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Chapter 446.2: 446.2
chapter 446 . 2

“Back then, this kid dared to offer the price of the seventh grade fire seed . It seems to have been premeditate”, the elder next to him responded: “If the sect can win the pill recipes for the heaven seizing pill and the questioning inner heart pill, it is not impossible to consider”

It’s no longer necessary to ask what the questioning inner heart pill could do . In the past few years, there have been three dacheng stage masters who have been born, all of them from the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . This has caused a lot of pressure on the Greatest Heaven Sect .

At this time, the Greatest Heaven Sect focused on obtaining the spirit congealing pills from Yang Chen and naturally lags behind a lot in the quest for the questioning inner heart pills . Although from a long-term perspective, this was beneficial to the Greatest Heaven Sect . With the guidance of the seniors in the spirit world, the Greatest Heaven Sect would surely dominate the mortal world in the future, but for now, it has to face the reality of the precarious status of being the dao sects leader .

But if there was a pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill, it was another matter . Instead of spending a huge price for Yang Chen to refine the pill, it was better to master the core technique of this refining method by themselves than to buy it from someone else . It’s better to be able to solve the problem fundamentally than to keep buying it and being pinched by others

“The material of the heaven seizing pill is scarce, so you don’t need to think about it for the time being . ” The sect master and several elders exchanged a little and they also felt that the plan to purchase the pill recipe was feasible . However, the sect currently has two seventh grade fire seeds, but if they have to weigh it, Yang Chen could even take a seventh grade fire seed for the spirit congealing pill, then the price of the questioning inner heart pill recipe will not be too low .

“Hall Master Mao, please go to Pure Yang Palace again . ” Sect master Li directly ordered at the meeting of the elders “Together with Elder Hu, directly bring two seventh-grade fire seeds to Yang Chen to discuss whether they can buy it . If you can only buy one kind of pill recipe from the pill recipes of the heaven seizing pill or the questioning inner heart pill, buy the questioning inner heart pill . If you can buy it back, Hall Master Mao, you will be rewarded . ”

This time Mao Qi could be regarded as being elated and proud . The last time the transaction was messed up, he was uncommonly scolded by the senior officials of the sect . Now he finally has the opportunity to stand up . Not to mention that the sect master still let him do the matter this time, even if he does not need to do it, this proposal would be from none other than him

Feeling comfortable, hall master Mao’s face was naturally different . On the contrary, Elder Hu may have to face Yang Chen again so he had an ugly face .

Although Yang Chen alchemy healed his injury, Elder Hu was not grateful to Yang Chen and the sect paid a high price for this, and Elder Hu had to obey the words of the sect master .

In the eyes of Elder Hu, Yang Chen should take the initiative to gain favor from him who was a dacheng stage master and a senior elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen should take the initiative to do favors and send the pill recipe to his sect to gain his own favor, but they paid a lot of price for it, how could this not make Elder Hu look down on Yang Chen

This time, Elder Hu made up his mind to never showed up in front of Yang Chen again . He would escort the things to the ground and let Mao Qi negotiate with him . Elder Hu didn’t plan to join in anymore .

It took a high price for Elder Hu to get Yang Chen’s fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill . This also weakened his strength in the sect . But Elder Hu was not left without a way to deal with it . No one knew but once he was examining weather the spirit congealing pill recipe was real or fake, he took advantage to firmly keep the pill recipe in his mind

Outside the sect, Elder Hu also secretly ran a small force . One of them was an alchemist with good methods . When he had the opportunity to get the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill this time, Elder Hu decided to let the alchemist master try and refine it . As long as he had a questioning inner heart pill, everything would be fine

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As for waiting for the refining of the sect to be dispatched, the feeling of being controlled by others, wouldn’t it be better for him to own the questioning inner heart pills himself?

Of course, it’s impossible for Elder Hu’s thoughts to be known to Mao Qi . Mao Qi rushed to the Pure Yang Palace along the way, but was met with Yang Chen acting as a protector for Gongsun Ling, so he waited patiently until Yang Chen would come out to discuss with Yang Chen again

“Senior Mao is a frequent visitor . ” Yang Chen poured Mao Qi a cup of fragrant tea, which was regarded as a treat from the host to the Greatest Heaven Sect’s hall master who had brought him countless benefits: “I don’t know what you have to say this time?”

“It is not for idle talk, i want to ask something . ” Mao Qi and Yang Chen had a few encounters and he also knew Yang Chen’s character, so he went straight to the subject “Will you sell the pill recipes of the heaven seizing pill and the questioning inner heart pill?”

“Sell” Yang Chen was shocked when he heard Mao Qi’s question, but immediately returned to normal and directly gave Mao Qi an exciting answer “As long as the price is right, it’s easy to discuss . ”

Mao Qi’s face suddenly smiled like a flower blooming . He already liked the young man in front of him so much . Although the sect seems to be at odds with him, they have not been able to get Yang Chen to join them on several occasions and even started to attack him, but this does not prevent Mao Qi from liking Yang Chen

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Where could he find people who would trade anything as long as the price was right? There are so many duplicity guys whose minds were turbulent but verbally claiming that riches and nobles cannot be fornicating, poor and humble and can’t be moved . Compared with Yang Chen, Yang Chen was 10,000 times more lovely than them .

What about the high price? It’s normal for people’s exclusive business to have a high price tag . Anyway, Mao Qi asked himself . If he replaced him and it was Yang Chen who came to his sect to ask if he wanted to sell his pill recipes, he might be more ruthless than Yang Chen .

If the mortal world had more people like Yang Chen, then there wouldn’t be any disputes, enough price could be exchanged for anything . In terms of resources, they would never be inferior to any sect .

It should be me, Mao Qi, this was the real idea in Mao Qi’s mind . After returning, he must suggest to the sect that Yang Chen’s life should be left to him . What kind of pill the sect wanted in the future, a fifth-grade alchemist was definitely the first choice .

“You name your price” Mao Qi directly handed the bamboo sticks to Yang Chen’s hands again “As long as it is not too demanding, everything would be easy to decide”

“Senior Mao is really a refreshing person . ” Yang Chen’s eyes almost smiled into a gap . He almost saw that the treasure house of the Greatest Heaven Sect had opened their door to him .

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“This younger generation junior in business will not deceive anyone, the pill recipe for the heaven seizing pill, I have said before, a seventh-grade fire seed and it will never change” Yang Chen even said with a smile in his tone, which made people so happy . “As for the questioning inner heart pill, two kinds of seventh grade fire seeds, it’s not too much right?”

“Not too much, not too much” Mao Qi head shook his head like a rattle . The price was almost the lowest he could think of . Yang Chen was very kind and didn’t increase the price for the heaven seizing pill . As soon as he thought that he could get the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill, Mao Qi could not help but have his heartbeat increase even as a master of the Yuanying stage .

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