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Chapter 456.1: 456.1
chapter 456 . 1: Trouble Brewing

The content of the third series of notes was very simple . It said that elder Hu Qianyi kidnapped their juniors for extortion and he was captured on the spot, human and physical evidence were available . There was hard evidence and so the Greatest Heaven Sect must give an explanation .

This time the note was not held in private, but was announced directly to the public . When the news came out, there was an uproar in the cultivation world .

Being arrested at the scene was something that couldn’t be disputed . What’s more, the Greatest Heaven Sect had always vowed solemnly that Elder Hu was in seclusion in the sect . At this moment, the situation created by the great efforts of the Greatest Heaven Sect collapsed .

Boom, after receiving the note, there was a bang in the mind of sect master Li of the Greatest Heaven Sect and his eyes went dark and he almost fainted . Even so, his chest and abdomen were filled with breath, and a mouthful of sweetness came up from his throat .

Sect master Li abruptly suppressed the surge of blood and tried to swallow the blood that had reached his throat . The shock this time was so severe that he, a master in the late Yuanying stage, couldn’t stand it .

This was simply a thunderbolt from the blue sky, enough to blow up the Greatest Heaven Sect . All the efforts made by the Greatest Heaven Sect before became a kind of ridiculous clown performance in front of this news, and they were staged in turn in front of the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect and the Pure Yang Palace .

The core elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect were all having shocked faces like their fathers and mothers were dead, and no one could believe the news was true .

How was this possible? Hu Qianyi crippled the cultivation base of the cold plum fairy and dancing snow fairy, everyone believes that and it was estimated that Elder Hu didn’t plan for them to survive when he did it .

How could a master in the dacheng stage be captured alive by a junior in the late Jiedan stage? This was simply the biggest joke in the world .

The problem was that this joke happened to Elder Hu of the Greatest Heaven Sect, this was a great disaster . For the reputation of the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was definitely a disaster .

Sect master Li and several core elders could swear to heaven that they absolutely don’t know what Hu Qianyi did, and what Elder Hu did was definitely not instigated by them . But the problem was that someone has to believe it .

The Greatest Heaven Sect has always been domineering and has done one or two things unreasonably . It’s just that there was generally no definite evidence, and no one dared to easily take on the Greatest Heaven Sect .

This time was different, they were caught on the scene and both the fairies could also testify . Two dacheng stage masters from the Pure Yang Palace were present, and a disciple of Hu Qianyi who they did not know where he was found from had already confessed everything . There was hard evidence that the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect were involved and they were also no less than the Greatest Heaven Sect in strength , It was impossible to threaten them with force .

The most embarrassing thing was that the Greatest Heaven Sect had always insisted before that Elder Hu had been in closed seclusion in the sect for decades and had never taken a step outside . So, where did the elder Hu who was captured come out from?

For a master in the dacheng stage, it was by no means that easy to pretend to be him, and there were more than tens of thousands of people who knew Elder Hu in this world, and they couldn’t deny it if they wanted to deny it .

With a difference in thought, the Greatest Heaven Sect became a shameful liar, and they made a fool of themselves in front of all the dao sects . It may not stop there, because of the opening of the hall of eccentrics, many monster races also know about this kind of thing, and perhaps it would spread to the monster domain . For the Greatest Heaven Sect, this incident was simply a disaster in reputation .

The dacheng stage elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect turned out to be the masters in kidnapping the younger generation juniors of other sects and extorting the secrets of others, and the Greatest Heaven Sect still defended such people in every possible way and even protected them . What does this mean?

The Greatest Heaven Sect, who has always claimed to be the leader of the dao sects, was a den of thieves? Otherwise, how could such a thing happen? It was Elder Hu who kidnapped the younger generation today . Maybe tomorrow it would be Elder Wang, Elder Liu, or even sect master Li .

But the sect actually defended such people in every possible way, saying that he has been retreating for decades, saying that he has never taken a step outside the sect . Speaking of this, the Greatest Heaven Sect always claimed when there were major events outside that their elders or masters were in seclusion, maybe there was a shadow of the Greatest Heaven Sect in it .

Today, the Greatest Heaven Sect claimed that Elder Hu was in seclusion, but Elder Hu was out to do this . Did those masters also use seclusion as a reason to go out for their business?

In the Greatest Heaven Sect, there were people in seclusion almost constantly, and there were also accidents outside . Many killing cases have yet to find the murderer, but now everyone has one more suspected target .

For what was going on outside, how were they going to explain? But they had to explain clearly what happened this time first . Even the big sects such as the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect couldn’t get a truthful confession from the Greatest Heaven Sect, so where do other small sects go to find an explanation?

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This was the strategy of the three sects this time . On that day, the island master was furious and was about to approach the Greatest Heaven Sect, but Yang Chen stopped her for a bit, and immediately proposed such a secretly shady method .

The Greatest Heaven Sect really had to be open and honest, so they had to immediately abandon a dacheng stage elder to protect their reputation, then naturally everything would be easy . Everyone would not need to fight, and they could kill a dacheng stage elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but at the cost of two Jiedan stage disciples injured and crippled, anyone could do it instead .

The relationship between the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect and the Greatest Heaven Sect was a cooperative and competitive relationship, which showed that there was peace between them, but secretly it was not known how many secret manipulation there was . This time, they would be able to kill a dacheng stage elder from the Greatest Heaven Sect . Moreover, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect was really willing to give up Hu Qianyi, there would inevitably be some loss of reputation .

This was the perfect situation to deal with the Greatest Heaven Sect . In fact, everyone knew from the beginning that the Greatest Heaven Sect would never give up a dacheng stage elder so easily .

Dacheng stage masters, whichever sects they were placed in, were top-level martial artists, and no sect was willing to give up a dacheng stage master easily . Even the Greatest Heaven Sect was no exception, otherwise the Greatest Heaven Sect would not be willing to pay a high price to seek alchemy from Yang Chen, and for this reason, he got generous compensation to several big sects .

But the more this was the case, the more it was true that Hu Qianyi’s despicableness of repaying grievances for virtue would further affect the reputation of the Greatest Heaven Sect . The more they defend Hu Qianyi, the more unbearable the reputation of the Greatest Heaven Sect would be the moment the truth was announced .

The development of the situation was as expected by Yang Chen . The Greatest Heaven Sect resolutely denied the incident and also used some external personnel to launch a round of campaigns and gain support, all were calculated by Yang Chen .

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