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Chapter 444.2: 444.2
chapter 444 . 2: Obtaining A Seventh Grade Fire Seed

The seventh grade fire seed was already the ultimate fire seed in the mortal world . Moreover, even if it was a dacheng stage master, it was not always possible to subdue a seventh grade fire seed me .

The pure yang true fire of the Pure Yang Palace has been kept in their secret plane since the establishment of the sect, but since the founder, no one has been able to subdue and absorb the pure yang true fire of the Pure Yang Palace . The difficulty of subduing a seventh grade fire seed was evident .

It was for this reason that the Greatest Heaven Sect’s senior members later promised to deliver the seventh grade fire seed . At best, it was to take the fire seed to the Pure Yang Palace and let the Pure Yang Palace keep it first . Does Yang Chen still have a chance to absorb it?

Not to mention that he was only a fifth-grade alchemy master, without a strong cultivation base, it was not enough, it was impossible to move the seventh-grade fire seed to get the pill formula . After Li Liheng recoverd and cultivates the cross-border spiritual awareness cultivation method, when they come to clean up the Pure Yang Palace . At that time, whether it was the seventh grade fire seed or something sent before, it may be possible to get it back .

Although neither the Greatest Heaven Sect nor the Pure Yang Palace had any news about this transaction before, the seventh grade fire seed was of great importance after all and no one dared to neglect it . The Greatest Heaven Sect having a dacheng stage master accompany it was for safety . There were no waves along the way and they calmly reached the Pure Yang Palace .

“Grandmaster Yang, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but how can you ensure that it is the real pill formula?” Mao Qi and the Greatest Heaven Sect really had such concerns and mentioned them before the transaction . Everyone was a villain before a gentleman and no one would deceive anyone .

“Junior can swear with a heart oath . ” Yang Chen smiled casually and said these words . In this way, Mao Qi and others have no reason to doubt .

At this point, Mao Qi and the others no longer doubted it and they took out the seventh grade fire seed black heaven true fire and put it in front of Yang Chen .

This black heaven true fire was really extraordinary, as it came close Yang Chen felt that the yin yang heaven burning fire in his body seems to be attracted by something, it was like it needed to fly out of his body and merge into this kind of fire seed . If it weren’t for Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness that had already exceeded the limit of this mortal world, he couldn’t have forcibly suppressed the flame in his body and things would have gotten ugly .

The black heaven true fire, a seventh grade fire seed that they have only heard of before but never had the opportunity to see, was a high grade fire seed that was comparable to the pure yang true fire and now it was in front of Yang Chen, it seemed that Yang Chen could take it with just one wave of his hand .

Staring at the fire seed for a long time, even Yang Chen, who has the memory of a great principle golden immortal, couldn’t help but become greedy with drool, imagining the situation after he absorbed the fire seed .

Cough, Mao Qi’s cough awakened Yang Chen from his illusions . With an awkward smile, he took a jade slip from his Qiankun bag and put it on the table .

Mao Qi couldn’t wait to pick up the jade jade, dived his spiritual awareness into it and began to explore the content . After a while, he nodded slightly and gave the jade hand to the accompanying dacheng stage elder .

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“Old man Hu Changyi, have not thanked the grandmaster for saving my life last time!” Until this time, the dacheng stage elder did not speak . When he opened his mouth it was to thank Yang Chen .

“Senior don’t have to, the sect paid enough . Juniors also took advantage of people’s dangers and charged some benefits . ” Yang Chen waved his hand directly “If the senior want to thank some, then you should thank your noble sect master Li and hall master Mao . !”

“This old man is very curious . Grandmaster, you are collecting these many kinds of fire seeds, but what is the use?” Hu Changyi, a dacheng stage master, would not be entangled in this kind of thing . Anyway, as long as he expresses his heart, he does not care about whether Yang Chen liked it or not, but he immediately asked Yang Chen this question .

In fact, not only Hu Changyi had this doubt, many people in the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island were very puzzled about it, even the elders in the Pure Yang Palace, everyone was also puzzled about what he was doing with the fire seeds?

“It’s for alchemy!” Yang Chen irresponsibly gave an answer like this “Different medicinal herbs require different flames to exert their maximum medicinal effects, junior uses these fire seeds for alchemy . ”

“Grandmaster’s alchemy technique, there is no match in the mortal world . ” Hu Changyi’s face smiled and there was a strong admiration in his speech, but when the words changed, he talked about another aspect “I don’t know what grandmaster took the seventh grade fire seed for, but are you sure you will be able to subdue it for the alchemy? Don’t blame this old man for taking advantage of my seniority . I believe with the grandmaster’s cultivation base, not to mention the seventh grade fire seed, even if it is a sixth grade fire seed . In the eyes of this old man, grandmaster can’t handle it!”

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It seemed that Yang Chen had retained a touch of face in his speech . In fact, what he wanted to express was not that he couldn’t handle it, but impossible for him to handle it . How many amazing cultivators were burned to ashes when they absorbed the fifth grade fire seeds and Yang Chen, a little master in the Jiedan stage, dared to covet the seventh grade fire seed?

Hu Changyi said this, but actually he wanted to plant the seed of a heart devil in Yang Chen’s heart . In the future, as long as Yang Chen thought that although he has gotten the seventh grade fire seed, he could only look at it . This mood would definitely affect Yang Chen’s practice .

Yang Chen was already a fifth-grade alchemy master . In the view of the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was best to stop him here and never let Yang Chen have the opportunity to grow more .

“Senior don’t need to worry about it!” Yang Chen of course heard Hu Changyi’s meaning, without any slight anger on his face, he smiled and replied “As long as you hold it in your hands, you don’t have to use it to be happy, it’s better than having nothing at hand!”

“Grandmaster should take care of yourself very well . ” Hu Changyi said with a kind smile on his face and with a sincere urging “You must know, talent can arouse jealousy, this seventh grade fire seed, grandmaster your alchemy inheritance, l believe that there will be many people interested in you . ”

“You are too kind!” Yang Chen didn’t care, but nodded “This junior will pay attention, if senior needs this junior to make alchemy next time, despite the time, as long as the price is right, this junior will never refrain . ”

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When it came to the word price, Yang Chen deliberately emphasized the pronunciation and anyone could hear the teasing meaning in Yang Chen’s voice . The Greatest Heaven Sect just got the pill formula and although Yang Chen made a heart oath, they still needed a master of alchemy to verify it . At the moment, Hu Changyi didn’t dare to offend Yang Chen too hard, but he didn’t smile .

Mao Qi quickly mediated, the two parties had completed the transaction . Mao Qi needed to return to the sect and hurriedly bid farewell to the master of the palace, the group quickly left the Pure Yang Palace .

“As long as you wait for the refinement of this spirit congealing pills, then Elder Hu can do whatever he wants when the time comes . ” Mao Qi was also reluctant and said with outrage “Even if the Pure Yang Palace is destroyed, it will be all right . ”

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