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Chapter 460.1: 460.1
chapter 460 . 1: Creating An Alibi

“Do you have a way?” The Island master’s eyes lit up for a while, but at the same time, there was also a trace of deep fear hidden within it .

If the Greatest Heaven Sect used those old guys, few people could be compared with those guys by strength . Unless the Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island also sent their own treasured great elders . Even so, it could only be said that everyone would be fighting evenly and maintaining each other’s invincible situation .

But if they wanted to kill these people silently, that’s absolutely terrifying . Those who could kill the great elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect today, they would be those who could kill the great elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island or Blue Cloud Sect tomorrow, the island master couldn’t help but become afraid .

Thinking about it, what terrifying thing was it that could kill a dacheng stage master anytime and anywhere without him knowing it, the island master looked at Yang Chen with a different gaze because of this .

However, Yang Chen was on her side now . If Yang Chen could kill a supreme elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect silently, it would make them feel more heartbroken than killing dozens of Yuanying stage masters . This one great elder alone was equivalent to one-tenth the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Yang Chen naturally knew how shocking his words were, so he immediately explained with a smile “You seniors may be curious, how could this junior arrest Hu Qianyi alone . ”

“Didn’t Wang Yong and Gui Shanyou act together to arrest him?” Elder Hua was shocked when she heard this . Hu Qianyi was captured by Yang Chen alone, she had always thought that it was the two dacheng stage masters from the Pure Yang Palace who had joined forces to capture Hu Qianyi, only now did she know that there was another hidden story .

The Island master was also somewhat skeptical . Both Wang Yong and Gui Shanyou have just been promoted to the dacheng stage only a hundred years ago . But Hu Qianyi was a veteran dacheng stage master, at least he had reached the mid-to-late dacheng stage level and it was obviously impossible for him to be captured alive by two early dacheng . But the fact happened before her eyes and she couldn’t help but have to believe it .

Only now did she know that Yang Chen did it alone . This was even more shocking than the combination of two early dacheng stage masters . It was not a fantasy to capture an expert in the middle or late stages of the dacheng stage .

But the palace master of the Pure Yang Palace nodded silently, acknowledging all this . The Pure Yang Palace was now a partner of the two sects so it was impossible to lie about this kind of thing .

“How did you do it?” The Island master couldn’t help but ask, she didn’t even notice that there was a little tremor in her questioning voice .

“By the luck of this younger generation junior, I got a pill recipe for a certain medicinal pill . ” Yang Chen replied honestly . It seemed that this was not convincing enough and he added “It’s very overbearing, crushing the pill will silently allow a dacheng stage master to not be able to move and within a dozen breaths, it could dissipate his spirit power . ”

Hu Qianyi’s situation has been seen by the island master and elder Hua and it was indeed as if all his spirit power had been dispersed . Not only Hu Qianyi, but also Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue . However, the situation of the two women was different, their spirit power was dissipated, which just happens to not cause further injury to the meridians, but was a blessing in disguise .

It was estimated that the two women were affected by Hu Qianyi . When Yang Chen dealt with Hu Qianyi, the two women were also poisoned by this pill . Such a process was reasonable, otherwise, with Hu Qianyi’s ability, if the two women’s spirit power could be dissipated with such precise control, the meridians would not be injured like that .

“This pill is so powerful?” Elder Hua also paled . A dacheng stage masters spirit power could be dissipated within a dozen breaths, how could ordinary dacheng masters stop this?

However, this could also explain why Yang Chen captured Hu Qianyi unscathed . With this kind of medicinal pill, let alone Hu Qianyi, ten of him would probably not be his opponents . How could others think of things that they didn’t even know of?

“It is very great, but the raw materials for the refining are very rare . You need dragon bones and it must be the bones of poisonous dragons . ” Yang Chen shook his head directly “I have only collected three bones in the mortal world and refined three pills, no matter how much am given, I can’t make another . ”

Yang Chen repeatedly emphasized that there were only three, it was to reassure everyone . One couldn’t do anything about it, this kind of thing was colorless and tasteless . No one knows when they would be hit and if they were to always stay prepared against it, that was simply a nightmare .

The medicinal materials used was dragon bones, this was a lot of peace of mind for everyone . The dragon clan have long since disappeared in the mortal world, where would they find the bones of dragons?

Yang Chen had been in the East China Sea for a while, looking for submarine medicinal materials . Maybe by coincidence, he found some dragon bones . This was normal, but for them to believe that Yang Chen had countless dragon bones, they didn’t believe it .

Yang Chen said that there were only three and everyone believed it . The bones of the dragon clan, and it must be the bones of the poisonous dragon, was it so easy to get? . With such a strong medicinal effect, it seems that only the pill made from the bones of the poisonous dragon was capable . Ordinary medicinal materials, even if they were ten thousand years old, how could they have such a powerful effect?

“You used one, and two more are remaining?” The Island master asked calmly .

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“I used two . The first one was tested by this younger generation junior . ” Yang Chen replied with a smile “The second one was to deal with Hu Qianyi . ”

“Is there an antidote to this pill?” Elder Hua immediately discovered the problem keenly . Yang Chen used one to test the effect, but he was fine, and he was also fine with Hu Qianyi himself . There must be an antidote, otherwise he couldn’t explain it .

“There is an antidote, but it is very troublesome to refine . This junior have insufficient skill and it will take at least 20 years of hard work to refine . ” Yang Chen nodded and replied .

This answer also caused the island master and Elder Hua to take in a cold breath . Yang Chen’s lack of skill was a shortcoming, which was something no one could help . If it takes twenty years to refine the antidote, doesn’t it mean that Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue would be such a waste for twenty years?

However, after another thought, it was not the case . The injuries of the two women would be pretty good if they could recover within 20 years . They don’t have the physical background of a master in the dacheng stage and they couldn’t even bear the effects of too strong medicinal pills .

It seemed that everyone had nothing to worry about . There was only one in Yang Chen’s hand, if it was used this time to handle the Greatest Heaven Sect group, there would be no more worries about the pill .

There was no need to consider future risks, so everyone’s interest would naturally shift to the immediate matter . With such a pill, it was indeed possible to make this group of people disappear without others knowing it, but the other party was a master who was about to ascend, how could they hide from his spiritual awareness and get close to the group without being noticed?

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