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chapter 460.2: Creating An Alibi

“How did you use the medicinal pill but you didn’t poison yourself?” Elder Hua was more curious about this. Yang Chen was obviously fine, could there be an antidote?

“As long as the whole body is sealed with beeswax to prevent the medicinal qi from attacking you, it will be fine.” Yang Chen lied without hesitation.

Elder Hua understood how to seal the whole body, not breathing or being contaminated by the outside atmosphere, was indeed very easy for a cultivator. The only difficulty was that it was troublesome to get close to the opponent.

The supreme elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect who they were now going to deal with were more powerful than any ordinary expert and it was not so easy to hide from them.

However, since Yang Chen was able to hide from Hu Qianyi, maybe there was really a good way to get close to these people without them knowing it and then apply the medicinal pill.

“This younger generation was lucky and got a magic weapon that can shield spiritual awareness.” Yang Chen laughed and mentioned his trump card, giving the two masters peace of mind “As long as you can get close to the group, the effect of the medicine can be quickly displayed. It’s just a matter of time.”

With this guarantee from Yang Chen, it seems that dealing with those people was not so difficult. What could a group of masters who have lost their spirit power do, even if it was a peak dacheng stage master who was about to ascend. They could just send a younger generation junior in the foundation stage to go over and take care of them all.

Everyone’s spirits immediately lifted up. Now it was no longer a question of whether it would work or not, but how to do it more secretly, so that the Greatest Heaven Sect had nothing to say.

Generally speaking, this kind of thing could be dealt with by not admitting it even to death. You said that many of your masters died there, we don’t know! When the Greatest Heaven Sect gathered these masters this time, it was a secret operation. The Pure Yang Palace didn’t know anything about what went on in their sect. No one could say that something happened thousands of miles away from the meiqing mountain and the Pure Yang Palace was responsible for it.

As for the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, that was even more nonsense. The sphere of influence of the two major sects, one was overseas, and the other was tens of thousands of miles away, how could it be possible to silently kill an elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect?

It was impossible for the Greatest Heaven Sect to slap themselves in the face and say that these people were sent to deal with the Pure Yang Palace, otherwise they would be even more unable to appease the dao sects. They couldn’t say anything, they could only suffer from this huge loss.

There was no reason to blame the Pure Yang Palace. Moreover, with the strength of the Pure Yang Palace, it was impossible to do this. Even if the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect were to help, it was impossible to do such a thing in secret, there was no movement at all but dozens of Yuanying stage masters and unknowing number of elders were killed.

When something went wrong, the Greatest Heaven Sect could only look for the suspect, just like the last time the sect gate was destroyed, there has been no suspect arrested yet.

Although it seems that the Pure Yang Palace was the most suspicious, the Greatest Heaven Sect had no evidence and would not believe that the Pure Yang Palace could do this. If the Pure Yang Palace really has such strength, why should it be necessary to unite with the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect to directly attack the Greatest Heaven Sect, which would be enough to uproot the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Anyway, as long as the three sects were asked, they didn’t know anything. Since the Greatest Heaven Sect was using a secret manpower arranged, they should check if anyone had leaked the secrets!

The island master, elder Hua and the palace master in charge of the situation carefully discussed the cause and effect, and even simulated the situation that might occur afterwards and realized that there were no flaws, so it was decided.

“So, we still have to trouble Yang Chen, you have to take care of it!” The Island master said to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen had the medicinal pill and a magic weapon to conceal and shield his spiritual awareness, so he was the best candidate to carry out this plan. No one dared to rest assured when it was replaced by someone else. The overbearing medicinal effect alone made people daunting. Other than Yang Chen, who knew better about that kind of medicinal pill? It could only be said that Yang Chen had to make another hard trip.

“After we arrange it, let’s begin!” Elder Hua said the same thing. She instructed Yang Chen and added another sentence after thinking about it: “Pay attention to safety. If you can’t do anything, it’s important to get out first and keep them away temporarily. I’ll take it next time. Anyway, we’ve already earned it this time. I don’t want little Xue to be a widow before she gets married.”

Elder Hua was straightforward, but she didn’t hide her caring thoughts. Yang Chen was her son-in-law now, even for Sun Qingxue’s consideration, Yang Chen must be safe.

“This younger generation junior understands.” Yang Chen bowed in salute, expressing his gratitude for the care of the elders.

After that, the island master and elder Hua led their people away from the Pure Yang Palace and returned to their respective sects. In the current situation, the Greatest Heaven Sect did not dare to make a desperate attempt to destroy the Pure Yang Palace and the Pure Yang Palace had no crisis of their sect being destroyed for the time being. There was not much need for them to stay here, they just had to go back, they could also play their roles in their respective sects, so that the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t doubt them.

In the final analysis, there was a proof of alibi. Since Yang Chen could do this by himself, there was no need for everyone to gather experts with great fanfare. If the Greatest Heaven Sect were to make trouble unreasonably like this, it would just give the three sects another excuse.

As for Yang Chen, of course he would use the excuse of retreating to refine pills, refining healing pills for his two fiancées, and at the same time refine the beauty pill for the girls. Just taking advantage of the accident of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, the name of the face retaining pills was also spread out, there must be countless female cultivators coming one after another.

All parties seemed to arrange readily, only waiting for Yang Chen to take action. News from the wine immortal house kept coming, the experts seemed to have gathered there quietly and never left.

Of course, this does not rule out the fact that the people in the wine immortal house didn’t find the other people leaving. A master at the peak dacheng stage, just bringing a space magic weapon could enable him to take everyone away without them knowing it and no one would find them.

In the eyes of the palace master, Yang Chen safety took first place. If the person was there, he could do it. If the person was not there, he would come back secretly, as if nothing happened. Anyway, the biggest loss would be that Yang Chen ran a fruitless trip.

Yang Chen also understood the good intentions of the palace master, but he knew that those people were still where they were, and among them there was a master who was in the peak dacheng stage and could ascend. The Greatest Heaven Sect still didn’t have the idea of ​​destroying the Pure Yang Palace, but the sect was still weighing against the decision.

The three purities secret art’s formidable spiritual awareness thread had already reached that area without anyone knowing it, even the supreme elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect could not hide from it.

The quarrel between the island master and the Greatest Heaven Sect gave Yang Chen enough time. This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect was destined to lose more experts.

It was not known what kind of heartache the Greatest Heaven Sect would feel after these people were gone.

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