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chapter 464.1: I Don’t Have A Free Time

In the eyes of hall master Mao, the Pure Yang Palace’s handling of Hu Qianyi was done to carry favor with the Greatest Heaven Sect. Otherwise, how could one easily let go of someone who treated their most important young palace master like this?

That’s good, the sedan chair people carry people, at least for now, it was necessary to maintain a good relationship with the Pure Yang Palace. Although the Greatest Heaven Sect has several important pill formulas, they have not been successfully refined, have they?

Coming to the Pure Yang Palace to respond to the note from the Pure Yang Palace to deal with Hu Qianyi. This was one of the purposes of hall master Mao, and another purpose, naturally, was still to make some transactions with Yang Chen.

The spirit congealing pill recipe was already in their hand. From the time they got the pill recipe to the present, the masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect medicinal hall have only mentioned the fact that the pill recipe was indeed real. Only that kind of refining technique could refine the spirit congealing pill.

But that’s all, there was no further gains. Not to mention the questioning inner pill, which was more difficult and high-quality pill, this small spirit congealing pill alone has already made the Greatest Heaven Sect’s medicinal hall lost for words.

In Mao Qi’s view, these fellows in the medicinal hall were all lacking substance. They have consumed so many resources of the sect in vain, and even the small spirit congealing pill cannot be refined by them. If this was not the case, as the master of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s foreign affairs hall, wherever he goes, everyone was eager to carry favor with him, why would he bother to smile at a young man in the Jiedan dtage?

Now Mao Qi was sitting opposite Yang Chen, with a smile on his face, with an amiable look. On the other side, Yang Chen was frowning.

“Alchemy at this time? Forgive this younger generation for refusing!” Yang Chen frowned for a while before making a decision and started to shake his head.

“Why is it like that?” Mao Qi was a little worried. One of his missions on this trip was to make Yang Chen refine another batch of spirit congealing pills so that Li Liheng could recover. Yang Chen could produce hundreds of pills in one refining, which was enough for Li Liheng to use for several years.

“It’s good that senior want to know.” Yang Chen didn’t give much face to Mao Qi, at least it was not necessary at this time. Mao Qi still prefers to be close to Yang Chen for the time being.

“This younger generation junior will get married in one year.” Yang Chen smiled and explained to Mao Qi “The sect wants to make it a great occasion, it will take at least half a year to prepare.”

“In addition, the Island master, Elder Hua and others have all been kind to this younger generation junior before, and this younger generation junior intends to refine a small batch of medicinal pills to thank them.” Yang Chen did not conceal the issue between the Island master and elder Hua, the others will know about the alchemy anyway, and it’s not a matter of life or death. It doesn’t make much sense to conceal it “It would take more than five months if it doesn’t take long.”

Hearing that Yang Chen was going to make alchemy for the Island master and Elder Hua, Mao Qi couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, but after all, he didn’t say much. Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect’s action was hidden this time and no one noticed it, but as soon as the tribulation was launched, everyone knew that there was a master in that place.

If the Pure Yang Palace doesn’t understand what kind of danger it has just experienced, then they were all fools, and the Pure Yang Palace doesn’t know how many times it should be destroyed. Even if he didn’t know that it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, he knew that it was under the blessing of the island master and Elder Hua that they escaped the catastrophe.

Under this circumstance, ifYang Chen expressed his gratitude to the Island master and Elder Hua by refining some pills, which was definitely a good reason and Yang Chen immediately added a clue.

The pill that would be refined for more than five months was definitely not the questioning inner heart pill but some other pill. Thinking of this, Mao Qi also recognized Yang Chen’s approach, but he still wanted to get the spirit congealing pill sooner.

“After getting married, will grandmaster be free?” Mao Qi asked again. He was now a core elder who understands the situation and of course he also knows the importance of the spirit congealing pill.

“Sorry, senior, after getting married, this junior will have to refine pills for my two wives to recover from their injuries.” Yang Chen was rarely kind and gave his reasons directly.

This reason was so powerful that even Mao Qi couldn’t say more. No one would leave their wife without treatment, but would refine pills for others, this was the truth.

Let alone the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was impossible to force Yang Chen to do anything even if someone descends from the Profound Heaven Sect of the Immortal Realm. The reason was this, they knew that it was already the turn of the Blue Cloud Sect to get their alchemy but they all obediently said nothing, waiting for Yang Chen to make the alchemy for his wives first.

Mao Qi didn’t have anything to say. Originally, he still wanted to endure Yang Chen’s lion’s big mouth this time, but he didn’t expect that even he had no chance of being slaughtered, he could only honestly line up for ten years later.

“In addition…” Yang Chen looked at Mao Qi, he wanted to say something but stopped, making Mao Qi a little puzzled, and he asked “What else? Grandmaster, just open up, don’t hide it.”

“Elder Hu Qianyi was healed by the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill refined by this younger generation junior, but when he was healed, he attacked this younger generation junior’s fiancee.” Since Mao Qi asked, Yang Chen was not afraid to offend Mao Qi and directly sneered “This kind of thing, can senior guarantee that it will not happen to others again?”

Mao Qi didn’t know how to answer Yang Chen’s question. This was because Yang Chen’s words were more subtle, and if he was irritated, it was estimated that he would directly say that they had no gratitude to repay his virtue.

Speaking of it, this was indeed the truth. It could be said that Hu Qianyi’s life was saved by Yang Chen, but he changed hands to kidnap Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue to threaten Yang Chen. For this one reason, the Pure Yang Palace should have executed Hu Qianyi and no one in the mortal world would dare to slander the Pure Yang Palace. Now that Hu Qianyi’s life was still left to him, it has already given face to the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Yang Chen asked relaxedly, but his words seemed to have been slapped in the face of hall master Mao, and it’s the kind of unceremonious slap in the face that makes people unable to hide.

Now, not only was Mao Qi unable to answer, but he was almost ashamed and unable to raise his head. The hall master of the foreign affairs hall of the dignified Greatest Heaven Sect, now he was a core elder who had mastered the secrets of the sect, was said to have no self-confidence in front of a junior. This kind of grievance, hall master Mao has never suffered like that since he was promoted to become the hall master.

It was a shame to be blushing in front of a junior and this shame was not brought to him by Yang Chen, but their dacheng stage master, elder Hu Qianyi.

At no time did Mao Qi want Hu Qianyi to die more than he does now. This shameful fellow, a master of the dacheng stage, couldn’t even handle two juniors in the Jiedan stage but he still had the face to make trouble for the Greatest Heaven Sect.

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