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chapter 461.1: Withdrawal

Yang Chen was alone, hiding under the ground, relying on the sea pouring jasper cup to wrap around the flying shuttle, he quickly approached the place where the group of people gathered.

It was a very hidden small valley, surrounded by cliffs, off the beaten track. There was no spiritual energy here, it was very desolate, basically there were no people around for hundreds of miles.

The people in the wine immortal house only judged that these people were in this area, probably within a hundred miles. But they didn’t know the specific location, and even sent a few disciples disguised as passerbys, all of them were silently killed. So the wine immortal house didn’t send anyone in afterwards, but just put them in several directions around the group of people stared at those who came out from this direction.

Until now, the people in the wine immortal house haven’t found anything unusual. With Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, as he got closer, he had already grasped the cultivation base of these people clearly.

The most powerful was a master at the peak dacheng stage. This guy had a mysterious power that suppresses his own strength at the peak dacheng stage and prevents the arrival of the tribulation. This mysterious power was what the Greatest Heaven Sect secretly transmitted to suppress strength.

In fact, the cultivation base of these people has exceeded the limit of triggering the tribulation. This formation could suppress their strength to about 70%, so their peak strength could be at least 50% stronger than Wu Xiong before the ascent. When Wu Xiong met them, he could only escape for his life.

However, without the baptism of the wind tribulation, after all, it was impossible to achieve a qualitative change, so it was still a step away from the cultivation base of the human immortal.

This great elder, in the crowd, he seemed very ordinary. If it weren’t for Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness which clearly marked his position, most people would not be able to detect his existence.

This old guy hid in a corner, sitting cross-legged, without saying a word, but the so-called Yuanying stage ancestors who went back and forth around did not seem to see him, it seemed that this person did not exist at all.

It seemed that these people were also people who were suddenly gathered and there seem to be many people who don’t know each other. Many people were chatting with each other and seemed very relaxed.

For those who cultivated, if not necessary, they were generally reluctant to stay in a space carried by others. Even if Yang Chen took some experts out, he would try his best to be on the upstairs boat to allow everyone to move around freely without restraining them in the space.

The purpose of this was to make everyone more comfortable, so as not to get bored in a small space. Secondly, it was to give everyone a taste of equal communication, so as not to make people misunderstand themselves, they must stay in the space of others to cultivate.

The people of the Greatest Heaven Sect had the same idea, so they were scattered in this valley. The valley itself was extremely secretive and there were dozens of Yuanying stage masters among them, plus that great elder, it was basically impossible for outsiders to approach it.

At least they thought so, so there was no need to get into a person’s space magic weapon to stay secret. But precisely because of this, Yang Chen was given a fatal chance by them.

Yang Chen was still more than a thousand miles away from them. At the speed of the flying shuttle, he could arrive in less than an hour. However, Yang Chen didn’t dare to speed up. The unknown great elder, with a strong cultivation base, could not be made aware of his movements.

Within a hundred miles, Yang Chen was even more cautious, moving forward almost at the slowest speed. Anyway, this group of people would not leave within one or two days. Even if it took two days to escape the hundred miles, Yang Chen was willing, as long as he was not discovered by the old guy in advance.

Yang Chen couldn’t be careless. At this level of the old guy, it was not impossible to say that his spiritual awareness has been so sensitive that it couldn’t be cheated. Even if there was the sea pouring jasper cup, he must be very cautious and not fail.

Although these old guys have excellent cultivation bases and they were also very cautious. It must be known that if they made a move, it was almost 100% certain that it would soon trigger the tribulation, so under normal circumstances, they would not easily take action. Once it was found that something was wrong, he would flee.

Having reached this point, Yang Chen never hoped that his negligence would cause the opponent to leave. If only seventy or eighty Yuanying masters were killed, Yang Chen’s hatred could not be eliminated. Only this great elder could make the Greatest Heaven Sect really feel pain.

It took almost three hours slowly and carefully before Yang Chen approached within ten miles. This distance, if he wanted to release the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, it should be said that it was enough, but he was afraid that the wind direction was wrong, and the other party was deeply hidden in a valley. In order to avoid falling short, Yang Chen still wanted to be safe and get closer.

After another hour, Yang Chen dived underground to the edge of the valley, about a hundred meters away from the group of people. At this time, when Yang Chen made the move, he was able to guarantee 100% that the medicinal qi would definitely be concentrated in this valley and would never drift outward.

Just as he was about to squeeze the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill underground, Yang Chen suddenly stopped the movement in his hand, condensed the aura of his whole body and stayed in place motionless.

The elder, who was no one cared about, frowned suddenly and swept his eyes in the direction of Yang Chen. It was not known what he found, he had been staring in this direction.

A powerful spiritual awareness, silently drilled directly from the ground and almost turned over the surrounding ground. Yang Chen activated the sea pouring jasper cup, his whole body was like a dead thing, he stayed in place without moving.

The crazy spiritual awareness brushed back and forth at least ten times around the area, as if he was unwillingly to retreat it. After a while the old guy’s gaze finally retracted and he returned to the posture of sitting with his eyes half-squinted cross-legged.

In this series of movements, none of the Yuanying stage ancestors and Jiedan stage masters found out, they were still cultivating and some were enjoying friendship.

The moment the old guy withdrew his spiritual awareness, Yang Chen crushed the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill underground. A puff of medicinal qi began to fill all sides silently, slowly puffing out from the ground and dispersing in the surrounding air.

In order to avoid being discovered by the supreme elder, Yang Chen didn’t even use A’Bi to get rid of the toxins at this time.

The people over there also saw nothing strange so what could they do.

After the time a stick of incense would burn, the great elder sitting on the ground suddenly seemed to notice something and stood up abruptly. It’s just that he didn’t control his strength and his body bounced directly from the ground, causing a lot of movement.

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