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chapter 463.1: Consequences Of Their Actions

A great elder, seventy or eighty Yuanying stage masters and hundreds of Jiedan stage masters, even the Pure Yang Palace that Yang Chen joined in the first place did not have such powerful strength. Now such a mammoth strength was gone, how could the Greatest Heaven Sect remain indifferent?

It was necessary to send people to investigate immediately, at least the cause of death of those people must be figured out. Otherwise, for them to die so unclearly, it wouldn’t make sense in any sect.

As for Hu Qianyi’s life and death, it was not so important now. For this reason alone, even if he made such a big sacrifice for the sect, even if Hu Qianyi was a dacheng stage elder, it would not be a pity to die.

The Greatest Heaven Sect immediately announced its disposition towards Hu Qianyi. The Greatest Heaven Sect previously said, that whoever dared to touch Yang Chen, they would become the enemy of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but now it was the elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect who took the initiative to attack Yang Chen, it was definitely their own member who slapped the sect in the face.

Hu Qianyi was removed from the eldership, and then left to the disposal of the Pure Yang Palace. At the same time, another elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, a peak Yuanying stage ancestor, was also dismissed from his post and dealt with by the sect rules for protecting Hu Qianyi and trying to blame others. It was said that the result of the punishment was a hundred years of seclusion and not going out.

As soon as the news came out, many people began to unanimously praise the Greatest Heaven Sect for adhering to justice and righteousness to punish their own people. For this, they paid enough respect to the Greatest Heaven Sect.

But the Greatest Heaven Sect has a bitterness and they couldn’t inform anyone. The truth was held in hands by others, and people were captured on the spot, so they cannot deny it. Originally they planned to use this to destroy the Pure Yang Palace, but the people sent for the ambush was completely wiped out, but all this could only be a dumb loss and there was no way retaliate.

Hu Qianyi had no value anymore, even if he was sent back from the Pure Yang Palace, it would probably be a waste. At the moment, it was necessary to find out the real culprit who attacked the great elder for the tribulation to descend. It must be known that he was part of the core strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Once the great elder was conspired against, the one who conspired against the great elder was the greatest enemy of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

As for the Pure Yang Palace, in front of such a powerful enemy, their strength was really not worth mentioning. This time the experts gathered in secret, let alone the Pure Yang Palace, even if there was the Island master waiting in the Pure Yang Palace, it was estimated that it was impossible to see through the movement of the great elder, needless to say that there was something that could cause the great elder to attack for the heavenly tribulation to appear.

The only thing worth paying attention to now was figuring out what happened. If someone fought with the great elder and triggered the tribulation, that would definitely be a big deal. Those with this ability, there were only hidden masters in the other four sects that were also ranked among the five sects with such strength.

But the problem was that what they could feel right now was only one raging wind tribulation, but they didn’t feel the second raging wind tribulation. If it was triggered by battle, why didn’t the opponent trigger his own raging wind tribulation?

At the level of the great elder, he could only support the power of the first attack. As long as the battle starts, the seal of the formation would be unlocked and even before the battle would be over, the tribulation would have appeared.

The opponent who could let the great elder untie the seal would definitely not be worse than the great elder. It stands to reason that this kind of strength would definitely cause a tribulation, but why it didn’t cause it was worth pondering.

This situation would only happen unless the opponent has been killed by the great elder. If this was the case, the Greatest Heaven Sect would not lose. Using dozens of Yuanying stage ancestors and hundreds of Jiedan stage masters in exchange for a great elder of the other party was definitely a big profit.

After much deliberation, there was only this possibility. Otherwise, the top members of the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t think of a second reason for this. And the biggest suspicion that could do this was that the Green Jade Immortal Island or the Blue Cloud Sect allied with the Pure Yang Palace.

Their own disciples were crippled by Hu Qianyi and they were their two most talented disciples. It was definitely worth the two major sects using this kind of method. Only a great elder with the same cultivation base could discover the experts under the cover of their own great elder and it was impossible for others to approach, let alone cause the great elder to attack for the tribulation to appear.

What the Greatest Heaven Sect was dealing with at this moment was to make a decisive decision without further delay. Compared to attacking the Pure Yang Palace, finding out this expert who fought against their great elder was the most important thing to do now.

A group of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s masters have been dispatched to investigate the scene of the incident. Hall master Mao also set off quickly to the Pure Yang Palace to discuss the compensation for this incident with the Pure Yang Palace. Of course, in addition to the Pure Yang Palace, there was also the Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island, all of which must be settled.

The issue of compensation was easy to discuss. After all, the Greatest Heaven Sect has handed over Hu Qianyi to be disposed. Although it was said that Yang Chen captured him, at least they had to know the attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect, even the two major sects had to wait. Besides, they also dealt with another elder, which made people even more angry.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the so-called punishment for the peak Yuanying stage elder, a hundred years of seclusion, was clearly a cover for him to take the opportunity to attack the dacheng stage realm. When the Greatest Heaven Sect mentioned the punishment, it made people speechless.

The Greatest Heaven Sect thought that this trick to push the boat along the water was absolutely seamless. It consumed at least one great elder of the two sects, and their own great elder ascended, but the other party died. It was estimated that at least one of the two sects would be distressed to death.

From this perspective, the Greatest Heaven Sect was not the sect that suffered a loss, but one of the Blue Cloud Sect or Green Jade Immortal Island. As for the Pure Yang Palace, they had good luck this time, so they got pure profit.

Hall master Mao’s speed was very fast. When he came to the Pure Yang Palace, the group of investigators sent by the Greatest Heaven Sect also rushed to the valley where the great elder faced the tribulation.

The scenery in the valley was almost intact. Although many people have already come to appreciate the aura of the raging wind tribulation, after only one day, there would be no residual aura left, so it was the group of people who came from the beginning that was remaining. They were all experts, there was no need to destroy the things in the valley, so they could keep it till now.

This group of investigators turned the valley almost inch by inch, trying to find some traces of the battle, in order to discover the identity of the opponent from the smallest clues. Even the great elder, he must have been out there back then, it was impossible for one to appear for no reason.

As long as they find a few characteristics, they could determine who the opponent was. If they find out the opponent, they could determine which sect has attacked their great elder and they could weaken one of them in a targeted manner. Maybe a few hundred years later, there would be only four big sects instead of five big sects.

All the ideas were wonderful, but reality slapped the Greatest Heaven Sect with a merciless slap. No matter how these investigators searched, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t find a trace of the battle.

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