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chapter 462.2: Not Relatable

~~Yang Chen certainly knew how powerful the wind tribulation was so he quickly escaped from the absolute Valley dozens of breaths in advance.

When leaving, Yang Chen was not afraid to be exposed, anyway, hundreds of miles around were uninhabited. Yang Chen increased the speed of the shuttle to the highest, then he used the sea pouring jasper cup to wrap it and sped away from the absolute valley.

Before the raging wind tribulation came, Yang Chen had already fled dozens of miles away. Afterwards, the direction of the shuttle changed, and he plunged directly into the ground, still using the fastest speed to escape without anyone knowing it.

As soon as the raging wind tribulation fell, the cultivators in a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles became aware of it. They knew that this was a dacheng stage senior who wanted to cross his tribulation and ascend, all the cultivators’ eyes were focused on this area. Some cultivators who were relatively close had already begun to gather quickly in this direction.

What a lucky thing to be able to meet a dacheng stage predecessor who could ascend. If they arrive in time, they could still experience the aura of the raging wind tribulation. For every cultivator, that was a valuable experience worthy of a life in exchange.

Of course, the Pure Yang Palace also felt this aura, and after determining the direction of this aura, the palace master felt a thud in his heart and sank into deep thought.

This direction was clearly the direction Yang Chen was going. There was only the great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect who could trigger the tribulation. Since the other party caused the tribulation, could it be that Yang Chen’s plan has failed?

At this moment, the palace master almost couldn’t believe it. Even so, he still swayed. If he didn’t gain support from the pillar next to him, he might have fallen to the ground immediately.

The elders quickly gathered here, and they were all puzzled when they saw the palace master in such a state. This time Yang Chen’s plan only included the palace master in the sect, and no one else knew it. This was also a strategy set for the future response to the Greatest Heaven Sect’s investigation, so they kept everyone else in the dark.

The triggering of the tribulation was too short, it just took a while and disappeared immediately. This could only be explained by one situation, that was, the person who was facing the tribulation failed and has not survived the nine raging wind tribulations, so his soul was extinguished.

“The predecessor over there is no more than a thousand miles away. In any case, I should go and observe the tribulation.” The palace master was indeed worthy of his title, and soon calmed his mind and began to give orders.

No matter what happened over there, what has happened was destined to be unchangeable. The palace master must rush to see if there was anything wrong with Yang Chen.

This kind of opportunity, naturally everyone would not let it go easily and the group flew in that direction. Only half an hour after the departure, a figure suddenly appeared beside the palace master, taking a closer look, it was Yang Chen.

Seeing Yang Chen appearing alive in front of him, the palace master’s heart was immediately filled with ecstasy. Yang Chen was okay, but the other party caused the wind tribulation to appear. No matter what happened to the great elder who faced the tribulation, the people around him must be dead.

And everyone already knows that the predecessor facing his tribulation failed, that was to say, the great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect has also been completely killed in body and soul.

The palace master suddenly felt his mood brighten, great compassion suddenly turned into great joy, his mood seemed to have improved a lot.

Although the result was already known, everyone still had to go in a group. Even under the guise of feeling the aura of the wind tribulation, they have to visit the scene.

The people from the Pure Yang Palace were not the first to arrive, there was a closer sect over there. By the time the palace master and his party arrived, hundreds of people were already surrounding the valley.

The absolute valley of two hundred feet square became a dead place, without any creatures left. Even a slightly larger stone was not left, and the ground of the absolute valley completely turned into a fine powder, and the surrounding cliffs were also having a large piece wiped out, which has also turned into powder.

The extremely subtle aura of the raging wind tribulation made everyone who came here felt that this trip was worthwhile. It was not easy to encounter a dacheng stage master crossing his tribulation, because they would usually find a place that other people couldn’t find, one reason was because they were afraid of interference from others, and second, they were also afraid of harm to the nearby creatures. There has never been such a surrounding area with many sects.

This was the first time that everyone had the opportunity to feel the aura of the wind tribulation, and they didn’t know which dacheng stage senior did such a good thing. However, it was a pity that the senior failed to cross the tribulation, this was the only regret.

Later on, there were more and more people coming, but the raging wind tribulation aura was already fading and finally disappeared completely. Without the aura of the wind tribulation, the crowd began to slowly disperse.

Among the people who were leaving one after another, the people from the Pure Yang Palace did not attract any special attention. Everyone came here with the same purpose, and there was no need to pay attention to other things.

After returning to the sect, Yang Chen had the opportunity to report to the palace master alone what had happened. After listening, the palace master was even more overjoyed.

Yang Chen’s handling method was far more proficient than the previously discussed method. Who could doubt the Pure Yang Palace now? Everyone knew that there was a dacheng stage predecessor who failed in his ascension. Who knew that hundreds of people had been buried along with that predecessor?

The formation for suppressing the cultivation base could not guarantee 100% success. No matter how powerful he was to trigger the tribulation, it was impossible to succeed in the tribulation by 100%.

Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect knew it, they could only think that their own great elder did not suppress his cultivation base well, and caused the tribulation. Perhaps it was because he wanted to save the experts that were with him, which led to the failure of the crossing and affected those masters. This was a natural outcome and has nothing to do with anyone.

Sure enough, it would be undetected, not even the palace master who made the plan together with him could figure it out, let alone other people. This time, the grievous loss of the Greatest Heaven Sect was determined.

Yang Chen immediately went into seclusion, refining healing pills for his fiancé, and refining face retaining pills for the island master. The head of the palace was very calm, waiting for the Greatest Heaven Sect’s response.

All that happened here, he sent people to send the news to the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect. Of course, the news only said that there was a dacheng stage predecessor who caused the wind tribulation to appear in a place thousands of miles away from Meiqing Mountain. The tribulation failed and the valley was turned into ashes, there was nothing alive there. Presumably, when the two senior sect leaders received the news, they would naturally know what had happened and how to respond.

The news reached the Greatest Heaven Sect at the fastest speed. When receiving the news, the senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t even believe what they had heard.

That place was clearly a secret meeting point arranged by the sect in their plan to uproot the Pure Yang Palace in one fell swoop. But now, only a piece of powder remains.

A great elder at the pinnacle of the dacheng stage, seventy or eighty Yuanying stage masters and hundreds of Jiedan stage masters, were they gone like that?

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