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Chapter 453.1: 453.1
chapter 453 . 1: Appearance Is More Important Than Cultivation Base

With a fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill in hand, as long as the two women still have a breath, Yang Chen could be sure to save their lives . However, now that the two women’s cultivation base was completely destroyed, it was a thorny issue and it would be more troublesome .

The top priority was to save the lives of the two women first . The effect of the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill was too strong and the two women whose cultivation bases have been ruined would not be able to bear it . Deficiency was not a tonic, if the spirit power contained in the pill was too strong, it was not for saving people, but for killing .

So he took a little bit from the previously refined first grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill, ten portions were cut and one portion was given to each of the two women . There was nothing that could be done about it, the lingzhi mushroom jade pill of the first grade could be used to heal injuries below the Yuanying stage and at this moment, the two could only absorb this much at most .

The medicine was fed by Yang Chen’s mouth, first dissolving the pill and then transferring it into the mouths of the two women, just like putting the ginseng solution before . It was a pity that the two women were unconscious now, otherwise it would become another charming scene .

The pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was used first, which was very good for the stability of the injury . Without the destructive power of the violent spirit power that rushes from the left to the right in the body, the efficacy of the pill could be completely concentrated on the treatment .

The lingzhi mushroom jade pill has a very good effect . After a while, Shi Shanshan’s mouth began to moan slightly and there was also an expression of pain on her face . Although it would make her feel more painful than the initial coma, the recovery of her feeling was undoubtedly a precursor to the recovery of the injury .

Sun Qingxue next to her was still in a coma . However, the injuries of the two people were different . Shi Shanshan’s injuries were much heavier, with more than 90% of her meridians were damaged, so she still had severe pain during the treatment with the pill . Sun Qingxue was much better and was slowly healed in the coma .

For the time being, the injuries of the two women were stable and would not get worse in the short term . Yang Chen quickly found two boulders, sculpted them with a flying sword and carved them into two not-so-beautiful bathtubs . Then carefully put the two women into them separately and then used some four seas mysterious coral liquid to soak the two women in it, leaving only the head and face .

After all this was done, Yang Chen took the bathtub with the two women into the medicine garden and around the two women, all the ten thousand years old ginseng and ten thousand years jade mushroom were transplanted, the spirit medicines spirit power was absorbed by them . That little spirit power was enough to nourish the two women for now .

After setting up the two girls, Yang Chen finally came to Hu Qianyi . At this moment, Hu Qianyi had already been dying in the hands of the blue jade blood phantom vine . Without strong spirit power support, he was weak as if he had been ill for a hundred years . He could not move a bit, even worse than elder Hua back then .

As soon as Yang Chen waved his hand, A’Bi knowingly took all the vines of the blue jade blood phantom vine back . After getting a chance to breathe, Hu Qianyi’s body immediately began to slowly recover and after a while, there was blood on his face .

It was indeed a body tempered by the thunder tribulation and yin fire tribulation, even without spirit power support, it still has such a strong ability to survive . However, Hu Qianyi was still only alive at this moment . As for running away, in front of Yang Chen, Wang Yong and the old tree demon, he couldn’t even think about it . Not to mention that he was so weak now, even in his peak and heyday, it was impossible .

Seeing the old guy’s weakness, Yang Chen wiped Hu Qianyi’s mouth with the remaining thousand-year ginseng liquid that was still on his hands . After he recovered a little bit of vitality, one hand picked up Hu Qianyi and the other hand began to slap him wildly left and right .

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With this series of slaps, Yang Chen almost reduced the strength of his whole body, using only the slightest wave of his hand . Even so, Hu Qianyi almost fainted by a dozen slaps from the front and back, his head blew softly, his mouth was open and a dozen bloodshot teeth flew out directly .

Hu Qianyi’s status was special and so Yang Chen still doesn’t want him to die . He wanted to keep Hu Qianyi and send him to the two great sects to let the two great sects know who attacked their disciples . This would definitely be a slap in the face of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

This kind of thing among the major sects was no secret . There was no need to force Yang Chen to use whatever means . What big people like most was the saying that people who make big things don’t stick to small things . Just being a big bully, Hu Qianyi bullied two Jiedan stage juniors with the respect of a master of the dacheng stage and wounded two women in this way, it was enough to make the Greatest Heaven Sect’s reputation discredited and he could no longer lift his head .

As for the apparent murder of another disciple after being arrested, it could be further investigated . Even the Greatest Heaven Sect must account for it . It’s one thing not to be caught, but it’s something you couldn’t afford to get caught for .

After he slapped Hu Qianyi wildly, Yang Chen still remained angry . Wang Yong and the old tree demon didn’t mean to stop him at all . They didn’t know Hu Qianyi’s true identity, but they didn’t mind bloody revenge for anyone who dared to fight against Yang Chen .

Yang Chen easily controlled a dacheng stage master, but Wang Yong and the old tree demon were not surprised at all . Along the way, Yang Chen was carefully refining a medicinal pill . They all saw that he wanted to use this pill to deal with this guy . Later, Yang Chen burned a radius of tens of miles, making their guess closer to the truth .

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Regarding Yang Chen’s seemingly unconscionable means, whether it was Yang Chen or the old tree demon, they all felt it was right . The opponent was a dacheng stage master and he used such despicable means to coerce Yang Chen, even if Yang Chen used despicable means to deal with him, no one sympathized with Hu Qianyi .

“This guy is Hu Qianyi, the elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect . ” Yang Chen didn’t reveal the identity of Hu Qianyi until this moment .

The old tree monster had no awe for the Greatest Heaven Sect at all, so he didn’t react to this name . But when Wang Yong heard it, he was taken aback .

The elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect and the guy who Yang Chen had saved his life, was this revengeful . To do this kind of thing, he attacked the two younger generation juniors of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island to threaten a Jiedan stage junior, it was an unprecedented scandal .

Retaliation for grace, bullying the small by the big and disregarding morality, taking out any of them was a terrible sin and Hu Qianyi has done it all at once .

“Just take this guy back, let Sect Master Lu and Island Master also see, what kind of face the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect have . ” Yang Chen’s face was still full of anger “I want to see, this time too . How does the Greatest Heaven Sect plan to explain this matter!”

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