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Chapter 457.1: 457.1
chapter 457 . 1: Face Retaining Pills

No one could refute this and they could draw this conclusion by counting the benefits Yang Chen has brought to the two sects .

The blood demon vine that trapped elder Hua of the Blue Cloud Sect was helped by Yang Chen . The eighth metal true secret art was discovered by Yang Chen . The talented disciple Sun Qingxue also was helped by Yang Chen . The income of the hundred thousand mountains was brought by Yang Chen . It was also hinted by Yang Chen that even the dozen or so Yuanying stage praying mantis corpses brought back by Sun Qingxue were found with Yang Chen .

The same was true for the Green Jade Immortal Island . Shi Shanshan’s troubles were solved by Yang Chen, her heart devil was helped by Yang Chen, and the seabed spirit medicine was slowly developed by Yang Chen . The hundred thousand mountain and secret plane incidents also had Yang Chen’s indispensable shadow .

Of course, the most important thing was that, whether it was the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pills or questioning inner heart pills, all were from Yang Chen . In recent decades, the strength of the two sects has soared, and they were completely inseparable from Yang Chen .

Even if such an excellent junior couldn’t be brought back to their sect, it was always a good thing to form a relationship with him . What’s more, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had already been secretly promised to Yang Chen for marriage, which was also good for the sect . No one would be foolish enough to refuse .

Now the people of the two major sects were worried about two things . One was the situation of the two women, whether Yang Chen would hold the wedding as scheduled, and the other was how effective Yang Chen’s face retaining pill would be .

As for the Greatest Heaven Sect, they would let them have a headache . The previous wrong decision has made them lose face . Next, they may be desperate, disregarding the prestige and reputation they have accumulated before, and angrily fight the two major sects . Or pull down their face to apologize, and then pull out a high-level top ranking member that was at least the level of the master of the foreign affairs hall, to blame for this wrong decision .

Either way, in short, they were too unlucky . Even if it was a war, the two sects were not afraid, not to mention that the combined strength of the two sects was already stronger than that of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and the two sects were already ready to fight after the first note was sent .

The most important thing was that the two sects occupy the righteous ground and the moral commanding heights . The Greatest Heaven Sect would be causing a war outbreak without a cause, which determines that they would never have the upper hand when facing the two sects .

After arranging everything, the island master did not return to the Green Jade Immortal Island, but waited in the Pure Yang Palace . In fact, except for the experts who had to return to the sect to control the sects affairs, basically all the experts who came to the Pure Yang Palace this time stayed in the Pure Yang Palace .

On one hand, it was to prevent the Greatest Heaven Sect from jumping over the wall to launch a surprise attack on the Pure Yang Palace, on the other hand, it was to collectively wait for the release of Yang Chen’s face retaining pills .

Yang Chen couldn’t imagine how attractive the face retaining pills he mentioned were to the two basically female sects of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect . He just thought he wanted to restore the appearance of his two fiancées, so he was attentively refining .

The Greatest Heaven Sect’s reaction was basically under Yang Chen’s guess, so there was no need to consider outside matters at all . Now it was the time to concentrate on refining the face retaining pills .

Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were still taking 10 portions of the lingzhi mushroom jade pill every other time . The meridians in their bodies were slowly improving, but the improvements were limited . It could only be said that it was stable and rising, and it was still far from complete recovery . If the two women weren’t worried about their appearance, Yang Chen would have already started treating the two women .

The face retaining pill left by Fairy Chang’e was definitely not so easy to refine . With the appearance of Fairy Chang’e, he didn’t know how many treasured medicinal materials were collected in the heavenly court to refine it . It must be known that it was the spirit medicine in the Immortal world, which was of higher quality than the spirit medicine of the mortal world . Naturally, her pill recipe was also very demanding .

In terms of medicinal materials, Yang Chen could only use the spirit medicine of the mortal world that had matured for thousands of years to refine the face retaining pill . Even so, the efficacy of the pill was still much worse than that of the heavenly court spirit medicine . However, it was absolutely possible to let the mortal world cultivators stay young forever in the mortal world .

The method of alchemy, Yang Chen had the reference of the elderly lord pill scripture, and his previous life experience was more than enough . His ability to control fire was even more outstanding, even stronger than Fairy Chang’e back then . Speaking of it, refining the face retaining pill should be a breeze .

But Yang Chen still underestimated the importance of beauty to women . The complicated and tedious process of the pill recipe for the face retaining pill would make people almost vomit blood .

In Yang Chen’s understanding of pill recipes, sometimes, it was just to increase the perfection of the skin, but Yang Chen felt that no one would notice the effect . Fairy Chang’e added at least to the pill recipe more than a dozen cumbersome steps and meticulous craftsmanship which have plainly increased the difficulty of the alchemy by at least 30% .

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If there was only this then it would be ok, the problem was that there have been at least forty times like this, and every small step can’t have the slightest error, making the overall difficulty of refining more than ten times more difficult . And the time for the refining has increased five or six times and it takes at least half a year to refine this beauty pill .

Things were not over with the Greatest Heaven Sect, and Yang Chen really has no intention to simplify these tedious steps . It was not a small project . Therefore, using the method of Chang’e face retaining pill recipe step by step, he started refining the first face retaining pills .

If Fairy Chang’e knew Yang Chen’s simplified thoughts, she would definitely climb out of the immortal executioner stage and slap Yang Chen severely . The fairy knew how much effort it took to optimize the original face retaining pill, which had a good effect, to the present point . Yang Chen wanted to simplify the refining and weaken the face retaining pill effect, what a slap in the face .

Not to mention Fairy Chang’e, just let the women waiting outside know, it was estimated that it would not end well for Yang Chen .

Yang Chen has been refining the face retaining pills during the period when the three sects sent the three notes to the Greatest Heaven Sect . Until the Greatest Heaven Sect was in a state of desperation and chaos, Yang Chen’s face retaining pills was finally released .

As soon as he came out of the alchemy room, he saw a group of people led by the Palace Master, Gao Yue,Gongsun Ling, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue . The Island master and Elder Hua were also on the sidelines . Yang Chen was shocked directly .

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“What happened with the Greatest Heaven Sect?” Yang Chen immediately asked subconsciously . With so many people gathered, apart from the changes in the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen couldn’t think of any reason why these people could be at the entrance of the alchemy room .

“Is the face retaining pills refined?” To Yang Chen’s surprise, the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, who should pay the most attention to events like the Greatest Heaven Sect situation, turned out to be the first person to ask about the face retaining pills .

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