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Chapter 454.1: 454.1
chapter 454 . 1: The Anger Of The Two Sects

Yang Chen was absolutely sure of restoring their appearance . After killing Chang’e and the nine days of killing heaven profound females on the Immortal executioner stage, they all left their unique face-retaining pills and countenance halting heart methods, which were most suitable for Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan at this moment .

When she heard that Yang Chen had a way to restore their appearance, even Shi Shanshan, who seemed to have accepted the status quo, was a little happy . The expression of surprise on her face cannot be concealed anyway .

Seeing this situation, Yang Chen finally understood that no matter how high a woman was, no matter how indifferent she was to her appearance, she still puts her appearance in a very important position in her heart .

Fortunately, Yang Chen has the materials to refine the face retaining pills and they were all good materials that had matured for thousands of years . At this time, it was simply the most suitable place to use it .

As Yang Chen was planning to refine the face retaining pills, the people from the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island have already arrived . Both sides were very surprised and worried when they received the news . The two sects didn’t go to where Hu Qianyi asked Yang Chen to meet him and simply meet at the Pure Yang Palace .

The person who came from the Blue Cloud Sect was Sun Qingxue’s master, dacheng stage elder Hua Wanting, along with the Blue Cloud Sect’s law enforcement hall master, who was also the dacheng stage elder Shi Yanhe . The people from the Green Jade Immortal Island were even more surprising . In addition to Shi Shanshan’s master, the Island master also rushed to the Pure Yang Palace .

Upon coming to the Pure Yang Palace, the experts of the two major sects were told that Yang Chen had rescued the women back . The news made people on both sides breathe out a sigh of relief, as long as the girls were fine everything would be ok .

However, when they saw Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue with their own eyes and thoroughly understood their current situation, the masters of the two major sects all jumped up in shock . The two promising disciples were crippled, they wouldn’t let it go in any sect .

The unlucky Hu Qianyi was brought out again . Although he changed his appearance and figure with his powerful cultivation base before he traveled, in front of these masters, he could not hide his true identity and was immediately recognized .

“Hu Qianyi?” After the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island recognized Hu Qianyi’s identity, her expression changed suddenly, as if she couldn’t believe it . She suppressed her anger and calmly said to Hu Qianyi, “Okay! What a great elder, What a dacheng stage master!”

The tone of speech was very slow, but anyone could hear the hatred of the Island master through the gritted teeth . The elder of the dignified Greatest Heaven Sect actually did this kind of unscrupulous thing, he made a move against a junior, it was impossible to justify in any case .

Shi Yanhe and Hua Wanting were not as good as the Island master in controlling their anger . Although they were both masters in the dacheng stage, they were both very hot headed characters .

Elder Hua didn’t care if Hu Qianyi had a dozen teeth lost in his mouth . She slapped Hu Qianyi’s mouth and nose when she went up to him and the remaining dozen teeth all fell out .

If it were not for having Hu Qianyi as evidence, Elder Hua would love that she could just kill this guy and avenge her apprentice .

Whether it’s the Green Jade Immortal Island or the Blue Cloud Sect, they both hated Hu Qianyi and the Greatest Heaven Sect . They have seen shameless people, but they have never seen anyone more shameless than the Greatest Heaven Sect . In order to deal with an alchemist who was a junior in the Jiedan stage, he turned his anger on other sects, and he didn’t dare to be fair and honest, and only sneakily made his move after he changed his appearance . How was this something that the leaders of the dao sects do?

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At this time, even if Hu Qianyi wanted to argue that this matter has nothing to do with the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was useless . Who would believe it? He was afraid that the sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect could only pinch his nose to recognize this situation .

Now it’s not just Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace, Zhu Xuyuan was arrested, Hu Qianyi was arrested, there were the two direct parties Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, even if Hu Qianyi could deceive the dead, he couldn’t deny the things he had done .

In front of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, the island master still maintained some restraint, but when they were discussing in the Pure Yang Palace hall, before everyone could speak, the Island master already slapped the table heavily and shouted “This matter is not over!”

The poor table turned directly into powder and disappeared in the wind . It couldn’t be helped that the Island master was angry . Shi Shanshan was the best disciple received by the Green Jade Immortal Island in the past thousand years . In the future, she would be the future hope of the Green Jade Immortal Island and she was crippled, how could people not be angry?

“The Greatest Heaven Sect must give an explanation for this!” The Blue Cloud Sect’s elder Shi Yanhe was even more angry and immediately threatened “If they can’t restrain their disciples, I will discipline them!”

Although Sect Master Lu of the Blue Cloud Sect was not present, Elder Shi Yanhe, as the head of the law enforcement hall, also represented the opinions of sect master Lu to a certain extent . This matter would never be let go .

The two great sects have never had such resentment towards the Greatest Heaven Sect as they do today . Their two genius disciples were destroyed like this . The painstaking effort used to cultivate them by the sect for hundreds of years was destroyed like this . If the two great sects swallowed this issue, who would join them in the future?

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With the presence of the island master, the Green Jade Immortal Island immediately sent out a sternly worded note and sent a special person to the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was a note personally sent by the island master .

Sect Master Lu of the Blue Cloud Sect was not there, but Shi Yanhe also decided to return immediately and report the matter to Sect Master Lu . As for elder Hua, she had to stay to look after her disciple .

“Yang Chen, Shanshan and Little Xue’s injuries, is there any hope?” After venting her anger, the Island master began to ask Yang Chen about the healing .

Although there were several dacheng stage masters present, they were not Yang Chen’s opponents alone in terms of healing methods . Even the injuries of senior black tiger and so many dacheng stage masters could be cured then this small injury shouldn’t be too hard to solve, right?

“There is no problem with the recovery of their meridians and I can guarantee that their dao foundation will not be damaged . ” Yang Chen’s answer made everyone very happy, but Yang Chen still expressed his concerns “However, if i want to do it in the short term . It’s not so easy to recover their cultivation base . ”

“Why is it like this? Could it be that the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill will not work either?” The island master was still full of confidence . Now that Yang Chen said that, there seemed to be something unexpected and she asked immediately .

“Shanshan and little Xue’s bodies can’t bear the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill . ” Yang Chen also told the truth without concealing it .

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Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan were both present . Hearing what Yang Chen said, the two girls seemed to be happy . Especially Shi Shanshan, she seemed to have understood a lot of things .

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