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Chapter 458.1: 458.1
chapter 458 . 1: Effect Of The Face Retaining Pills

The ladies over there were just agitated at first, and then all fell silent . The lowest level of cultivation base that was among them was the Jiedan stage so they won’t be shocked like ordinary women .

Yang Chen could feel it without even looking, when Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue walked out and then they heard a sound of inhalation . Then the two women were surrounded by the girls and there was no shadow of them from the outside .

Yang Chen would never doubt the effect of the face retaining pills . The daily maintenance of Fairy Chang’e was definitely something that made the female fairies of the heavenly court jealous almost to the extent of vomiting blood . This beauty pill was definitely the top magic weapon for women to maintain their beauty .

Unfortunately, Yang Chen’s impression of Fairy Chang’e was not particularly stunning . One couldn’t do anything about it, the beauty sent to the immortal executioner stage, no matter how graceful and peerless, she was captured after a bitter fight, she was wounded and in an extremely difficult situation, so how could she still maintain her status as the cold and proud fairy of the moon palace . In Yang Chen’s eyes, Fairy Chang’e was unworthy of her fame .

Because of this first impression, Yang Chen certainly didn’t expect much . At least in his eyes, those boring medicines were used to increase the effect by one percent but had to pay 100% of the hard work . The effect was certainly good, but if he refines it again, he would definitely greatly simplify the pill .

Thinking like this in his mind, Yang Chen still wanted to see the actual effect . It’s just that the ladies who surrounded the two women seemed a bit strange, standing there one by one without saying a word, it was really elusive what happened .



Just when Yang Chen thought that the most powerful women in the world had a collective hysteria . The girls who surrounded the two women seemed to wake up from a dream, and exclaimed for a while .

Yang Chen and the palace master looked at each other, and the palace master looked at Yang Chen . Turning his head at him, motioned for him to go forward . After all, it was his fiancée, and it was justified to go up and see . On the contrary, it was not easy for the palace master to approach them, so he could only stand here and wait quietly .

On this occasion, the island master and elder Hua were present and it was very rude to probe with spiritual awareness . Therefore, no matter how curious the palace master was, he did not dare to easily use his spiritual awareness .

When Yang Chen walked over, the footsteps were deliberately heavy . It also indirectly reminds these seniors except for his fiancée .

Sure enough, hearing the sound of Yang Chen’s footsteps, the women spontaneously stepped aside for him and he walked easily in front of the two women who had just come out of the quiet room .

The beauty pill was really effective, this was the thought in Yang Chen’s mind after first seeing it . Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, as expected, had restored their youthful appearance, they were the same cold and unparalleled beauties and they had the same charm .

No, there seems to be some small differences . Looking carefully, it seemed that the skin of the two women was slightly more delicate than that of the previous, and the body looks slightly smoother . Of course, it was only a little change . In Yang Chen’s eyes, the two women were still the two women in his memory, unchanged .

Looking at the two women . There should be no other changes, and the injury has not worsened . But the exclamation of the girls just made Yang Chen a little uncertain, so he subconsciously stretched out his hand, grabbed the nearest Sun Qingxue’s jade wrist and began to examine her pulse carefully .

Yang Chen’s actions caused the women around him to laugh, but Yang Chen still didn’t understand why the women were exclaiming . Was it just because the two girls became younger?

In fact, there was no need for the face retaining pills . People with cultivation bases like them could achieve the same effect by directly using some spirit medicines . It’s just that these spirit medicines were quite rare, but with the abilities of these people in front of him, no matter how precious the spirit medicine was, wasn’t it a matter of saying a few words?

Sun Qingxue’s pulse was all normal, except that her injured meridian still maintains that kind of injury, there was no other change .

Yang Chen breathed a sigh of relief, as long as nothing happened . Then, he reached out to Shi Shanshan . In the presence of so many people, he has not yet reached the point of unscrupulously using his spiritual awareness to probe the bodies of the two women .

Shi Shanshan was trying to put up a little bit of resistance, especially in front of so many elders, but Yang Chen seemed to be very persistent, and she hesitated for a while, letting Yang Chen hold her jade wrist, a red glow appeared on her face .

Shi Shanshan’s skin also recovered the tenderness of her youth, holding it in his hand, the slippery feeling made Yang Chen a little bit entranced . When he first held Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen didn’t care . He always treated Sun Qingxue as a little sister, and he didn’t have any ambitions . But now holding Shi Shanshan, he had a different feeling from Sun Qingxue .

In front of so many elders, this was not appropriate . Yang Chen quickly suppressed the thoughts in his heart and focused on checking the pulse, fortunately no one could see it .

After a while, Yang Chen could finally be 100% sure that Shi Shanshan had no effect on the injury except for the recovery of her appearance after taking the face retaining pill .

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As it was a face retaining pill, without any side effects, except to restore the best moment of appearance, there was no other effect . In Yang Chen’s eyes, it was indeed a kind of pill with extremely uneven input and output, so these medicinal materials were enough to produce the same amount of questioning inner heart pills .

After confirming the efficacy of the medicine, Yang Chen didn’t understand why the masters of the dacheng stage and Yuanying ancestors all made such exclamations, even his other two fiancées, his master Gao Yue and senior apprentice sister Gongsun Ling .

He didn’t understand, but obviously it’s not a good time to ask clearly now . Didn’t he see the fiery eyes of the girls as if they were going to swallow him alive? Yang Chen was not a dumb person, and knows when to do what .

“The effect of this pill is still barely okay!” Yang Chen could only smile a little wryly, and gave such an evaluation of the women .

“Barely?” Sun Qingxue’s master, Elder Hua Wanting, directly shouted in a tone that Yang Chen hadn’t even expected “Is this still okay?”

Elder Hua was the first to jump out, followed by all the ladies, looking at him with a monster’s eyes . That kind of gaze reminds Yang Chen of a beast that has seen food without having any hesitation .

“I want one pill!” The Island master said more directly and domineeringly than Elder Hua Wanting “You say your price!”

As soon as the voice of the island master fell, the same request immediately evoked everywhere .

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“I want one too!”

“I also want one!”

“I want three!”

Facing the group of requests, Yang Chen looked inexplicable, this pill, was it so popular?

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