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Chapter 449.2: 449.2
chapter 449 . 2: Messenger Delivering A Letter

“It means…” Zhu Xuyuan slowly said, but immediately afterwards, his body slammed towards Yang Chen like a compressed spring .

Although he was an alchemist, Zhu Xuyuan did not lay down his spiritual power cultivation and even at the request of Hu Qianyi, he dedicated a period of time to gain experience in the domain of the monster race and his skills were not unambiguous at all . The only thing lacking was that there was no suitable magic weapon for him . Although he has reached the realm of a Yuanying stage master, there was still no magic weapon for him to use .

But in the face of Yang Chen, a younger generation junior in the Jiedan stage, what if he didn’t have a life source magic weapon? The gap between a great realm cannot be eliminated by one or two magic weapons .

In the Pure Yang Palace, Zhu Xuyuan certainly had no chance to do it, even if he wanted . The question now was, were they not in the wilderness, was there no one else present?

The reason for the arrangement of such a big game was that they have tried their best to find out the whereabouts of the cold plum fairy maiden and the dancing snow fairy maiden . What was the reason to capture the two fairies personally with a dacheng master? Wasn’t it just to lure Yang Chen out of the hiding place so that they could catch him?

Now Yang Chen was right in front of him and there was no other helper, appearing in front of him stupidly, such a great opportunity, if Zhu Xuyuan wasted this kind of god-given opportunity, he would be a pig .

Doing it without saying a word was also the only way to fight . In life and death, who cares about the tedious and trivial matters, do they have to talk about etiquette with the enemy and what the truth was? Could it be that he had to learn from the fellows in the world and come to general names .

For the time being, Zhu Xuyuan was just a hidden spy placed by Hu Qianyi outside the Greatest Heaven Sect . He was not yet a member of the Greatest Heaven Sect . Although Hu Qianyi also deliberately cultivated Zhu Xuyuan with some resources from the Greatest Heaven Sect, he did not tell Zhu Xuyuan everything . After all, there were differences between closeness and sparseness . This could be seen from the fact that Zhu Xuyuan was already a Yuanying stage master but has no life source magic weapon .

For this reason, Zhu Xuyuan was unfortunately not told something . For example, Yang Chen once killed six Yuanying stage masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect in an instant . This incident was simply a shame for the Greatest Heaven Sect, even in the Greatest Heaven Sect, except for the high level members . Few people know, let alone Zhu Xuyuan .

If Zhu Xuyuan knew this, he would never have thought of attacking Yang Chen when he and Yang Chen were alone . Unfortunately, there were many such accidents and misfortunes in this world . Zhu Xuyuan was just caught up in one .

While his body was in mid-air, before Zhu Xuyuan noticed what was happening, he was directly blocked in the air by a brutal force . Immediately he had a sore throat, the spiritual power of his whole body seemed to be suddenly out of control . It quickly dissipated and there was no longer a trace of spiritual power in his body .

Only then did Zhu Xuyuan, who had a soft body and no struggling strength, realized it . At the moment of this attack, Yang Chen had already held his throat with one hand, one arm held him high in the air .

The power of that hand was so great, Zhu Xuyuan who was a Yuanying stage ancestor . After his body had been scoured, neither arms could break the hand that was holding him .

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In the next moment, Zhu Xuyuan completely gave up any resistance . He had noticed that the hand holding his throat was tightening bit by bit . If he were to struggle again, his throat might be crushed immediately .

“I really want to know what happened . Senior, can you solve my doubts?” Yang Chen’s tone was very respectful, but his actions at this moment were not at all reliable .

At this moment, Zhu Xuyuan’s mind has been completely filled with shock, despair and regrets . How could he have other thoughts, he wanted to nod, but found that it was difficult for him not to nod, even moving his fingers was difficult, he could only make a few difficult hum noises as a reply to Yang Chen .

A Yuanying stage ancestor was captured with one hand by a Jiedan stage junior, if it weren’t for the hapless Yuanying stage ancestor who was captured was Zhu Xuyuan, he would never believe it when he heard such things from others .

Even Zhu Xuyuan has no idea what happened so far . During the whole process, he did not feel Yang Chen using any magic weapons, nor did he notice that Yang Chen used spiritual power, it was as if Yang Chen used physical power to crush his body protection spiritual power with one hand and then pinched his throat .

The whole process was so short that even Zhu Xuyuan, the person involved, couldn’t believe the result . Wasn’t Yang Chen a junior in the middle Jiedan stage? How could this be?

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Bang, Zhu Xuyuan’s mobility was directly blocked with spiritual power and thrown softly to the ground . Yang Chen was about to use means to interrogate, after thinking about it, he would take Zhu Xuyuan back to the Pure Yang Palace .

The palace master has gathered several elders together, this matter was really tricky . Not to mention whether it was true or false, the right was to be true, but the other party actually asked Yang Chen to go alone and the time frame was so deadly that it would be too late to notify the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island .

The kidnapping of the two women was a major event and Yang Chen had to face this situation both in public and private . They could only send Wang Yong and the old tree monster to go with Yang Chen . Anyway, Yang Chen has a medicine garden on him and it was more than enough to bring the two masters with him .

The only thing to worry about was the fear that the other party would hurt the two women . Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, in addition to being Yang Chen’s fiancée, their main identities were the genius disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect . If they were harmed because of Yang Chen, the two major sects would not give up so easily .

They didn’t know who ate the guts of a bear and the heart of a leopard and even dared to make an attack on the two major sects . Now they could only look at what was true and false, and then study how to deal with it .

From the perspective of the sect, Yang Chen couldn’t get into trouble no matter what . As for the secrets for his alchemy, it was a trivial matter . For the safety of the two women, when necessary, he could give it up . After all, there were a lot of cultivation techniques in this world, but only a few truly become masters . Not everyone with the secrets could become a fifth grade alchemist .

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During the discussion, Yang Chen had already returned to the sect main hall with a gust of wind . As soon as Wang Yong saw Yang Chen’s expression, he raised his hand without saying a word and struck a restriction, sealing the hall . Immediately, Yang Chen threw Zhu Xuyuan in front of the group of elders .

“It’s the jade slip that this guy sent, and he also engraved the jade slip with his divine sense . ” Yang Chen didn’t say much, but said everything he knew . As for the next step, it still depends on the decision of the palace master .

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