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Chapter 453.2: 453.2
chapter 453 . 2: Appearance Is More Important Than Cultivation Base

The two women were seriously injured, so Yang Chen rushed back to the Pure Yang Palace carefully along the way . When he came back, it was at least twice slower than when he went .

Along the way, Yang Chen was careful to treat the injuries of the two women, putting a tenth of the medicinal pill into the two women’s mouths every day . When they returned to the Pure Yang Palace, the injuries of the two women had been completely stabilized . There was no danger of deterioration .

Sun Qingxue had also woken up, but her body could not move yet . Shi Shanshan was still in a coma, but she was no longer in the kind of pain and dissatisfaction, but eased down, as if in a dream .

Seeing the appearance of the two women, even the palace master was shocked, he was not surprised what the purple liquid that Yang Chen used to soak the two women was, he eagerly put his hand on the wrists of the two women . After a while, his face became gloomy almost with frost .

The cold plum fairy and dancing snow fairy, one of them had half of her meridians destroyed and the other had 90% destroyed, which almost concluded that the two women had become useless . The two women were implicated because of Yang Chen . How could the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island give it up so easily?

Regarding Hu Qianyi who was captured and brought back, the palace master even had the heart to kill his whole family and punish him . He was the elder of Greatest Heaven Sect and he had to shame himself, and bring a lot of trouble to the sect, he also implicated the Pure Yang Palace, he really deserved to die .

Two promising cultivation geniuses, stunningly beautiful fairies, were ruined by him . Not to mention the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, even the palace master of the Pure Yang Palace felt it was a pity .

Although the girls were saved and the culprit was also caught, the latter matter was the bigger trouble . The two major sects didn’t know the news yet, but they would definitely send high-level sect members to come over . Seeing this picture of the two women, they don’t know how they would react .

Hu Qianyi’s capture also meant another big trouble . Was the Pure Yang Palace going to show its teeth to the Greatest Heaven Sect and fight to the death? The time was not yet right, but something like this happened . How would the Greatest Heaven Sect react? All this gave the palace master a headache .

“Is there any hope for the two fairies?” At this time, the palace master could only put the hope of solving the problem on Yang Chen . If the two women could recover, then at least it would be relatively easy to explain to the two major sects . If the two sects were united with them, they may be a battle with the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Yang Chen was wondering how to repair the damaged meridians of the two women along the way . In fact, it was not difficult to restore their meridians . It was rare to restore their cultivation base without damaging the dao foundation . Yang Chen was not willing to let the two future peerless experts quietly die because of him .

“I will try my best!” Yang Chen could only answer like this .

Both Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were originally in the Jiedan stage and haven’t experienced the thunder tribulation and yin fire tribulation to temper their body, without the strong resilience of masters in the dacheng stage, the two women simply couldn’t withstand the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill .

Although there were many ten thousand spirit medicines in Yang Chen’s medicine garden, none of them could restore the two women to their original condition . The best way Yang Chen could think of now was to heal their injuries and then have them cultivate from scratch .

Although with the qualifications of the two women, as long as it does not damage the dao foundation . Even if they started from scratch, because of this ordeal, their thinking would be more mature, it may be a blessing in disguise and their future achievements may be higher . Two or three hundred years of hard work was not worthwhile for a great principle golden immortal .

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However, Yang Chen still hoped that they could cultivate with Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling to improve their cultivation base in a balanced way . Perhaps it could be done with some drastic methods, but it requires certain risks . For the time being, Yang Chen does not plan to consider it .

However, Hu Qianyi had to be dealt with, not to make him discredited, not to be infamous, and not to pull the Greatest Heaven Sect from morality . Yang Chen was never willing to rest .

Under the meticulous care of Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan finally woke up one after another, only one day apart .

The injury has been completely stabilized, and under the nourishment of Yang Chen’s pill, the appearance of the two women has not changed to become older, but they still look like middle-aged women .

When Sun Qingxue woke up, she immediately noticed the condition of her body . Seeing Yang Chen, she knew she was safe and she felt relieved . But the first thing that followed was to ask for a mirror .

After Sun Qingxue saw what she looked like in the mirror, she seemed to have collapsed . She shut herself in a room and never wanted to come out again .

The more beautiful a woman was, the more she values ​​her appearance, especially in front of her sweetheart . When the cultivation base was still there in the past, the beautiful face and the moon looked unparalleled, but now she was no longer the beauty of the past, how could Sun Qingxue not be heartbroken?

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Shi Shanshan’s reaction was slightly better . After this woman who has always been cold-hearted, noticed the condition of her body, only a trace of unspeakable complex emotions flashed in her pupils and then everything went as usual, still as cold as that .

However, everyone could tell that Shi Shanshan still cared about her face, at least when facing Yang Chen, she always intentionally or unintentionally turns her face aside to prevent Yang Chen from seeing it .

Shi Shanshan was like this and Sun Qingxue refused to let Yang Chen enter even the door and blocked him outside, leaning against the door, as if she would never see Yang Chen again .

“I don’t want to see you!” In the room, Sun Qingxue cried out to Yang Chen outside the door “I don’t want you to see me now! I don’t deserve you!” At the end, Sun Qingxue shouted as she was already crying .

Sun Qingxue, who was about to get married, encountered this kind of catastrophe, Sun Qingxue, who consciously couldn’t recover her appearance, no longer had the courage to face Yang Chen .

“Don’t worry, I will let you recover . ” Yang Chen certainly knew why Sun Qingxue was crying so much . He himself was not a person who judged people by appearance and he would never change his heart because of the changes in Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan’s appearance . But Yang Chen still underestimated how much a beautiful woman values ​​her appearance, it seemed that even the loss of her cultivation base cannot measure up with the shock of her face getting old .

“Really?” Sun Qingxue stopped crying in the room when Yang Chen said so and asked suspiciously .

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“Since we met, I really think I haven’t lied to you yet right?” Yang Chen could only give a wry smile and asked Sun Qingxue from the door .

This sentence worked enough . In Sun Qingxue’s mind, the sentence “I didn’t lie to you” that Yang Chen said when she was with him flashed several times and finally she chose to believe Yang Chen .

“Can you really restore our appearance?” Sun Qingxue opened the door as quickly as possible and asked Yang Chen in surprise .

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