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Chapter 452.1: 452.1
chapter 452 . 1: The Fate Of A Dacheng Stage Master

Gao Jing’s body fell to the ground neatly, revealing Yang Chen’s figure . Yang Chen’s blood-stained fist hadn’t been completely retracted, he just stared coldly at Hu Qianyi not far away .

The distance of twenty feet might be long when faced with the full protection of a dacheng stage master, but for the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, it was just a short spreading distance .

The first layer of the medicine garden has a radius of hundreds of acres, but the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was able to spread through it in less than the time it took for a stick of incense to burn, let alone a mere twenty feet .

When the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was released, the brand-new blue jade vine stretched out a thin branch and stuck it on Yang Chen’s body . Of course, the role was not to suck blood, but to help Yang Chen resist the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill’s medicinal energy .

Only when Gao Jing checked the authenticity of the things, the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill had spread to the surrounding area . Before they knew it, Gao Jing and Hu Qianyi both inhaled a lot of medicinal qi .

Yang Chen was not merciful to Gao Jing . The last time he was collecting the medicine gourd, he was with the group of people . At that time, Yang Chen was just anxious to get the medicine gourd . He didn’t have the same knowledge as he did now and he did not expect to cause such harm to Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue .

A punch blasted Gao Jing’s head and Yang Chen’s gaze was also fixed on Hu Qianyi’s body . The coldness in his eyes made Hu Qianyi feel chills all over his body .

Without even thinking about it, Hu Qianyi immediately launched the formation . He was in the center of the formation, this formation was originally made to launch according to his will . Although the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was powerful, it was only aimed at spirit power . But it was not aimed at spiritual awareness so when Hu Qianyi launched the formation, there were no obstacles .

Overwhelming attacks gathered towards Yang Chen from all directions . Outside Yang Chen, a phantom of a big bell suddenly appeared, covering Yang Chen’s entire body . On the periphery of the bell, there seemed to be two dragon shadows flying up and down . All the attacks encountered the two dragon shadows, immediately as if ice and snow hit the scorching sun, disappearing without a trace .

Hu Qianyi could understand this kind of strange scenery, it was Yang Chen’s magic weapon for body protection . He could only watch Yang Chen raise his hand and recall the gourd and jade slips in Gao Jing’s hand and then started calmly, step by step he walked towards the center of the formation .

Hu Qianyi hadn’t expected that his formation circle that could trap dacheng masters had no effect on Yang Chen . In shock, he was about to summon his life source magic weapon to strike a fatal blow to Yang Chen, but suddenly found out in shock that the spiritual power of his body had disappeared completely without knowing .

Not to mention calling out the magic weapon, even opening his storage bag was already as difficult as ascending to the sky . Seeing Yang Chen approaching step by step and the pre-arranged formation did not have any effect, Hu Qianyi couldn’t help panicking .

It was not known how many hardships he has experienced in his life, but Hu Qianyi has never felt such a panic once . Even if he was facing a major enemy before, he has never lost his mind, this was one of the reasons why he could live to the present while the enemy has long since turned into bones .

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But he didn’t know why, when facing a younger generation junior in the Jiedan stage who came at him step by step, Hu Qianyi seemed afraid to face him . Perhaps Hu Qianyi used to be brave enough to face big enemies before, but this time, he used conspiracy and tricks to deal with a younger generation junior, because of his guilty conscience .

Yang Chen would never let him go . Hu Qianyi had this clear understanding, if it was replaced with himself, he also would not easily let go of any enemy who dares to treat him like this . The formation was useless right now and he has no spirit power in his body . The only hope for survival was to control the two girls Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue before Yang Chen walked over .

Now Hu Qianyi regretted it to the extreme . If he knew this would happen, how could he throw the two women so far? Before he had the strength of the a dacheng stage . Not to mention placing the unconscious women a few meters away, even ten times as far away, he could also behead the two women while moving . But now, there was only the thought, not the power .

The panic was just sudden, Hu Qianyi had countless times faced life and death tribulations, so he had rich experience and immediately recovered his composure . Without thinking about it, he rushed towards Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue over there . As long as he could control any one, with his body tempered by the thunder tribulation and the yin fire tribulation, he could kill the hostage in his hand at any time and then it would be Yang Chen who had to be obedient .

The moment Hu Qianyi rushed out, Hu Qianyi suddenly felt a guilty conscience and a crazy thought flashed through his mind . What if Yang Chen insisted on killing him regardless of the life and death of the two women? Wouldn’t it be ugly to die if you have the spiritual awareness of the dacheng stage but without the spirit power of the dacheng stage?

Up to now, Hu Qianyi didn’t even think about it . How did he unknowingly get the move, resulting in no spirit power? But Hu Qianyi soon thought of the reason .

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There was only a certain unique medicine that could make him become like this . And Yang Chen, who happened to be the best alchemist in the mortal world, he was not surprised at all for him to be able to do this .

Before that, Hu Qianyi thought of dealing with the two dacheng stage masters in Pure Yang Palace that might appear . He thought of the limited time that would prevent Yang Chen from notifying the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, but he never thought that Yang Chen could still use alchemy to deal with him . In his eyes, a junior in the late Jiedan stage without the help of a dacheng stage master, was he not the one to be judged by others?

If he knew this a long time ago, he would have used another method, or more directly let Gao Jing go to pick up the goods in Yang Chen’s hands and even kill him as soon as he saw Yang Chen, then talk about it after killing him, instead of being so lose by letting Yang Chen walk so close to him .

In any case, it was too late to regret now, the only thing he could do was to hope to be able to control either of the two women before Yang Chen slowly walked over . Moreover, this hope was not the safest . If Yang Chen doesn’t care about the life and death of the two women, he would still be facing a dead end . At least Hu Qianyi asked himself if he encountered this situation, maybe he would make that choice .

There was only such a slim hope, but Hu Qianyi still had to grasp it . If he could control one, he might be able to take a gamble . If he couldn’t even do this, then he was really going to die here .

For a moment, Hu Qianyi even regretted it a little . No matter what, Yang Chen was his lifesaver and he shouldn’t have dealt with him like this . It was just a flash of this thought and he couldn’t allow himself to have more of such thoughts .

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His body was already thrown out and pounced on Shi Shanshan, who was closest to him . When he saw that his hand was less than two inches away from Shi Shanshan, Hu Qianyi’s body suddenly stopped in the air and then flew back quickly .

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