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Chapter 457.2: 457.2
chapter 457 . 2: Face Retaining Pills

“You are all waiting for the face retaining pills?” From the fiery eyes of the other women, Yang Chen saw some facts, but still couldn’t believe it .

“Of course, what do you think?” Elder Hua snatched the small jade bottle containing the face retaining pills from Yang Chen, opened it directly, looked inside and immediately frowned: “How come there are only two?”

Yang Chen only refined for his two fiancées so of course he refined only two pills . He didn’t think much about this and he subconsciously followed this amount . The ten thousand years spirit medicine doesn’t fall from the sky, and if he could save it, he would save it .

Obviously, this situation made the ladies headed by Island master and Elder Hua very unhappy, but they didn’t say much . Two would be two, at least they must first see the effect .

Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan were checked again by Yang Chen and after confirming that their injuries were stable, they each found a quiet room and took the medicine .

The effect of the medicine was not a short-lived matter . When the women waited for the effect of the medicine to work, Yang Chen was finally able to come to the side with the palace master and chatted about the recent situation of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

“The Greatest Heaven Sect had a bad intention, and it seems that they had a heart to destroy my sect . ” Listening to the master of the palace, he talked about the movements of the Greatest Heaven Sect, especially when he heard some people faintly pointed at the Pure Yang Palace , Yang Chen couldn’t help but snort coldly .

“There is news from the wine immortal house that some unidentified experts have gathered in a place thousands of miles away from Meiqing Mountain, and they seem to want to attack my sect . ” The master of the palace nodded . The wine immortal had secretly joined the Pure Yang Palace . As a result, Pure Yang Palace’s information to the outside world was so well informed, if there was a little bit turbulent outside, the news was immediately presented to the palace master .

“Elder wine immortal is okay in his cultivation now?” Yang Chen hadn’t seen the wine immortal for a long time . Hearing the palace master talk about the wine immortal house, he naturally asked .

“Thanks to you, he has now begun his seclusion and intends to hit the threshold of the dacheng stage . ” When the palace master talked about the arrival of the wine immortal, a smile appeared on his face .

Although the wine immortal only secretly joined the Pure Yang Palace, with the help of the questioning inner heart pills, it seemed that he was on the verge of reaching the dacheng stage . The Pure Yang Palace would have another dacheng master . Although it was secret, it was enough to make the palace master happy . Especially if the wine immortal became a master of the dacheng stage, the wine immortal house would naturally rise, and what would follow would be a series of benefits .

“What’s the answer from the Greatest Heaven Sect now?” Yang Chen asked anxiously, without asking what kind of confession the Greatest Heaven Sect had this time .

“The third note has only been sent to the Greatest Heaven Sect for ten days, and no one has come back . They have not responded yet . ” The head of the palace master was not as impatient as Yang Chen, and sat very calmly .

He couldn’t blame Yang Chen, he has been refining and he didn’t know the news from the outside, he didn’t know how far things have progressed, so he felt a little impatient .

Hearing the words of the palace master, Yang Chen also fell silent . Suddenly his heart moved, he once again asked the palace master “How many of those experts gathered, what realm do they have and are they still there now?”

“There are more than 400 people, of which there are more than 80 Yuanying stage ancestors, and the rest are all at the peak of the late Jiedan stage . ” After thinking about it, the palace master replied “However, it is said that there are still people . As we rushed over there, they were all people from small sects and rogue cultivators . ”

Thousands of miles away from Meiqing Mountain . If there was a better flying magic weapon, it would only take a few hours to reach Meiqing Mountain . This was clearly a plan to do something, and he just waited for the Greatest Heaven Sect to speak .

“Is there no master in dacheng stage among them?” Yang Chen was still a little puzzled, relying on dozens of hundreds of Yuanying stage ancestors would not be enough to destroy the Pure Yang Palace . It was known that there were two dacheng stage masters in the Pure Yang Palace now, and sending so many Yuanying stage ancestors here was nothing short of being futile .

“The whereabouts of the masters of the dacheng stage are difficult to grasp, and it is impossible for the people in the wine immortal house to find them . ” The master of the palace shook his head . He did not believe that the other party would not dispatch the masters of the dacheng stage, but the people of the wine immortal house obviously could not trace dacheng stage masters . The presence of such a master would be unknown, unless the master showed up intentionally .

“Maybe it’s a repeat of the old trick . There are a few great elders who have been in the Greatest Heaven Sect for a long time . No one knows what they look like . They may appear on our side when they do it . ” Yang Chen knew quite a few of the secrets of the Greatest Heaven Sect, at this time he immediately thought of this key point .

The reason why the Greatest Heaven Sect has always ruled the mortal world was that in addition to its revealed power, there were also a large number of secret disciples scattered among various minor sects and rogue cultivators . However, these were not the ultimate force, the ultimate force of the Greatest Heaven Sect was an unknown number of great elders .

These great elders were dormant in the secret formations deep in the Greatest Heaven Sect . With their strength they could already ascend immediately, but were relying on some mysterious formations to force their cultivation to be suppressed . At the peak of the dacheng stage, they do not trigger the heavenly tribulation and hide their cultivation base, only to secretly protect the Greatest Heaven Sect or take action after encountering certain major enemies .

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These old guys, who were extremely hidden, were very powerful . Maybe elder Wu Xiong before crossing the tribulation was not necessarily the opponent of these old guys .

These guys were all loyal to the sect . Every time before they could ascend, they would voluntarily guard the sect for hundreds of years and then ascend . The experts accumulated by the Greatest Heaven Sect for tens of thousands of years were absolutely terrifying numbers .

In fact, not only the Greatest Heaven Sect, the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect and other major sects also have such great elders, but they did not have many great elders like the Greatest Heaven Sect, so their ultimate strength was still a lot worse .

If the Greatest Heaven Sect used these people, it wouldn’t need to be too many, as long as one made a move, Master Wang Yong and the old tree demon could be suppressed, and there might be life or death concerns .

But after using them, it was not without consequences . Once these old guys made a move, they would soon trigger the tribulation, so they would not easily do it . They would only use it when the sect needs it . Once these people were really used, when the Pure Yang Palace was destroyed, this was a great elder who had been in seclusion for many years and finally broke through the bottleneck . Who could doubt the Greatest Heaven Sect?

It was a pity that the Greatest Heaven Sect just said that Hu Qianyi was in retreat, and it was said that Hu Qianyi was captured alive . Once this happened, it was not so easy for the Greatest Heaven Sect to use the same technique to cover it up . That’s why it has been delayed until now, and they haven’t done anything yet .

When Yang Chen was discussing with the palace master, there was a commotion among the girls over at the other side, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had already exited the quiet room .

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