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Chapter 451.1: 451.1
chapter 451 . 1: Opportunity

“Blood phantom vine?” Yang Chen was startled, wondering what A’Bi meant when talking about the blood phantom vine . What does it mean to be willing to give up the blood phantom vine?

The current blood phantom vine was taken from Elder Hua Wanting by Yang Chen and carefully cultivated . It was irrigated with the blood of the masters of the dacheng stage and the corpses of the masters of the dacheng stage were used as it’s fertilizer . A little bit from the weak seedling after the taproot was cut to the present .

Compared to the time when it was taken from Elder Hua, the blood phantom vine was only strong now . If it weren’t because the speed of the blood phantom vines was relatively slow, and couldn’t keep up with the body skills of most opponents, otherwise, this unrefined blood phantom vine alone would be an extremely powerful weapon .

At this time, A’Bi asked Yang Chen whether he was willing to give up the blood phantom vine, but it was not a problem for Yang Chen . Not to mention that Yang Chen already has the blood phantom vine flying sword . Even if he doesn’t, compared with the lives of the two women, let’s not mention giving up a blood phantom vine, he could give up the elixirs in the whole medicine garden .

“I am naturally willing . ” Yang Chen directly gave A’Bi an exact answer “Can the blood phantom vine solve the poison of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill?”

“Please forgive this little servant’s presumption!” With Yang Chen’s approval, the thoughts passed by A’Bi seemed to bring a hint of surprise . It was busy making a guilty complaint, after that, it didn’t know what to do . After a while, A’Bi demanded “Master, move the blood phantom vine to this servant’s side . ”

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness firmly monitored the changes in the medicine garden . Like A’Bi asked, Yang Chen immediately ordered A’Zhu, who was in the second layer of the medicine garden, to transplant the blood phantom vine . Fortunately, the two women were both intelligent and familiar with doing this kind of thing, almost at the request of Yang Chen, the blood phantom vine has appeared next to the blue jade vine .

As soon as the blood phantom vine appeared, under the medicinal energy of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, suddenly it began to look wilted . In a short while, it became wilted and the vines crawled softly on the ground, looking listless, completely different from the flesh and blood planted on countless dacheng stage masters bodies .

Next, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness saw the vines of the blood phantom vine start to move slowly . Although it was moving, it moved very slowly, almost bit by bit and finally the two kinds of vines came into contact .

After it hit the vine of the blood phantom vine . The blue jade vine seemed to have a bit of spirit and it moved towards it like a poisonous snake preying on it, entwining the blood phantom vine that it came into contact with .

Under the investigation of Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, the blue jade vine seemed to have suddenly grown spikes, which pierced into the blood phantom vine, consuming the essence of the blood phantom vine crazily .

After only consuming a little, the spirit of the blue jade vine became more vigorous and the vines that came into contact with the blood phantom vine increased . Immediately, the whole process became faster and faster .

Strange to say, the blood phantom vine that originally sucked human blood . When it’s own blood essence was absorbed by the blue jade vine, there was no sign of resistance and it collapsed on the ground, allowing the blue jade vine to absorb it .

It was only after a short period of time that the originally huge piece of blood phantom vine was completely wrapped by the vines of the blue jade vine, and there was no trace of the blood phantom vine appearance .

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness keenly discovered that after absorbing the essence of the blood phantom vine, the blue jade vine became more and more energetic, it seemed that the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill qi scattered in the air had no effect on her . All the branches seemed to come alive, A’Bi also raised her head, no longer looking wilted .

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Regarding this, Yang Chen couldn’t understand it . He really couldn’t understand how many poisonous blue jade vines could absorb completely different kinds of blood phantom vines that were still poisonous .

Among monster races, many times rely on swallowing other monster races to enhance their own strength . At this point, the blue jade vine situation does not seem strange at all . A’Bi was basically a vine monster of a blue jade vine .

When A’Bi absorbed the essence of the blood phantom vine, the vine had completely restored to its original state and was no longer affected by the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill . But the absorption process wasn’t over yet, all the rattans grew crazily entwined, wrapping the whole blood phantom vine, looking at this posture, it meant to swallow all the blood phantom vine .

“Master, this servant wants to swallow this blood phantom vine, please forgive me master . ” A’Bi’s thoughts passed over again, clearly expressing her wishes to Yang Chen .

Since Yang Chen had already made the plan to give up the blood phantom vine, naturally he wouldn’t care about this, not to mention that A’Bi really seemed to have the ability to deal with the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill .

After allowing A’Bi to continue, Yang Chen has been monitoring the process of A’Bi devouring the blood phantom vine . This process didn’t take too long, it only took two days and A’Bi completely swallowed the entire blood phantom vine .

After swallowing the complete blood phantom vine, the body of the blue jade vine has undergone earth-shaking changes . The original emerald green jade-like vine has now become a slightly brownish-black color mixed with red and green, which looks like a black jade .

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As soon as the swallowing was completed, A’Bi couldn’t wait to move all the flower fertilizer originally buried in the roots of the blood phantom vine to her roots and then the black and red branches flew all over the sky, like a huge monster with teeth and claws .

After a while, all the rattans were quietly retracted into place and turned into a quiet vine . A’Bi’s figure also appeared .

“Master, those medicinal qi have been completely absorbed . ” After showing up, Abi immediately reported to Yang Chen .

Yang Chen was overjoyed, his figure appeared in the medicine garden in an instant and he felt it for himself, there was indeed no trace of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill qi and he nodded .

“A’Bi, thank you for solving my problem for me!” A’Bi saw Yang Chen appear and bowed to Yang Chen like he had given her some gift .

In the past, the blood phantom vine was raised in the medicinal garden, even if A’Bi had the courage, she did not dare to take the initiative to go and swallow it . Moreover, the thriving blood phantom vine was not so easy to swallow . This time, she still borrowed the medicinal power of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill to move the blood phantom vine away from the nourishing place and disperse it’s vitality .

With Yang Chen’s permission, A’Bi swallowed the blood phantom vine, which could be said to be an increase in strength for her . On the other hand, the medicine garden seems to be more stable, at least Yang Chen has noticed that the second dimension has expanded a lot .

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“Get up!” Yang Chen waved his hand to make A’Bi stand up . No matter how great A’Bi was, he couldn’t leave the medicine garden now . Yang Chen was interested in what kind of power A’Bi, who had swallowed the blood phantom vine, could ignore the medicinal power of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill .

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