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Chapter 450.2: 450.2
chapter 450 . 2: Rescue

Master Wang Yong and Gui Shanyou went together with him and Yang Chen certainly didn’t object . It would be better to have two more dacheng stage masters than to deal with them alone .

However, Hu Qianyi could think of this as well and he would not fail to guard himself . Yang Chen still remained skeptical about whether the two could help at a critical moment .

The flying shuttle flew towards the place designated by Hu Qianyi . The other party didn’t leave much time left for Yang Chen, it was only ten days . Even with the speed of the shuttle, these ten days would take day and night of continued travel . Hu Qianyi understood this, so he assured Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace boldly .

Ten days were not enough for the Pure Yang Palace to notify the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, and there was not enough time for the masters over there to make a big move . As for the Pure Yang Palace, they were having a total of two dacheng stage masters, even if they come together, Hu Qianyi has a way to deal with them .

Fortunately, after Yang Chen’s cultivation base base rose sharply, the speed of the shuttle rose by a level . Otherwise, there would have been no time to catch Zhu Xuyuan and interrogate him . Now, with day and night travel, the time was almost just right .

Of course, Yang Chen would not be idle on the road . He had to prepare something, something that would take care of Hu Qian .

Above the flying shuttle, Yang Chen started his old profession, alchemy . But what was refined this time was not a pill to save people, nor a pill for breakthrough, but a poison pill .

Generally speaking, alchemists would not touch poison easily, but it does not mean that alchemists cannot refine poison pills . On the contrary, the more advanced the alchemists were, the more powerful poison pills they could refine .

This kind of thing was rare in the mortal world, but when it comes to the spiritual world and the immortal world, the way many alchemists protect themselves was using extremely poisonous pills . What Yang Chen was refining now was a poison pill that could make a master in the human immortal stage become submissive .

It was said to be a poison but it was more appropriate to describe it as a practical medicine or medicine for calming down . Although beheading Hu Qianyi would relieve his anger, it would inevitably hurt Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue . For the safety of the two women, this relatively safe method could only be used .

This kind of medicinal pill called pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was actually used to save people . Those masters who went into cultivation deviation and became crazy during cultivation, after taking the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, it was quietly and painlessly a good medicine to cure this dangerous situation . But when used in other places, it was a deadly poison .

The reason why this pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was used was because they would have no feeling during the process of taking it . Moreover, this kind of medicinal pill, which was suitable for the human immortal, was very effective . It only takes dozens of breaths to complete the calming process silently, the other party would still have no feeling about it . Of course, the key was that Yang Chen’s collection of medicinal ingredients in his medicinal garden was just enough to refine three or four parts of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, no more .

It has such an effect on human immortals, so what more for mere dacheng stage masters, the effect of the medicine would only spread faster . Dealing with Hu Qianyi shouldn’t be a big problem, the only thing to pay attention to was that he couldn’t let him discover the process of the pill administration .

It’s just that, in ten days, there was no problem in refining the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, it would take four or five days, but there was not enough time to refine it together with the antidote . This was troublesome, if Yang Chen couldn’t produce an antidote, he would have to disperse the pill . If Yang Chen couldn’t refine the antidote, other people had no ability to refine the antidote . It seemed that this result had become an endless loop .

Although the blue jade vine has detoxification effects, Yang Chen has never heard that the blue jade vine could relieve the medicinal properties of this pulse calming powdered medicinal pill . But at the moment there was no better way, he couldn’t abandon hope so he had to try first .

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Fortunately, the body of the blue jade vine in the medicinal garden was the tool spirit A’Bi and Yang Chen could communicate with A’Bi at any time .

When refining the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, Yang Chen was very careful, he let his master ancestor and the old tree monster avoid it from far away and the profound spirit furnace was kept tightly closed . Until the furnace was about to be opened, he used the climactic fire control technique with the flame, after the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was wrapped in several layers of wax pills, he didn’t even dare to use the medicine gourd, it was stored directly in a sealed jade bottle .

When testing the medicine, he was more cautious, he let A’Zhu and A’Bi transplant all the medicinal materials in the medicine garden into the second layer and closed the portal tightly . The first layer was only left with A’Bi body and Yang Chen, after leaving the medicine garden, he controlled A’Bi and asked her to explode the wax pill in the first layer of the medicine garden .

In an instant, an invisible medicinal qi filled the first space of the medicine garden . The blue jade vine was exposed to the medicinal energy of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill and after a while, it seemed a little wilted .

When a person in the spiritual world uses the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, he closes himself up and uses it like this . And there must be a helper, or an antidote must be prepared in advance .

After the pill dissipates, at least one day and one night, or after burning with a high-grade flame, could the helper mouth the antidote, approach the patient, and help the patient recover the meridian body as quickly as possible . Because there was no spirit power interference, it would be relatively simple . They would wait until everything was straightened out before letting the patient take the antidote .

Even if there was an antidote, it takes at least half a month for the patients who use the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill to return to normal . Yang Chen now has Wang Yong and the old tree monster following him so he was not afraid of the time to recover, but worried that there would be no cure .

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The malaise of the blue jade vine was almost visible to the naked eye . Although outside the medicine garden, Yang Chen still clearly noticed that the vines of the blue jade vine were getting more and more wilted and all the thick vines became limp, no longer as strong as before .

Yang Chen’s heart sank, it seems that this method was still not working . However, he was still a little unwilling to give up and he entered the medicine garden with his spiritual awareness and asked A’Bi how she felt now .

“The medicine’s essence is so strong . ” A’Bi’s thoughts passed directly to Yang Chen’s mind, it seemed that even her consciousness was a little sluggish “However, it can barely be resolved, but it will take a long time . ”

At this time, the medicinal properties of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill have been in balance with the ability of the blue jade vine to detoxify . The blue jade vine no longer changed, but there was no way to immediately restore the blue jade vine . The elixir that comes out of Yang Chen’s profound spirit furnace was also second grade at worst . A second grade pulse calming powdered medicinal pill was scattered throughout the entire space of the first layer of the medicine garden .

The blue jade vine could not disperse it and Yang Chen could only use the bloody river to confront the enemy . It’s just a pity that the Immortal Beheading Blade tempering process would be destroyed when the tempering had almost reached the end .

As if sensing the anxiety in Yang Chen’s heart, A’Bi suddenly passed on an idea “Master, if you want to quickly remove this medicinal effect, there is another way . It depends on if you are willing . ”

“What’s the solution?” Yang Chen’s spirits lifted, A’Bi actually has a solution, what did he have to be willing to do?

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“Blood phantom vine, are you willing to give it up?” A’Bi’s thoughts reached Yang Chen’s mind accurately .

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