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chapter 463.2: Consequences Of Their Actions

The battle at the level of the great elders brought great destructive power with every action. There was no need to mention this small valley, even if it’s a whole mountain, two such masters could easily raze it to the ground.

The peak dacheng stage could only be surpassed by the strength of the masters who have ascended, if they were to fight, the area of ​​thousands of miles, if it could be preserved intact, it was absolutely blessed by the gods.

Even at the level of the first city lord, when facing the siege of Yang Chen, Wang Yong and the old tree monster, he completely ruined the area within a hundred miles. That was the middle dacheng stage, so the battle of the great elders was definitely more destructive.

Analyzing from this perspective, there hasn’t been any battle at all. Every destruction in the valley was caused by the wind tribulation, without any traces of battle.

It was impossible! How was this possible! The Greatest Heaven Sect’s investigators didn’t believe this result at all, how could this be possible? Something must be wrong somewhere.

They had to check again! They had to turn the whole valley over to check it again and even the smallest stones must be checked carefully to see if someone has used an extraordinary formation to cover up everything, making it impossible to find clues.

Dozens of master investigators have been in the valley for half a month, and they have not found any traces of battle. On the contrary, another group of people got some news from the cultivators who noticed that someone was facing a tribulation and came to watch the excitement. Who was there, who came first and who came later?

It’s just that, combining all this information, there was no way to find any evidence about the fighting that took place here. If the great elders were really fighting here, how could those who approached this place keep their lives?

The only thing that was certain was that this time the process of facing the tribulation was very short, and it seemed that it had just started and ended. And this could only be explained by one thing, the one who faced the tribulation failed and was wiped out in an instant.

Among the investigators, one was a core elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, who was qualified to know all the secrets of the sect. Originally, he wanted to find out whether it was the Green Jade Immortal Island or the Blue Cloud Sect’s great elder who made the move, but he didn’t expect that the investigation would take so long. The Greatest Heaven Sect was far away so he couldn’t accurately sense the time of the tribulation. He didn’t know until now that it turned out that the great elder who faced the tribulation here probably failed the tribulation.

The excitement disappeared with the wind after the news was confirmed. This core elder couldn’t accept such a result, how was this possible?

The strength of the great elder was definitely more than the strength of the wind tribulation, and there was absolutely no possibility of failure in facing the tribulation! So how could this be?

After thinking about it, if this was the case, there were only a few possibilities left. One was that the great elder couldn’t control his own strength, after the tribulation came, he was not fully prepared so he failed. The other was that there was a problem with the formation that was used to suppress his strength.

Either way, it was directly related to the great elder and since there was no dacheng master at the scene, it was only himself who had a problem. Having a few Yuanying stage ancestors show up, it was not worth the action of the great elder, let alone causing the great elder to lose control.

If that was the case, the dozens of Yuanying stage masters and hundreds of Jiedan stage masters in this valley were actually affected because of a problem with their own great elder.

After reaching this conclusion, even the core elder felt that it was unacceptable. But apart from this conclusion, there was no other possibility. No matter how the great elder lost control, the result was destined, but the reason was between the great elder himself and the suppressing formation.

Their own great elder caused the death of their younger generations, how would they account for this? Should they put the blame on the Pure Yang Palace? It wouldn’t make sense, people don’t even know that there was a gathering here.

As for blaming the Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island, it was even more nonsense. Even after the third note was issued, the Island master had determined that the Pure Yang Palace was safe and sound, so she returned ahead of time. From the beginning to the end, only two elders appeared from the Blue Cloud Sect, and they also left with the island master. In any case, this account could not include the two major sects.

Now the core elder in charge of the investigation was almost crying. Dozens of elite Yuanying stage ancestors and hundreds of Jiedan stage masters were arranged in secret by the Greatest Heaven Sect, but now they were all dead. The power that was accumulated by the resources of the Greatest Heaven Sect was lost because of the great elder alone.

This was only the most direct calculation of the loss. The influence of these people in the rogue cultivators alliance and the small sects has not been counted together. If they really wanted to calculate these, even a great elder cannot compare with these people in influence.

The core elder didn’t even know how to report this to the sect. The great elder of their own sect brought a large team of secret masters to uproot the Pure Yang Palace, but he didn’t expect that not long after the gathering, there was such an accident, and everyone was turned into flying ash under the influence of the raging wind tribulation.

It was these two sentences that came up in the mind of the core elders first. However, even if he was the core elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, even if he has the cultivation base of the dacheng stage, returning to the sect, he would never dare to say these words. In conclusion, he would be slapping his face and slapping the face of the high-level members of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Just when the core elder was worried about what to say, the Pure Yangyang Palace had already begun to handle Hu Qianyi.

Now Hu Qianyi was no longer an elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he was expelled from the sect by the Greatest Heaven Sect and he was not even a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect. At the moment, he was only a  prisoner in the dacheng stage.

Although the Greatest Heaven Sect sent hall master Mao meant to tell the Pure Yang Palace to deal with him anyway they wanted, everyone knew that if Hu Qianyi was killed regardless of his crime, it would be a sin against the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Even if the Pure Yang Palace felt that the Greatest Heaven Sect was a thorn in their eyes, this kind of obvious thing would not be done. Therefore, the Pure Yang Palace’s answer to this was only to imprison Hu Qianyi, making him think about his actions and didn’t directly kill him.

Of course, hall master Mao was satisfied, the Pure Yang Palace didn’t rely on the two big sect’s support to dare challenge the Greatest Heaven Sect. Although Hu Qianyi was unbearable, he was also from the Greatest Heaven Sect, if he was to be punished it could only be done by the Greatest Heaven Sect. When was it the turn of the Pure Yang Palace? After thinking about it, this punishment was good.

Of course, hall master Mao could not have imagined that there was another dragon clan’s magic weapon called the mountain river geographical map in this mortal world. He didn’t even think that Pure Yang Palace would not only abolish Hu Qianyi’s cultivation base, but would allow him to enter the mountain river geography map of mountains and rivers a hundredfold.

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