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Chapter 456.2: 456.2
chapter 456 . 2: Trouble Brewing

It could not be said that the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect dug a pit for the Greatest Heaven Sect to fall inside . It was the Greatest Heaven Sect’s arrogant mentality, which determined that they would inevitably fall into such a situation .

Whether it’s the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect or Pure Yang Palace, the first note was issued in secret . Except for the four sects involved, the three sects did not announce a word to the public .

It was the Greatest Heaven Sect’s act of creating an atmosphere and creating a general trend that led the spearhead to the Pure Yang Palace, and planted the moral seeds for the future destruction of the Pure Yang Palace, which brought themselves into this huge dirty puddle .

The Greatest Heaven Sect took the initiative to publicize all things to maintain their grand and magnificent image . Even when the three sects sent out a second internal note, they still chose to make it public and made it clear that this matter had ulterior motives and that it had absolutely nothing to do with the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Therefore, in the third note, the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect and the Pure Yang Palace collectively chose to question them publicly, they mentioned the evidence, and asked the Greatest Heaven Sect to explain .

Those outsiders who now knew the whole story stood on a fair stand and have to say that the three sects of the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect and the Pure Yang Palace have done their best .

Originally, the Greatest Heaven Sect only had to secretly confess to the three sects, and it would not be a big deal to compensate for some losses, expel Hu Qianyi from the Greatest Heaven Sect or deal with him according to the sect rules, this matter would not be exposed .

But the Greatest Heaven Sect didn’t pay attention to other people’s kindness . Not only did they proactively announce it, but they also chose to defend the elder who made the mistake .

One wrong step, eventually led to the situation where the Greatest Heaven Sect could not come back from . No matter how they explain it, even if the sect rules were used to deal with Hu Qianyi at this time, or the life and death of Elder Hu was handed over to the three sects to deal with, it would not be able to restore the results caused before .

There was no objection within the Greatest Heaven Sect regarding the way the sect master and several core elders dealt with the matter at the beginning . But as the truth of the matter was further revealed, even the inside of the Greatest Heaven Sect began to have different voices .

The bigger the sect, the more power and resources there would be . The factions in the sect have become more complex . Sect master Li and several core elders have been controlling the affairs of the Greatest Heaven Sect, because they have basically made no mistakes before, and under their guidance, the Greatest Heaven Sect was flourishing . Naturally, no one dared to say anything . Even if they did, it was suppressed by those disciples who benefited from it .

However, the decision made by the sect master and core elders has brought very serious consequences to the Greatest Heaven Sect, causing a devastating blow to the reputation of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and the impact would last the next few decades, hundreds or even longer . This was why some people who were unwilling to be suppressed started to move .

Although in the current situation, the loss of a dacheng stage master does not cause much loss to the Greatest Heaven Sect’s strength, but the loss in reputation was definitely something that the Greatest Heaven Sect cannot make up for with ten or twenty dacheng stage masters .

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When the Greatest Heaven Sect, who prides itself as the leader of the dao sects, loses its morality and righteousness, it would no longer be qualified to criticize others .

The sect began to have different voices . Questions were raised about the response measures of the sect master and several core elders this time .

Sect master Li was originally angry with the previous news, and now he was having a headache on how to deal with the aftermath, but at this point, the backyard of the sect caught fire again, and the few who spoke were all dacheng stage elders . There was such a large wave of forces and they were all competing with the existing core elders for positions .

If it was before, if sect master Li and several elders joined forces, they would definitely be able to depress these thorns, but now they couldn’t . Their decision-making has brought irreparable losses to the Greatest Heaven Sect, so they naturally have less confidence .

The entire Greatest Heaven Sect’s elders meeting became a mess . Someone must first discuss and resolve the current dilemma . Some people wanted to hold certain people accountable, and some quietly drew other elders to strengthen their own momentum . The dignified Greatest Heaven Sect council of elders has never been so absurd .

After the news spread, some Greatest Heaven Sect disciples who had been practicing outside immediately felt that the eyes of the people around them changed a little . Although there was still some awe, but it didn’t have the previous flattering, and instead has a sense of unclear defense .

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They couldn’t help but think that this was the consequence of Elder Hu’s plot to seize Yang Chen’s alchemy secrets . If the upper level members was not virtuous then the lower level members was crooked, and the uppermost elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect were all having this virtue, and the ordinary Greatest Heaven Sect disciples were definitely not much better . If it weren’t for the Greatest Heaven Sect’s huge strength that people couldn’t ignore, it was estimated that these outside Greatest Heaven Sect disciples would definitely be attacked .

Compared with the chaos in the Greatest Heaven Sect, the Pure Yang Palace, Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect were in a good mood waiting for the show to unfold .

From the very beginning, the Greatest Heaven Sect spread the news, accusing and spilling dirty water on the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen, the three sects were very tacit, and all responded with silence until the Greatest Heaven Sect swore to prove that Elder Hu had been cultivating in seclusion . After that, the truth was announced .

Years of experience in secret struggles made the Island master and Elder Shi look at Yang Chen like a monster after hearing Yang Chen talk about this small plan . Such retaliation was simply the downfall of the Greatest Heaven Sect . As long as the Greatest Heaven Sect accidentally jumped in, it would be a big stain that could no longer be washed away .

Based on the understanding of the Greatest Heaven Sect by the two sects, the Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely jump into this dirty puddle . Unexpectedly, Yang Chen who has been devoting himself to alchemy has such a keen mind . No wonder the Pure Yang Palace wanted to appoint Yang Chen as their young palace master . It turns out that Yang Chen really has this ability .

No one could describe the happiness of the three sects . Not to mention the Pure Yang Palace, Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect alone, after so many years of fierce battles, even if the two major sects did not suffer much, they did not take much advantage . Now it’s just a matter of two Jiedan stage younger generation juniors being injured made the Greatest Heaven Sect pay the price of a dacheng stage elder, not to mention, they also suffered an immeasurable dark loss, why would it not make people happy enough to want to celebrate?

It seemed that everything was made possible by the little guy Yang Chen . In the previous secret incident, the two major sects took advantage and got enough resources . Not to mention the benefits, they cleaned the interior and consumed several dacheng stage masters in the Greatest Heaven Sect . The relationship between the three sects has further improved .

It could be said that Yang Chen was the lucky star of the two sects

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