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Chapter 446.1: 446.1
chapter 446 . 1

Seeing this scene of Gongsun Ling, everyone was overjoyed . But at this time, Yang Chen did something that everyone could not imagine . He directly summoned dozens of flying swords from his cosmos bag and attacked Gongsun Ling .

The grinning expression on Gongsun Ling’s face did not change at all, she did not even move her footsteps, but a mist suddenly appeared around her body .

The mist seemed very thin, as if it could be seen through at a glance, but Yang Chen’s dozens of flying swords cut past and fell within the mist, but they all fell into the air . Not one of the dozens flying swords were actually able to cut her, as if Gongsun Ling in the mist had no body .

A group of flying swords flew out from the mist, circled around and once again headed towards Gongsun Ling . This time, Gongsun Ling seemed to have changed her strategy and removed the mist and the flying sword controlled by Yang Chen was smashed firmly on Gongsun Ling’s body .

Ding, a series of dull sounds rang, Gongsun Ling’s delicate body did not change at all, but the flying swords that had been slashed on her body seemed to have slammed on a tough ball that had been full of air and they were bounced back .

This time, Yang Chen did not continue the experiment, but recalled all the flying swords . However, this scene just now made everyone aware of Gongsun Ling’s defense .

As for the means of attack, the mountain river geographical map could be used . If it was a Jiedan stage expert on the same level as Gongsun Ling and his spiritual awareness was not as powerful as Gongsun Ling . Basically, that person could be collected by Gongsun Ling . Even some of the early or even middle Yuanying stage masters, under the mighty power of the mountain river geographical map, could only be defeated with hatred .

The treasures of the dragon clan, the things that they were willing to store in their treasure house, were not simple . Yang Chen believed in this . Now he was just afraid that the mountain river geographic map was too shocking and he didn’t tell everything to Gao Shiyan and Liu Qinghe . Otherwise, Yang Chen could demonstrate the attack of the mountain river geographic map on the spot .

Aside from other things, just the illusion . It was estimated that except for Yang Chen and Wang Yong, no one else could escape .

“Let me see what this picture has become . ” Yang Chen excitedly asked Gongsun Ling to come over so he could take a closer look .

Of course, Gongsun Ling would not refuse . The mountain river geographical map that had just been transformed into a suit returned to its original scroll shape and was handed over to Yang Chen .

Compared with before, the current mountain river geographical map was a bit more spiritual, perhaps because of it having an owner . Opening the scroll, Yang Chen immediately saw a lot more in the center of the scroll .

It was originally just a small spot, encompassing the entire East China Sea, but now it was a palm-sized black spot, encompassing a large part of the central plains of the dao sects, the south china sea and a large part of the monster race domain . In addition, there were many areas of the demon sect . Plus some places that Gongsun ling have deliberately visited before were several times larger than the original ones .

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After he nodded, Yang Chen returned the mountain river geographic map to Gongsun Ling . Gao Shiyan and Liu Qing both took a look at it like Yang Chen, but they didn’t see any clues, they just knew that this magic weapon was extremely powerful .

Of course, Wang Yong would not miss this opportunity . Once he inspected the mountain river geography map, Wang Yong understood what the material was . He couldn’t help but give Yang Chen a slightly surprised look, but Gao Yue’s water and fire dragon horns had already been seen by him, so this dragon skin map did not make Wang Yong too surprised .

The refining method of the dragon clan was undoubtedly evident in this mountain river geographical map and it also gave Wang Yong some inspiration for refining the materials of the dragon horns . It would also be a great help for Gao Yue to refine the dragon horn flying swords in the future .

After everyone had seen the mountain river geographical map . After everyone congratulated Gongsun Ling, everyone’s eyes focused on the big basin of four seas mysterious coral liquid .

“Master, Master Uncle, Uncle Liu, although some of the four seas mysterious coral liquid was consumed, it can still come in handy . ” Of course, Yang Chen knew what to do . In fact, he had already thought about it before he took it out . He knew how to deal with it “If you don’t dislike it, this disciple wants to hand over these to Uncle Master and Uncle Liu to deal with and I ask the two elders not to refuse . ”

Gao Shiyan and Liu Qing would not think of declining, they almost fainted from this big pie falling from the sky . So many four seas mysterious coral liquid, it was handed over to them unexpectedly? Although Gongsun Ling has used it, who cares?

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With these four seas mysterious coral liquid, whether it was Elder Gao or Liu Qing, it could definitely be used to expel impurities from their bodies . Elder Gao might be able to reach the peak middle Yuanying stage . As for Liu Qing, he was at the peak Jiedan stage . If he took this opportunity to expel the impurities from his body and then used the second grade inner sensing pill, he might be able to immediately cross his tribulation and form his nascent soul . With the help of the thunder pomegranate, the success rate of forming his nascent soul was almost over 90% .

But after all, the two of them didn’t dare to accept them all, but after each took a large cup, they handed the four seas mysterious coral liquid to the sect . Anyway, that big cup was enough for them to use . The sect could also increase a lot of the master’s strength with these four seas mysterious coral liquid . As the sect’s strength increases, resources would increase accordingly, which would be more beneficial to their future cultivation . It was a benign promotion process .

The palace master and the other elders did not expect to receive such a big gift suddenly . In addition to the surprises, they praised Yang Chen’s good fortune for being able to gather the four seas mysterious coral liquid . As a result, the number of people in the Pure Yang Palace who would cross their tribulation would become more and more jaw-dropping in the days to come .

Increasing the number of Yuanying stage masters requires care and resources, but the number of Jiedan stage disciples who have been able to form their nascent souls was not so much . Anyway, with Yang Chen, a master of alchemy, what if there were more people in the Pure Yang Palace who formed their nascent souls? The more disciples who became Yuanying stage masters, the better the second grade inner sensing pills of the Pure Yang Palace would sell and the more popular the thunder pomegranate would be in the future .

At least until other sect’s alchemy masters worked out the refining method of the second grade inner sensing pill, this benefit was settled in the Pure Yang Palace . And the more disciples who cross their tribulation, the stronger the strength of the Pure Yang Palace would become .

Here, the senior officials of the Pure Yang Palace were racking their brains happily thinking about how to distribute this large basin of four seas mysterious coral liquid, while the Greatest Heaven Sect was discussing the possibility of buying the pill recipes from Yang Chen .

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“Last time Yang Chen did say that the pill recipe could be exchanged with a fire seed . ” An elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect who had experienced the previous situation and was on the scene confirmed Yang Chen’s statement back then .

“In that case, Yang Chen can sell even the pill recipe of the heaven seizing pill and the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill could also be bought!” Mao Qi’s judgment and the elder’s affirmation made a core elder treat Yang Chen in a new light .

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