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Chapter 458.2: 458.2
chapter 458 . 2: Effect Of The Face Retaining Pills

Yang Chen had no way to understand the madness of the girls . That’s right, it’s crazy . Even the island master, who’s words could make people tremble and Elder Hua Wanting, a master of the dacheng stage, it’s actually useless for them to get pills which could only change their appearance with their cultivation base .

There was no such thing as a master of the dacheng stage, and no demeanor of the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, this situation was really unbelievable . How could this face retaining pill make these high-ranking women so crazy? Just because they could change their face?

In Yang Chen’s opinion, the reason why Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were a little better than before was that in addition to the effect of the face retaining pills, after the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill diverged their spiritual power, they were soaked in the four seas mysterious coral liquid for dozens of days . For a certain reason, the more impurities in the body that were removed, the better the natural skin performance would be, this was quite normal .

But it’s not like this, right? Seeing how the women looked, if Yang Chen didn’t agree, he wouldn’t be able to pass this situation, making it difficult for Yang Chen to refuse for a while .

“Ahem!” The palace master understood the women’s mentality better than Yang Chen, and made two coughs in time, attracting the attention of the women .

“This, everyone should stay calm . ” Seeing everyone looking at him, the palace master gave a light cough and slowly said “It is not difficult to find Yang Chen for alchemy . The cooperation of several of our sects is also not so easily broken . In this way, everyone should first listen to the medicinal materials needed for this pill, and then go back and get ready to talk about it . ”

Although the head of the palace master did not explicitly say that Yang Chen would still need compensation for alchemy . But asking everyone to prepare medicinal materials, it was a brief reminder to all the ladies .

Except for Yang Chen’s fiancée, the other women immediately remembered the rules of asking for alchemy . They could not help but be startled,Yang Chen was not an alchemist who could just agree to help others to make alchemy . This was the only fifth grade alchemist in the mortal world . According to the public statement of the Pure Yang Palace, it would take 25 years to make alchemy once, and he was paid a lot .

But since the head of the palace master said so, Yang Chen would definitely give face to everyone, there was no doubt about this . Needless to say others, just the other two fiancées of Yang Chen must also require some . At that time, Yang Chen only needed to refine them together . As for remuneration, it would be whatever Yang Chen wanted .

Women could pay any price for their looks, even for women who were masters of the dacheng stage . At this time, everyone had consciously put aside any rewards and other things, and only wanted the pill . What Yang Chen wanted was only trivial .

In the eyes of the palace master . The performance of these women was like handing over blank checks with no upper limit to Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace, this was a good thing . How could the palace master be unhappy?

“What medicinal materials are needed, tell me!” Elder Hua urged without waiting for a moment to pass “I’ll have someone prepare it right away . ”

“Ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum . Scutellaria, Panax notoginseng, Acanthopanax senticosus, Angelica, Angelica dahurica, Baifengzi . Fangfeng, these will be enough . ” Yang Chen reported the required medicinal materials almost without exception, all the girls were engraving on jade slips with their spiritual awareness . Of course, there are a few people who don’t need to record, Gao Yue,Gongsun Ling, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, they don’t have to worry about not remembering .

With the medicinal materials mentioned by Yang Chen, the expressions on the faces of the women became more and more relaxed . They were all ordinary medicinal materials and they were not unbearable things to obtain .

“But…” Yang Chen’s words caused all the women to lift their hearts to their throats at the same time, for fear that Yang Chen would say something that could not be done . Fortunately, Yang Chen just added an explanation “You must wait a bit longer . ”

The age of the medicinal materials was of course the longer the better, at least in the eyes of the women . Needless to say, they would follow Yang Chen’s supplementary statement .

Subconsciously, the Island master asked “What kind of maturity is needed to achieve the effects of Shanshan and Little Xue?”

In a word, all the women’s attention was drawn to Yang Chen again . Being stared at by so many women with high or low status and high or low cultivation base level, Yang Chen also regarded it as the first time and immediately replied “The two pills were made with medicinal materials with ten thousand years of maturity . ”

Brushing, the whole scene quieted strangely, all the women seemed to lose their interest in talking and even stopped breathing . The scene was so quiet that if a needle dropped on the ground, the sound could be heard .

After a while, Yang Chen heard a sound of people breathing in the cold air .

“Ten thousand years, you are really something!” The island master finally smiled bitterly . It was beyond the control of the island master from smiling bitterly . Even if she was the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, there was a certain amount of pressure to come up with such a variety of medicinal materials . If it was for the questioning inner heart pills, there was definitely no scruples, but just for the face retaining pill, the island master has to consider the thoughts of other elders .

“What will the effect be if the maturity is lower?” Elder Hua also fell silent, but she still asked hopefully “For example, if it has a thousand years of maturity?”

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This question was something all the women wanted to know . Everyone pricked their ears to listen, for fear of missing a word . No one dared to speak, for fear of disturbing Yang Chen .

Faced with such a situation, Yang Chen couldn’t help but sigh . Even when discussing dealing with the Greatest Heaven Sect, he didn’t see them being so cautious and paying so much attention!

“The specific effect is not very clear, but I guess that the effect of the pill can only last for hundreds of years . ” Yang Chen gave a relatively cautious answer after thinking slightly .

“What about after the effect of the pill?” Elder Hua asked hurriedly again, with a lot of joy on her face . It’s not easy to get the ten thousand years medicinal materials, but it’s easier to find the thousand years medicinal materials, but there was one more key question, Elder Hua immediately asked “Would there be any decrease in effect if I take it then?”

Not only Elder Hua, but the other girls all had the same relieved expressions . However, Elder Hua’s question was definitely the most fundamental point that everyone cared about and it was forbidden that the women do not take it seriously .

“That’s naturally useful . ” Yang Chen replied without hesitation . This kind of pill was a long-term beauty treatment, and it doesn’t exist after taking one . But was it really worth using so many thousand year medicinal materials to refine the face retaining pills?

Yang Chen’s answer directly detonated all the women present . If it weren’t for their own identities, maybe they would cheer . But even so, everyone was smiling, and the temperature at the scene seemed to have collectively increased by several degrees .

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“Yang Chen, when can you start another refining?” The island master was already feeling a little bit unbearable and immediately couldn’t wait to ask this question .

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