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Chapter 451.2: 451.2
chapter 451 . 2: Opportunity

Even Yang Chen doesn’t have much raw materials needed for the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill . Only three pills were refined, one pill was used in the medicine garden and two pills remained .

In the recent experiment, the blue jade vine that swallowed the blood phantom vine had completely ignored the efficacy of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill . At least in a short period of two days, all the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was eliminated in the medicine garden, it was already more powerful than the authentic antidote .

With this alone, Yang Chen was already 90% sure about being able to handle Hu Qianyi this time . Now, Yang Chen still wanted to know what the blue jade vine has become .

“This servant also has the blood-sucking ability and toxicity of the blood phantom vine . ” Faced with Yang Chen’s question, A’Bi replied with a light smile and the joy could not be concealed on her face “This servant did not have the strength to protect herself before, now I finally don’t have to be afraid . ”

It was an understatement, but Yang Chen knew that A’Bi’s strength had been greatly improved . This could be seen from the expansion of the medicine garden space alone .

According to A’Bi, Yang Chen abandoned the blood phantom vine . But in fact, he has gained a stronger subordinate that combines the blue jade vine and the blood phantom vine and still has a subordinate with intelligence, which was much stronger than the original blood phantom vine .

Among other things, even if the medicine garden bottle was thrown outside, people who were able to get it would never be able to control it . Except for Yang Chen, no one could resist A’Bi’s personal attack at this moment .

Seeing that there were four or five hours ahead of Hu Qianyi’s designated place, Yang Chen didn’t care to learn more about A’Bi’s changes . Instead, he asked A’Bi to be ready to remove the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill power from his body at any time .

After flying forward for a few hours, Yang Chen was very close to the destination . Not surprising, within a few kilometers around the destination, a formation circle was set up .

Hu Qianyi was now standing in the center of the formation, but his appearance at this moment was nothing like Hu Qianyi of the Greatest Heaven Sect . Beside him, there were two women lying down in the clothes of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue . The two women lay quietly, there was no sound coming from them, only the slowly rising and falling of their chests could show that they were still alive .

“Courageous!” Seeing Yang Chen’s flying shuttle from a distance, Hu Qianyi’s voice was directly transmitted to Yang Chen’s ears through the flying shuttle ” You have a heavy love and righteousness, it really is a good match for the two fairies! Enter the formation!”

At this moment, Hu Qianyi’s formation was carefully arranged by him . Even if a master of the dacheng stage enters the formation, he would be at his mercy . Even if the dacheng stage master cannot be killed for a while, it was easy to trap several dacheng stage masters of the same level for two hours .

There were dacheng stage masters in the Pure Yang Palace, but so what? With Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan in his hands, even if there were 10,000 dacheng stage masters, it was impossible to prevent him from killing two severely wounded women who had no resistance in the formation . If they wanted the life of the two women, they have to obediently follow his instructions .

As long as he entered the formation, the two hours supported by the formation were enough for Hu Qianyi to get what Yang Chen was holding and then escaped . At that time, he would meet with his apprentice and turn him into a fifth grade alchemist . From then on, there would be no better alchemist than Zhu Xuyuan in the mortal world .

As for Yang Chen, as long as he surrendered the gourd and alchemy secrets, it didn’t matter whether he would save his life or not . Having lost the backing to become a fifth grade alchemist, Yang Chen was just a younger generation junior in the Jiedan stage and couldn’t make much trouble .

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The purpose this time was mainly to get Yang Chen’s gourd and alchemy secrets, everything else was trivial and there was nothing to worry about . Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan, if Yang Chen was obedient, he would leave them to him . Anyway, the two girls who were seriously injured didn’t have the pill to bring them back to life and sooner or later they would just die .

It was a good calculation, so the first request of the meeting was to ask Yang Chen to enter the formation . As long as he entered the formation, even if Yang Chen carried all the dacheng stage masters of the Pure Yang Palace with him, it would not help . After entering the formation, Yang Chen was a meat on a chopping board and could be slaughtered at any time .

Yang Chen didn’t hesitate at all, he put the shuttle directly away and strode into the formation . Neither his master ancestor Wang Yong nor the old tree monster showed up, it was not the time to show up at this moment .

The formation that Hu Qianyi arranged, Yang Chen knew, as long as the eyes of the formation were controlled, the people in the formation would have almost no room for resistance . People with strong cultivation bases could rely on their own cultivation bases to resist, or they could rely on magic weapons to survive the attack of the formation, but it was absolutely impossible to catch up with the person who controls the formation and leaves with one heart .

Seeing that Yang Chen entered the formation, Hu Qianyi’s heart stopped for more than half of the time and he no longer worried about Yang Chen’s tricks .

“Come here!” Hu Qianyi could now command Yang Chen anyway he wanted and even decide Yang Chen’s life or death .

Yang Chen walked toward the eye of the formation where Hu Qianyi was . However, when the distance was almost twenty feet away, Hu Qianyi ordered Yang Chen to stop .

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“Did you bring the things?” Hu Qianyi stared at Yang Chen, with a wide open mind, watching the surroundings vigilantly and asked calmly .

Yang Chen didn’t answer, but his hands flashed, a gourd appeared in his left hand and several jade slips appeared in his right hand . As Yang Chen took out these things from his qiankun’s bag, a silent medicinal qi also centered on Yang Chen, quickly spreading to the surroundings .

“Go and get the things and see if they are real . ” Hu Qianyi suddenly ordered . Following Hu Qianyi’s words, a figure appeared abruptly between Yang Chen and Hu Qianyi, it was Gao Jing .

In the formations arranged by Hu Qianyi, Gao Jing did not dare to have any other thoughts . He walked up to Yang Chen obediently and smiled at Yang Chen “Master Yang, we meet again!”

“It’s you?” Yang Chen said bitterly, staring into Gao Jing’s eyes as if fire was about to burst out “I should have killed you back then!”

“Who said you shouldn’t have?” Gao Jing grinned again and then stretched out his hand to snatch the medicine gourd from Yang Chen’s hand . After he got it into his hand, he took a look and his face suddenly showed joy .

Immediately afterwards, Gao Jing grabbed the jade slips in Yang Chen’s other hand . After a few spiritual awareness investigations, he made sure to record a lot of alchemy techniques and prescriptions . After carefully checking the two things, Gao Jing turned his head and nodded at Hu Qianyi “Everything is real . ”

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“Very good! Take it!” Hu Qianyi’s face also showed ecstasy, a fifth grade alchemist will be born from his hands, why would it not make people ecstatic?

Gao Jing didn’t dare to neglect, holding the two things, turned around and walked towards Hu Qianyi . However, just after taking a step, there was a loud noise in the back of his head .

Bang, Gao Jing’s head exploded directly, like a watermelon being hit .

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