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Chapter 447.1: 447.1
chapter 447 . 1

Yang Chen’s heart was full of doubts . What happened to the Greatest Heaven Sect these few days? It’s okay to give Yang Chen the seventh grade fire, was it a sense of accomplishment? Or was there too many seventh-grade fire seeds in the Greatest Heaven Sect to be taken advantage of like this?

“It stands to reason that the price you are asking, grandmaster, is not outrageous . ” At the command of sect master Li before leaving, Mao Qi certainly knew that he could only buy the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill with his two seventh grade fire seeds . However, Mao Qi still wanted to fight for it and get the heaven seizing pill “It’s just that my sect doesn’t have so many seventh-grade fire seeds . I wonder if I can change with something else?”

“Senior Mao, even if you speak, it’s not that you can’t discuss it . ” Yang Chen didn’t mean to talk directly without saying anything and asked calmly “You and I have traded many times, so we have a small friendship and everything is easy to discuss . ”

“I won’t hide the truth from the grandmaster, my sect currently has only two seventh grade fire seeds on hand . ” Mao Qi was not afraid that Yang Chen would make waves when he knew it . Instead, he directly said his own difficulties “According to this truth, we can only buy grandmaster’s questioning inner heart pill recipe . However, this old man is a bit greedy and he wants this heaven seizing pill recipe also . ”

“It’s easy to discuss, if there is no seventh grade fire seed, you can replace it with others, it doesn’t matter to this younger generation junior . ” Yang Chen said with a smile, the two seemed to be business partners for many years, so it was very natural .

“You said back then that one method of reconciliation is to exchange for a low-grade fire seed . I don’t know if all these methods of reconciliation can be exchanged with low grade fire seeds?” Mao Qi was determined to hold the treasure of the Greatest Heaven Sect in exchange for his own credit, he didn’t mind revealing how much news to Yang Chen “How about one kind of seventh-grade fire and ten kinds of sixth grade fire seeds?”

“If it’s someone else, naturally it won’t work . ” Yang Chen gave Mao Qi a lot of face “But since it was senior Mao who spoke, it must be done anyway, it’s a deal!” Without waiting for Mao Qi’s ecstatic interference, Yang Chen rushed and said “However, this younger generation junior would like to say something first, I hope you don’t mind . ”

“It’s okay to talk . ” Mao Qi thought that something was wrong, his face changed slightly and he reached out to ask .

“Since the predecessor wants to buy the questioning inner heart pill recipe, it doesn’t really matter if you buy or not buy this heaven seizing pill recipe?” Yang Chen was in a posture like it was for Mao Qi’s sake at this moment and said “Moreover, the materials for this heaven seizing pill are very rare so why are you wasting resources on it?”

“It’s okay!” When Mao Qi heard that Yang Chen was saying this, he took a moment to relax and was no longer nervous . What he was most afraid of was that Yang Chen would not agree, not that Yang Chen would reject the price “the questioning inner heart pill is good so is the heaven seizing pill and someone can always use them . ”

What Yang Chen said was indeed the truth, anyway, as long as a person’s cultivation base reaches the dacheng stage, if their aptitude was good enough, they would naturally be able to cultivate to the peak dacheng stage and cross their tribulation to ascend . With the help of the questioning inner heart pill, the possibility of ascending was much greater, but it really doesn’t need the heaven seizing pill .

But Mao Qi had other ideas . The young sect master Li Liheng’s spirit power cultivation was not very good, but if he was able to cultivate his cultivation method, he would definitely be the best choice for the sect master in the future . When the time comes, this heaven seizing pill would be prepared for Li Liheng in advance . Even when sect master Li and a few core elders decided to buy heaven seizing pill, it was probably for this purpose .

To please the current sect master and core elders and at the same time to please the future sect master, the resources of the sect are used, but Mao Qi’s own favor was used . Of course, this business was done and it was greatly feasible .

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To be honest at this moment, Yang Chen’s happiness definitely surpassed Mao Qi’s . It could even be said that he was ecstasy and overjoyed . After such a short time, the transaction of two kinds of seventh grade fire seeds and ten kinds of sixth grade fire seeds was settled, but the other party only got one pill recipe that they were incapable of refining and one pill recipe with scarce materials . This transaction definitely brought him a big profit .

Sometimes, Yang Chen even has an unreal feeling that if people sit at home, this good thing could fall from the sky like this . He originally gave them a small set and caused them heavy losses, but he didn’t expect the Greatest Heaven Sect to take the initiative to increase it .

Regardless of whether it was a collective brainstorming at the top of the Greatest Heaven Sect, or Mao Qi went crazy alone, in short, the other party cooperated like this, if Yang Chen still shied away, it would be too unreasonable .

The transaction that would make countless people who hear about it go crazy was settled in the understatement of these few sentences . The process was simple and outrageous, but the content of the transaction could make everyone jump in shock .

Hall master Mao Qi must have done a great job this time, getting the pill recipes for the questioning inner heart pill and the heaven seizing pill at the same time . For the Greatest Heaven Sect, this was just like increasing their strength by several fold . What about the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island having the questioning inner heart pill? They had the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill .

However, Yang Chen’s decision was unanimously opposed by the master of the palace and the elders . The questioning inner heart pill was now the biggest support for the rise of Pure Yang Palace . If it was handed over to the Greatest Heaven Sect, wouldn’t it be self-destructive, they absolutely couldn’t agree .

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The transaction between Yang Chen and the Greatest Heaven Sect definitely couldn’t get approved by the Pure Yang Palace . The high level of the Pure Yang Palace objected with this argument and Mao Qi was a little impatient . The real trouble of dealing with Yang Chen has been solved here, but he was stuck at the high level of the Pure Yang Palace, who was at the forefront . Why would it not make Mao Qi annoyed?

In Mao Qi’s eyes, these guys were more insatiable than the other . Before being a small sect, they had never seen such a precious thing . Now they had a chance, seeing the great harvest of this disciple Yang Chen, they couldn’t help but jump out and wanted to take a bite .

To deal with this kind of country bumkins who have never seen the world, the Greatest Heaven Sect has a way to deal with it . The high level of the Pure Yang Palace was nothing more than wanting benefits . The seventh grade fire seeds have been taken out, do they still care about some other goods?

The performance of the palace master and the elders also confirmed Mao Qi’s judgment . It’s not easy for everyone to agree to it together, it’s always okay to break them one by one, right?

Therefore, after hall master Mao visited several elders and gave valuable gifts, there was almost no objection at the sect deliberative meeting in the Pure Yang Palace . However, the Greatest Heaven Sect still gave Pure Yang Palace a benefit for this . This was a transaction between the sects and cannot be helped .

With all kinds of contempt, hall master Mao and Yang Chen first traded the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill for the two kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds . After Yang Chen made a heart devil oath, hall master Mao and Elder Hu both tested the authenticity of the pill recipe too . The people of the Greatest Heaven Sect returned to the sect with a contented mood and went to collect ten sixth grade fire seeds to complete the exchange of the heaven seizing pill .

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After Mao Qi and Hu Qianyi left, the head of the palace and the elders gathered together . Together with Yang Chen, everyone began to communicate what kind of gifts Mao Qi had given them in order to buy them . The laughter was endless .

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