of Yang Chen in this life, they were getting weaker?

All arrangements were made and the questioning inner heart pills were also handed over to the sect master, so that he could deal with the several sects. Yang Chen and his four wives left the Pure Yang Palace collectively and flew towards the East China Sea.

The next healing process required a lot of spiritual power and Yang Chen didn’t want to drain the spiritual veins of the sect. In the vast East China Sea, there were countless spiritual veins on the bottom of the sea. In the treasure house of the Dragon Palace, it was absolutely safe and they would not be disturbed. It was the best place for seclusion and healing.

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