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Chapter 452.2: 452.2
chapter 452 . 2: The Fate Of A Dacheng Stage Master

It’s not that Hu Qianyi didn’t want to advance the final few inches and he couldn’t fly with his current ability . The reason why his body stopped and retreated was because there were five hooks on his shoulders, waist and abdomen . The hooks were very cruelly hooked into Hu Qianyi’s body and forced him back .

Poor Hu Qianyi, as the elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect and a dacheng stage master was carried in the air like a fish caught by a hook at this moment . No matter how hard he struggled, he could not break free from the five hooks of different colors .

He didn’t know what material the hook was made from, but it hooked his two lower ribs and one kneecap of Hu Qianyi . The red blood flowed down these five openings and it was instantly caught by a black and red vine on the ground, the vines absorbed it .

Afterwards, the black and red vines were like a snake, wrapped around Hu Qianyi’s body, the top vine even got directly into his body from the wound on Hu Qianyi’s body and the blood sucking sound was heard, making it creepy .

The blood of a living dacheng stage master was the best tonic for the blood phantom vine, and the same was true for the blue jade vine that has fused and devoured the blood phantom vine . Not every supplement of this type could stay alive and there are not many opportunities for this .

Hu Qianyi’s eyes widened directly, with a painful expression on his face, he tried to inhale, but he seemed to be unable to breathe, his complexion flushed and it took a while to return to normal . But his whole person seemed to have become thinner at this moment and his face became extremely pale .

A lot of his blood was lost and his spiritual energy dissipated . Hu Qianyi seemed to have become a mollusk . Spreading softly on the ground, it was difficult to even move a finger .

The aloof elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the dacheng stage master of all sentient beings, suddenly became such a bereaved dog, which made Hu Qianyi unable to accept . Where did it go wrong and how did it end up like this?

The black-red vine was naturally A’Bi, but A’Bi was not so kind enough to detoxify Hu Qianyi . She just madly absorbed Hu Qianyi’s blood, just like occupying all the blood vessels of Hua Wanting . Now the blue jade blood phantom vine has done the same thing .

A body tempered by the thunder tribulation and yin fire tribulation was indeed stronger than the body of an ordinary cultivator, at least in terms of vitality, it was several times and dozens of times stronger, it manifested in the ability to regenerate . As soon as the blood was sucked clean, the body naturally began to make new blood crazily and then the blue jade blood phantom vine got it very cheaply again .

Of course, it was the five-element hook that Yang Chen got from the dragon palace treasury . Yang Chen resented that Hu Qianyi dared to hurt the two women . He was merciless and was hooked by the five-element hook to the bone . Break free, let alone that it pierced all the ribs and knees, Hu Qianyi now has great abilities and he still couldn’t escape Yang Chen’s control .

If coupled with the entanglement of the blue jade blood phantom vine, even if an earth Immortal or a heaven Immortal comes, they would not be able to rescue Hu Qianyi from Yang Chen .

However, Yang Chen couldn’t pay attention to Hu Qianyi at the moment, he was more concerned about the injuries of the two women . Especially in the state of serious injury at this moment, the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill also affected the two women, which was likely to further aggravate their injuries .

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Under the attack of the formation, Yang Chen couldn’t go faster, relying on the golden bell’s strong defense . He just resisted the attack of the formation and walked into the center of the formation step by step .

Fortunately, the two women were in the center of the formation and the attacks of the formation would not affect them . So far, the injuries they have suffered were still the injuries originally given by Hu Qianyi . Also added the effect of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill .

Both women were in a coma because of the serious injuries, he was furious like a gossamer . Without saying anything, Yang Chen flashed a flame in his hand and a thousand-year-old ginseng turned into juice . Yang Chen didn’t care about wasting it . He held a mouthful and through mouth-to-mouth it entered the mouths of the two women . No matter what, he would save their life first .

The surrounding pulse calming powdered medicinal pill qi was still raging, Yang Chen frowned slightly and with a thought, two fire dragons sprang out from his body and turned into a huge fire dragon hundreds of meters long in the wind, which went around for dozens of miles . There was a frantic burning around the area, completely burning the medicine qi of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill .

Not all flames could easily resist the medicinal effects of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, but it was clear that the Yin-Yang burning heaven fire was not within this limitation . Soon, the surrounding medicine qi disappeared completely .

Yang Chen took the fire dragon back and then released his master ancestor Wang Yong and the old tree monster from another space . Hu Qianyi was already in a coma and there was no one to control the formation so it had completely stopped the attack .

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The two had just seen what happened outside in Yang Chen’s space . As soon as he came out, without saying anything, the old tree demon immediately began to take root in the formation . The powerful tree roots quickly wrapped up all the area of ​​the formation, Hu Qianyi’s meticulously arranged formation was directly cracked by the old tree demon from the center of the formation violently and it became fragmented . The materials of the formations scattered all over the floor .

Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were moisturized with the thousand-year ginseng liquid and their complexions became a little ruddy . Only then did Yang Chen carefully inspect the physical condition of the two women .

Yang Chen and the two girls had a marriage contract, so there was no pressure to do these things and there was no taboo . Upon checking, even Yang Chen couldn’t help but breathe in a cold air .

He didn’t know what resistance Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had put up at the time, Hu Qianyi actually injured the two women so badly . At least half of the meridians in Sun Qingxue’s body were broken, while Shi Shanshan was more severely injured, 90% of her meridians were destroyed . According to popular saying, the cultivation of the two women has been ruined by Hu Qianyi .

Losing the nourishment of their powerful spirit power, the two women’s original youthful and beautiful appearance began to gradually change . In less than a month, it would look like they were already two middle-aged women and this change would intensify with the passage of time . Within a year, the two women would become ordinary people at their original age and looks .

Hu Qianyi took the two women as hostages and calculated that they were injured like this and he still directly targeted the talented disciples of the two major sects . Whether in terms of protecting his own face or the prevention of retaliation by the two major sects, he has never planned to keep Yang Chen and the two women alive, so they have not been treated .

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The two women have been dragged to the present and their injuries were getting worse . If Yang Chen came a few days later, maybe he would not need to wait for Hu Qianyi to do it, and the two women would have their souls curled up and return to the underworld .

Fortunately, after swallowing the ginseng liquid, the condition of the two women has also eased and the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was also flattened, dissipating the messy spiritual energy in the two women, it seems that they were no longer dying .

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