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Chapter 447.2: 447.2
chapter 447 . 2

Yang Chen said that even if it was given to the Greatest Heaven Sect, the alchemists of the Greatest Heaven Sect would not be able to refine it . For this, the senior officials of the Pure Yang Palace were convinced .

The pill that could be refined by a fifth-grade alchemy master could never be refined by any alchemist below this level . Now everyone in the Pure Yang Palace, as long as they wait for the passage of time quietly, then the Greatest Heaven Sect would come to beg again . The original benefit has now become two and a half shares, which makes people happy when they thought about it .

As for the things that were not easy to explain when taking things from the Greatest Heaven Sect, no one at the top has this idea . Ever since the Greatest Heaven Sect designed against the Pure Yang Palace, it has been an enemy of life and death, so there not were so many things to care about .

Mao Qi was excited and rushed back all the way with the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill, Elder Hu Qianyi also escorted him all the way back to the Greatest Heaven Sect . After Mao Qi reported the transaction, a group of elders from the medicine hall took the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill and carefully studied it, while Mao Qi took ten sixth grade fire seeds and set off on the road to the Pure Yang Palace again .

There was no doubt that this time Mao Qi definitely made a great achievement . The pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill has allowed him to erase all the previous mistakes . Then, Mao Qi’s status in the sect would definitely rise .

That’s not even counting that Mao Qi also got Yang Chen’s promise to exchange ten sixth grade fire seeds for the pill recipe of the heaven seizing pill . The spirit congealing pill and the questioning inner heart pill were still not easy to say, but the heaven seizing pill was definitely the pill that could be refined by the medicine hall of the Greatest Heaven Sect . In the past, Elder Wu Xiong only relied on the third tier alchemist in the Yuanying stage to complete the preliminary refining . In the end, it was just that Yang Chen neutralized the medicinal properties with those blended powders .

Even without the questioning inner heart pill, this heaven seizing pill could ironically allow a dacheng stage master to fend off their tribulation and ascend like Elder Wu Xiong .

The upper level of the Greatest Heaven Sect rejoiced for a while . With these pill recipes, the Greatest Heaven Sect would no longer have to look at the Pure Yang Palace’s face and there was no need to ask for Yang Chen’s help in a submissive manner, maybe they could even trample Yang Chen under their feet . This feeling of exultation was the aura that the Greatest Heaven Sect disciples should have .

Several of the best alchemists in the Medicine Hall have already begun refining the spirit congealing pills . After getting the pill recipe, many talented people suddenly realized that it was so, no wonder they hadn’t studied it thoroughly before .

Everyone unanimously determined that this spirit congealing pill was absolutely having no problems, it conforms to various pharmacology and the formula was extremely clever .

However, two points were very troublesome . One was that the spirit congealing pill could never be refined with one kind of fire seed and it needs at least four to be able to form initially . And the higher the level of the fire seed, the better the effect . This was one of the reasons why Yang Chen would ask for a variety of fire seeds in exchange for the pill recipes .

Another trouble was the process of collecting the pills at the end . The technique was mysterious and complicated and it needs to be distracted and used to achieve the goal . From an unilateral point of view, at least eight aspects must be taken care of at the same time . But now most alchemists seem to have two or three uses at most, it was not easy to take into account more thoughts .

These two conditions, for the time being, none of the masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect could satisfy them . When you cultivate, you choose the kind of fire that suits you best and control multiple fires at the same time . Once they affect each other, you might be in danger of being burned by the fire . Similarly, collecting alchemy has to deal with eight aspects at the same time, which was not something a master of the Greatest Heaven Sect could do .

Originally, the senior officials thought that after reaching this conclusion, everyone had to ask for Yang Chen’s help, but the hall master of the Medicine Hall gave a solution, that was, multi-person joint refining .

The spirit congealing pill requires four types of fire seeds to be refined at the same time, so they would use four alchemists, one type of fire for each . As long as the four people cooperate with each other, there was a chance of success .

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Of course, the same was true when harvesting alchemy . Eight aspects need to be taken care of and eight spirit tactics were played at the same time to collect the alchemy . Then each of the four people only needs to perform two, which could be solved perfectly .

The only thing to worry about now was the coordination of the four alchemy, but they believed that as long as they practiced for a period of time, they could solve this problem .

The senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect readily agreed to the suggestions of the master of the medicinal hall . Their own alchemist mastering the refining techniques was definitely better than relying on Yang Chen again and again .

It was precisely because of the breakthrough in the refinement of the spirit congealing pill that the Greatest Heaven Sect completely made up their minds to get the pill recipes of the questioning inner heart pill and the heaven seizing pill . Now that the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill has been obtained, sect master Li seems to have seen the scene of the Greatest Heaven Sect dominating the mortal world . With the questioning inner heart pills and Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness insurance, it would not be impossible for the Greatest Heaven Sect to seek hegemony .

While the top leaders of the Greatest Heaven Sect were excited, Elder Hu had other plans . As a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he was of course happy that the Greatest Heaven Sect would dominate the mortal world, but if he was inside the Greatest Heaven Sect, he definitely wanted his status to be higher .

He was already a dacheng stage master . According to reason, as long as he devoted himself to cultivation, he could naturally achieve the path of ascension . But Elder Hu obviously still has selfish intentions . A lot of his disciples and grandchildren were suppressed and bullied because of his injuries, he couldn’t swallow this situation . Moreover, in order to win that fifth grade pill, his family paid a great price . As the beneficiary of the pill, he had to give more consideration to these disciples and grandchildren .

Randomly looking for a reason, Elder Hu did not follow Mao Qi again, but went to another place . As a dacheng stage elder, the sect would never stop the elder from going out to do some private affairs .

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In a remote place, Elder Hu’s figure and appearance had undergone some changes and then he turned in another direction and entered a small, famous sect .

Of course, this sect was only having two masters in the Yuanying stage who could hold the ground, but one of them was an alchemist . This sect was secretly fostered by Elder Hu and did not use any resources from the sect . It was purely the result of paying out of his own pockets . The people inside were also loyal to him, the super elder who saw the end of the dragon .

“This is the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill . ” Elder Hu handed the pill recipe that he had forcibly memorized to this alchemist named Zhu Xuyuan in the secret room “You need to study it and see if you can refine it . ”

“The questioning inner heart pill?” Zhu Xuyuan was shocked immediately and then he took over the jade slip that recorded the pill with surprise and asked unbelievably: “Yang Chen’s questioning inner heart pill?”

The questioning inner heart pill has now been named Yang Chen and everyone knows it . Speaking of the questioning inner heart pill, everyone was talking about Yang Chen’s questioning inner heart pill .

Nodding silently, Hu Qianyi said nothing . The questioning inner heart pill was the only one with no branch, it must be Yang Chen’s .

“The disciple has made a friend recently, and he knows some of Yang Chen’s secrets . ” Zhu Xuyuan suddenly reported to Hu Qianyi “I don’t know too much, do you want to know?”

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