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Chapter 448.1: 448.1
chapter 448 . 1: Dealing With Yang Chen’s Fiancees

“Yang Chen’s secret?” Hu Qianyi turned his gaze and asked Zhu Xuyuan, “What’s the secret?”

“The secret about his alchemy . ” Zhu Xuyuan immediately replied “That friend said that he knows why Yang Chen can become a fifth grade alchemist master and why he knows so many pill recipes that ordinary people don’t know . ”

“Oh?” Hu Qianyi immediately took it seriously . Someone knew the secret of Yang Chen’s alchemy, how could this be possible?

Everyone knows that Yang Chen must have some secrets on alchemy, but no one knows which kind or which inheritance it came from . Since its ancestors, the Pure Yang Palace has no senior alchemists, it was by no means the inheritance of the Pure Yang Palace . Yang Chen likes to collect some miscellaneous books and it has become a well-known thing, it must be the alchemy secret book obtained from a miscellaneous book .

Someone actually knew Yang Chen’s secret, this was a big deal . Hu Qianyi also cheered up and asked, “What’s the secret?”

“He refused to say it . ” Zhu Xuyuan reluctantly reported “He will only say it unless we promise to agree to his terms and swear by a heart oath . ”

“What are the conditions?” Hu Qianyi asked with a frown . He was most annoyed by such people who have to make conditions at every turn . If you offer things obediently, was it possible to lose your benefits? People who have stayed in the Greatest Heaven Sect for a long time naturally have these kind of domineering thoughts .

“Unless we swear to deal with Yang Chen together and he wants a copy of the alchemy secrets on Yang Chen, or he will not hand over the secret . ” Zhu Xuyuan said quickly “But he also promised that as long as he can kill Yang Chen, with that thing from Yang Chen, he can also make his disciple become a fifth grade alchemist . ”

“That thing?” Hu Qianyi’s eyes suddenly lit up . When Yang Chen became a fifth-rank alchemist, at first it was amazing . How could there be a fifth-rank alchemist in this mortal world, if he relied on a certain magic weapon, it would be explained . Once this thing falls into his own hands, it means he could also create a fifth-grade alchemist master .

Zhu Xuyuan was loyal to Hu Qianyi . At that time, he could just lift Zhu Xuyuan up and let Zhu Xuyuan become a fifth-rank alchemist and then drag him to the Greatest Heaven Sect . In the entire Greatest Heaven Sect, who else could compete with him?

Already made up his mind, Hu Qianyi nodded slightly and instructed Zhu Xuyuan “Where is your friend, find him . ”

Zhu Xuyuan agreed and left quickly, within a day, he brought a person to Hu Qianyi’s front .

If Yang Chen was there, he would definitely recognize the person Zhu Xuyuan was carrying, the Gao Jing who made alchemy there when he was collecting the medicine gourd . After being startled by Yang Chen after killing a few people in a row, the guy never appeared again .

“Greetings senior!” After Gao Jing followed, he respectfully pointed to Hu Qian . He has been told by Zhu Xuyuan and he was naturally very respectful, especially after knowing that Hu Qianyi was a master of the dacheng stage, he felt that he had great confidence in dealing with Yang Chen this time .

“The old man swears by the demon of his heart to help you deal with Yang Chen . ” Hu Qianyi stared at Gao Jing for a long time and when Gao Jing was a little restless, Hu Qianyi spoke . The opening was straight to the subject, making Gao Jing surprised and delighted .

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A dacheng stage master was willing to help, which Gao Jing had never imagined before . He had already talked about this with a few familiar friends, but when those friends heard that they were dealing with Yang Chen, they all shook their heads like a rattle and sent him away for fear of contaminating his bad luck .

Gao Jing also knew that the various sects had scared these people regardless of the personality that dared to attack Yang Chen . However, Gao Jing was really unwilling . He finally found the perfect place for alchemy, but was shocked by Yang Chen . When he went back later, he discovered that the mountain had disappeared .

From the outline of the disappeared mountain, Gao Jing could see that it should be a gourd . Soon thereafter, news came out that Yang Chen had become a fifth grade alchemist .

At first, Gao Jing didn’t know that it was Yang Chen . Later, with the help of a close friend, he got a portrait of Yang Chen . Only then did he realize that Yang Chen who had taken the gourd was the fifth-grade alchemist master Yang Chen .

A fifth grade alchemist master, a magic weapon gourd that could improve the success rate of alchemy by making alchemy on it . If there was no connection, Gao Jing would not believe it .

The thought that he had discovered that place first, but was driven away by Yang Chen and then snatched the gourd, Gao Jing was full of anger . The one who had become a fifth grade alchemy master should be his own right, but now he could only easily make it cheap for a younger generation junior and even make him escape in embarrassment .

The questioning inner heart pill was made by Yang Chen long ago and it was certain that Yang Chen must have some pill recipes . But the technique of alchemy wasn’t something that a younger generation junior in the Jiedan could upgrade to the fifth grade by himself, it must be related to the magical gourd .

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Gao Jing himself knew that if he teamed up with masters and finally succeeded in dealing with Yang Chen, he would not get that gourd . But Yang Chen’s pill recipe could be used to make pills . He only needed to copy it and those masters who have obtained the magic gourd would not mind such a small request .

Hu Qianyi made a swear directly to Gao Jing with his heart devil and he was also a master of the dacheng stage, which shows that Hu Qianyi has the intention to deal with Yang Chen . This was exactly what Gao Jing wanted . He hoped that someone could be the same enemy and hate him, so that they could deal with this guy who must be vigorously defended by several major sects .

Seeing Hu Qianyi swear, Gao Jing couldn’t wait to tell what he had personally experienced . Hu Qianyi and Zhu Xuyuan, who were listening carefully, became more focused as they listened and there was no sound during the whole process .

“Is this true?” After Gao Jing finished speaking, Hu Qianyi raised his head and asked .

“This younger generation junior swears with a heart oath, it is absolutely true!” In order to show his honesty, Gao Jing immediately raised his right hand and swore a heart oath .

Gao Jing dared to swear with his heart devil, this matter could definitely be inseparable . And while Gao Jing was telling it, Hu Qianyi had been staring at Gao Jing’s performance with his spiritual awareness . Any lie would always show signs of guilty conscience, but from beginning to end, Gao Jing showed no sign of lying . Combining the two, this matter was definitely not Gao Jing’s fiction .

A gourd magic weapon that could improve the success rate of alchemy outside, if it was obtained, what effect would it have on the alchemist? This almost didn’t require much speculation . The reason why Yang Chen was able to become a fifth-grade alchemist was simply obvious .

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How does Yang Chen deserve to own such a good thing, a small Jiedan stage master?

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