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chapter 465.1: Gathering

The effect of the second grade face refining pills that Yang Chen took out was really too powerful. The medicinal materials were all top-level medicinal materials. After the second grade refining of the profound spirit furnace, they were already the top-level face retaining pills in this mortal world.

Although everyone was surprised by the changes between Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, after all, the two girls were originally two young and beautiful girls, at least in the world of cultivators, their age was still the same.

But Sect Master Lu and the Island master were different. They have cultivated for a thousand years and could maintain the form of a middle-aged woman, it was already very rare. Some masters who were stuck in the Yuanying stage and cannot enter the dacheng stage have even had some old age characteristics appear on them.

But taking this face retaining pills one by one was simply a drama of time reversal in front of everyone. No matter how old or unable to keep their previous appearance, in just one day, from flattening the skin to restoring elasticity and finally becoming a young girl, it was a miraculous performance.

Others did not say anything, but the elders of the two sects went crazy first. Which woman does not want to live forever? Seeing the changes taking place in the sect masters, several elders and others wished they could stretch out their two small hands from their eyes and pull out the pill that had been swallowed by the sect masters from their bodies.

The women who took the pill, waited until the effect of the medicine was absorbed, the first time they got out and they saw the shocked gaze of the other elders, the first thing they did afterwards was to look for a mirror to watch themselves carefully.

Seeing the women in the mirror, if they hadn’t cultivated deeply and determinedly, they would have almost screamed. But even so, they touched their face in disbelief. Feeling the elasticity and touch that was different from usual, it took a long time for them to say a word.

Seeing the crazy appearance of the surrounding girls, the several big figures also knew that they were indirectly promoting Yang Chen. However, this price was absolutely worth it and they were even willing to do it several times over.

The speed of news dissemination was even faster than when the questioning inner heart pill came out. Soon, the countless female disciples of the two major sects were moved like the wind, all wanting to see the beauty of their own sect master. And after confirming from a short distance that their sect master had indeed restored their youthful appearance, it suddenly caused another wave of madness.

The medicinal materials needed in the pill spread quickly. This was the face retaining pills newly refined by Yang Chen. It was said that he would be able to help refine it, as long as everyone could collect the medicinal materials. The more mature the medicinal materials were, the better. Ten thousand years materials had the best effect and one thousand years materials could only maintain a hundred years of youthful appearance, this series of news spread quickly.

The news spread like wildfire among the female cultivators and then inevitably reached the ears of the male cultivators. Some experts would inevitably have so many concubines around them, hearing about such a precious thing, they naturally had to be coquettish and beg for it, even their own husband knew this. The news spread more widely, and the grand occasion was even crazier than hearing the news of the questioning inner heart pills.

Not to mention the female-dominated sect like the Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island, even among the Greatest Heaven Sect. There were also countless female disciples who began to look around for medicinal materials and even at high-level meetings, the elders asked the sect not to deal with Yang Chen for the time being, and to wait until they got the face retaining pills, leaving the men in the meeting dumbfounded.

The medicinal materials of the face retaining pill had also become the most difficult medicinal materials to get in the market. Almost all females would find these medicinal materials in every market, so those who originally did these businesses would make a lot of money.

No one expected such an effect. Even Yang Chen, the initiator, didn’t know that things would develop into this way, but now he still doesn’t care about this. The marriage ceremony was only half a year away and there were more and more things to prepare.

The palace master had begun preparing for ten years ago and a lot of invitations have been issued. The Pure Yang Palace at this moment was nothing like in the past, especially the wedding of the fifth grade alchemist master Yang Chen. How many people want to go to people who had received invitations to get this opportunity. Naturally, they promised everything.

After two visits, more than a thousand people came to congratulate them. Naturally, the reception work was also very cumbersome. Those who could be invited were all well-known masters and their habits and preferences must be taken care of, especially the accommodation must be arranged to perfection. Everything needed to be prepared in advance.

As the master of the wedding, how could Yang Chen not partake and let the disciples of the sect take care of everything? Especially to appease the mentality of his several fiancées, he really had to work hard.

A series of all kinds of cumbersome things were not settled until a month before the marriage. At this time, guests were arriving one after another, ready to celebrate Yang Chen’s wedding.

The people who could get invited by the palace master were basically people with great and powerful reputations. Most people gave the Pure Yang Palace face and agreed to come because it was the wedding of the only fifth-grade alchemist in the mortal world. But it does not rule out that some masters felt that they were not the kind of followers who tended to be inflamed and declined the invitation.

However, as soon as the news of the face retaining pill came out, whether it was a man or a woman, everyone was shocked. Even the masters who had already declined the invitation before rushed in. There were many confidantes around everyone, even if they don’t want to come, they were forced to come by the women around them.

On Meiqing Mountain, there was unprecedented excitement and everyone fell into a festive atmosphere. Yang Chen received some invited guests every day and almost laughed to cramps.

These were only the formal invitations, not counting the uninvited ones, most of them were some famous rogue cultivators. These people, on the one hand, were uncertain, and on the other hand, they were all quirks of laughing and cursing and the Pure Yang Palace sent no formal invitation to them. However, since the other party came to congratulate them, the Pure Yang Palace would not turn away and they treated each other with courtesy in the same way.

The wedding was not just a big matter in the Pure Yang Palace. Even though Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had their cultivation base destroyed, they were still disciples of the two big sects. Many people, even if they don’t care about Yang Chen’s face in the Pure Yang Palace, they still want to give the two big sects some face and came to congratulate them.

As a result, the number of congratulatory guests who came to the Pure Yang Palace suddenly increased by several times. There were thousands of masters above the Yuanying stage, and the waiting Jiedan stage masters does not even have the qualifications to enter the gate of the Pure Yang Palace. There were too many people coming and there was no way that the Pure Yang Palace could entertain all of them.

Fortunately, everyone also understood the difficulties the Pure Yang Palace was facing and did not blame the Pure Yang Palace for being rude, they each looked for a suitable place to settle within the range of Meiqing Mountain. Almost all the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace strayed out to entertain these guests. The entire Meiqing Mountain was filled with guests coming to visit, and the number was close to 100,000.

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