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Chapter 448.2: 448.2
chapter 448 . 2: Dealing With Yang Chen’s Fiancees

In dealing with Yang Chen, the risk to take now was not small, including the Greatest Heaven Sect, a lot of sects had made a statement to the outside world that if anyone dared to deal with Yang Chen, they would meet a dead end .

But Hu Qianyi doesn’t care . He was the great elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect . Could it be that the Greatest Heaven Sect would dare to impose punishment on him because of someone? As for the other sects, even the Five Elements Sect, Blue Cloud Sect, Green Jade Immortal Island and Qiankun Sect, would they dare to blatantly deal with him, the elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect?

The innate advantage of his identity allows Hu Qianyi to ignore the threats of the several major sects to a large extent . Besides, as long as he successfully killed Yang Chen and got the item, he could immediately create another fifth grade alchemist master and join the Greatest Heaven Sect with Zhu Xuyuan . Wouldn’t those people want to come to the Greatest Heaven Sect to seek for their help?

This was something that both promoted himself and was good for the sect . Hu Qianyi has no reason to stand on the sidelines in a rational manner, public and private .

However, all of this was based on the successful killing of Yang Chen and the successful acquisition of the refining gourd, otherwise even his sect would have to give an explanation . Only if the sect has the key to pinch the lifeline of other big sects, would they support Hu Qianyi .

It was not so easy to deal with Yang Chen, at least during this period of time . The Pure Yang Palace wants to organize Yang Chen’s wedding so Yang Chen has been hiding in the Pure Yang Palace without going out and basically they had no chance to attack him .

Unless he was to lose all face with the Pure Yang Palace immediately and kill them directly, otherwise, no matter who moved against Yang Chen, at this moment, they would be the target of several big sects . Before getting the medicine gourd from Yang Chen, even Hu Qianyi did not have the confidence to bear the consequences .

Fortunately, this guy Yang Chen was so bothered and wanted to marry four women at a time, which gave Hu Qianyi a chance . If he dealt with the people around Yang Chen, especially his beloved women, it seemed to be able to force Yang Chen to submit .

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling were both in the sect with Yang Chen and dealing with them was like dealing with Yang Chen, which was not realistic . However, Yang Chen also has two fiancees, one in the Green Jade Immortal Island, one in the Blue Cloud Sect and these two women, they seem to like to go out alone to gain experience .

Both Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue came from famous clans, with outstanding talents and they also made great achievements in their cultivation . With the blessing of the sect, if the two women went out, few people would dare to have any ideas on them . Anyone must think of the consequences of offending the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect and at the same time bear the huge risk of offending Yang Chen .

But because of this, Hu Qianyi was given a chance . Others would never think of someone daring to attack the two women, even the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect would not have expected it . Two little females in the Jiedan stage in front of Hu Qianyi, a master in the dacheng stage, there would really be no resistance .

As long as Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were restrained, even if it was any of them, Yang Chen had to obey Hu Qianyi’s command . Yang Chen was said to be very fond of these two fiancees . In particular, there was another relationship . The two girls were related to the cooperation between the Pure Yang Palace, Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . Yang Chen also had to pay attention to it .

Once the two women had an accident, Yang Chen had to endure the anger of the two sects . Such a talented disciple was a treasure in any sect . If Yang Chen didn’t want to make any mistakes between the two women, he had to be obedient .

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Even Hu Qianyi had planned that as long as Yang Chen was obedient, he wouldn’t mind letting him keep his life . His goal was Yang Chen’s alchemy secrets and the medicine gourd . Without these, Yang Chen, a small junior in the Jiedan stage, would be of no importance . At that time, maybe the Pure Yang Palace would give up on Yang Chen by themselves and let him taste the fate of being betrayed .

Of course, Hu Qianyi had the resources of Hu Qianyi . Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s whereabouts were immediately sent to investigate and Hu Qianyi himself, together with Zhu Xuyuan and Gao Jing, began to plan how to deal with the two women and finally capture them alive . It was absolutely necessary not to kill them .

Yang Chen was happy at this moment . Hall master Mao Qi was really refreshed . In just a few months, he ran back and forth on the road from the Pure Yang Palace to the Greatest Heaven Sect . This time, hall master Mao personally brought ten sixth grade fire seeds to exchange with Yang Chen for the pill recipe .

Until now, Yang Chen hadn’t admitted that what he sold was the pill recipe of the heaven seizing pill . It was a matter of his reputation, Yang Chen didn’t want to bear the reputation of having the pill recipe of the Xiang Family .

But Mao Qi obviously didn’t think so . In his opinion, this combination of monster core should be part of the questioning inner heart pill . Otherwise, what kind of pill needs the monster core of a dacheng stage monster to be able to refine it?

However, since Yang Chen insisted, Mao Qi would not stubbornly describe this as a pill recipe for the heaven seizing pill, everyone was a cultivator, tacitly, anyway, the result of the transaction would not change, why bother on such small things .

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For several months in a row, Yang Chen made three vows with his heart demon, each time he proved that his pill recipe was true . Regarding this, Yang Chen has always had no regrets and he could say with confidence wherever he goes that he has given the real pill recipe . Therefore, from beginning to end, Yang Chen never worried that this heart demon’s oath would be fulfilled .

Having sent away hall master Mao Qi, Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel a little frightened by what he had gained in the past few months . Three kinds of seventh grade fire seeds and ten sixth grade fire seeds were so easy to get, that Yang Chen couldn’t believe it . If these fire seeds were not stored in Yang Chen’s merit ring and could be seen and touched at any time, Yang Chen would have suspected that he was dreaming .

In his previous life, Yang Chen almost lost his life when he wanted a fifth grade fire seed . Now in Yang Chen’s eyes, the fifth grade fire seed was no longer a rare thing, at best it was a precious item worth some amount of spirit stones .

In his previous life, Yang Chen relied on the fifth grade fire seed true sun fire to achieve the realm of Great Principle Golden Immortal, but in this life he already possessed four seventh grade fire seeds and more than ten kinds of sixth grade fire seeds . One day when all these fire seeds were integrated into the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, Yang Chen’s development potential would be so great that even Yang Chen himself cannot imagine .

He would get married in a few years . After marriage, he would cultivate the yin-yang five elements secret art with his splendid wives and after perfecting the yin-yang five elements flying sword, was there any place Yang Chen couldn’t go in this mortal world?

Even Yang Chen, who already had the memory of his previous life, couldn’t help but get excited . When the great yin-yang five elements flying swords gather and the great yin-yang five elements secret art was completed, it would be the time to find the Greatest Heaven Sect to settle their grievances . Those tragic experiences in his previous lives must be resolved with the ending of destroying the Greatest Heaven Sect .

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Just when the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen were busy preparing for Yang Chen’s marriage, bad news suddenly came . Two of Yang Chen’s fiancés, Green Jade Immortal Island cold plum fairy maiden Shi Shanshan, Blue Cloud Sect dance snow fairy maiden Sun Qingxue, had an accident .

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