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Chapter 450.1: 450.1
chapter 450 . 1: Rescue

The matter was no longer concerning Yang Chen alone, even though the other party specified that Yang Chen should go alone . Involving the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, there would be a series of reactions, so it was normal for the master of the palace to be in charge .

Regarding the guy who dared to attack his fiancée, Yang Chen was not very polite . The methods used on Liang Shaoming back then without demur, were used on Zhu Xuyuan .

Obviously, Zhu Xuyuan’s cultivation level was high, so he could endure it for a long time, at least it took much later than Liang Shaoming for him to start begging for mercy, but the ending was no different . In the end, he begged Yang Chen to stop .

“What’s the matter with this jade slip?” Yang Chen asked the same question again .

But this time, Zhu Xuyuan didn’t dare to conceal anymore, wishing to clarify the whole story immediately . In a hurry, he stammered a few times and Yang Chen steadily taught him another lesson . Only then did he clarify the complete situation .

As expected, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were tricked and it was Zhu Xuyuan’s master who did it . However, even Zhu Xuyuan himself did not know the true identity of this dacheng stage master who appeared suddenly . On this, Hu Qianyi was very secretive and it was even concealed from Zhu Xuyuan .

Strictly speaking, it cannot be regarded as a secret plot . Hu Qianyi was a dacheng stage master who secretly made a move only to capture the two women alive, but saved the lives of the two women . Otherwise, with Shi Shanshan’s staunch character, if she was not defeated, she may commit suicide on the spot .

However, the toughness of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue was beyond Hu Qianyi’s expectation . They had mental arithmetic and unintentional, so he still got the two girls seriously injured .

They were taken by Hu Qianyi, but where he was hiding was still unknown . Hu Qianyi had also waited at the place indicated on the jade slip . Once Yang Chen didn’t go, he would leave with the two girls .

Of course, Zhu Xuyuan did not hide the reason for everything, nor did he dare to hide it . Zhu Xuyuan spoke out about Gao Jing . The several methods Yang Chen used on him made him tremble involuntarily when he saw Yang Chen’s face, as if it had become his instinct .

Yang Chen didn’t expect at all that the alchemist who he didn’t care about letting go when he was collecting the nourishing gourd would have become such a torn . And what made him most dumbfounded was that the other party actually thought that he could become a fifth grade alchemist because of that medicine gourd .

The nourishing medicine gourd certainly gave Yang Chen some inspiration, but Yang Chen was already a sixth grade alchemist in his previous life . In this life, it’s just a lack of skill, but the experience and knowledge of alchemy were all there and the techniques were all familiar to him . With the addition of the elderly lord pill scripture, it could almost be said that it had nothing to do with the medicine gourd .

But the other party obviously doesn’t think so, it was an indisputable fact that the success rate of alchemy in the nourishing gourd was high so it was logical to have such suspicions . Yang Chen doesn’t care how the others guessed it, what he cared about was the safety of the two women .

The two girls were seriously injured, which surprised both Yang Chen and the palace master, especially Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue didn’t encounter this disaster in their previous lives . This life was completely changed because of him, the design even motivated the dacheng stage master .

Zhu Xuyuan also explained thoroughly that the injuries of the two women were very serious and the healing medicine he refined could only relieve the pain for a while, but it could not cure the injuries . If the time was too long, the lives of the two women could not be guaranteed .

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Now he finally got the definite news from Zhu Xuyuan, the palace master did not dare to neglect and immediately sent people to send letters to the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect . They couldn’t get there in time for them to do anything about the situation, but at least it was obvious that the two sects have to know about this .

As for Yang Chen, he was already preparing to set out to save the women . The two women were seriously injured and there was no good healing medicine, he was afraid that he would be sorry for being late . Fortunately, when Yang Chen made a pill for the Greatest Heaven Sect the last time, he had already refined a few more fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pills . As long as they didn’t die, he could always pull people back from the gate of hell .

Zhu Xuyuan’s qiankun bag was held by Yang Chen and he checked the contents in it . He had to say that Zhu Xuyuan has a rich background . Many of the medicinal materials were millennium years old and there were many materials for refining .

Ordinarily, as a third grade alchemist, this guy was not poor, but unfortunately, he was born with dual attributes of metal and fire and for a while, he could not find a suitable dual attribute magic weapon, so he didn’t have a life source magic weapon .

The best thing in the qiankun bag was an alchemy furnace . At first glance, after being refined by a master and after years of use, the medicinal qi has been saturated inside and out .

However, this alchemy furnace gave Yang Chen a familiar feeling . Although the refining technique seemed ordinary, the traces left by the refiner still remained on it .

“Who made this alchemy furnace?” Yang Chen asked Zhu Xuyuan directly while holding the alchemy furnace .

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“Master helped me refine this . ” Zhu Xuyuan replied quickly without fear of him . Anyway, he didn’t even know the real origin of his master, so it didn’t hurt to tell Yang Chen .

Zhu Xuyuan didn’t expect it at all that just this sentence made Yang Chen guess Hu Qianyi’s identity .

The traces of the refiner’s spiritual awareness left on the alchemy furnace have not completely dissipated . It’s no wonder that the alchemy furnace was not Zhu Xuyuan’s life source magic weapon and there was no plan to treat this alchemy furnace as much of an important magic weapon . Therefore, even the most basic skill of tempering the alchemy furnace for a long time was not done, it was only used for alchemy, so the spiritual awareness imprint of the refiner remained on it .

Replaced by the remaining spiritual awareness imprints left by others, Yang Chen would not necessarily be able to know the identity of the other person . But the person who made it was Hu Qianyi from the Greatest Heaven Sect .

The last time when Yang Chen was refining the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill for the Greatest Heaven Sect, he had face-to-face treatment with the three dacheng stage masters . Not only did he get their pulse, but with their permission, he explored their whole body with his spiritual awareness . It was precisely because of this that Yang Chen would still be able to recognize the spiritual awareness of the three .

The remaining spiritual awareness imprints on this alchemy furnace were clearly left by Hu Qianyi . The dacheng stage master, with a secret identity, dared to attack the disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, coupled with this remaining spiritual awareness imprint, Yang Chen could already be sure that the mysterious master, the master of the dacheng stage, was Hu Qianyi .

“It shouldn’t be too late, i should set off right away!” Yang Chen was worried in his heart and asked the master of the palace to leave .

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“Be careful in everything . ” The palace master couldn’t say anything more, he just urged him “Let your master ancestor and hall master Gui go together with you, take care on the way . ”

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