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Chapter 444.1: 444.1
chapter 444 . 1: Obtaining A Seventh Grade Fire Seed

Yang Chen’s answer made the master of the palace and his master ancestor stare blankly for a while and after glancing at each other, they couldn’t help bursting out with laughter .

This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect was going to lose a lot . After paying for the pill formula with the seventh grade fire seed, they could only watch it and could not refine it . They believed they would feel so distressed that they would want to kill people after they knew this result .

However, even if they wanted to kill people, they needed Yang Chen’s help to refine the medicinal pill . Was there such a thing that they would have to suffer a big loss and have to come with a smiling face and ask for help, wouldn’t it make the Greatest Heaven Sect feel bitter and hateful? Was there anything that would please the top members of the Pure Yang Palace more than this?

It was beyond the control of the master of the palace and his master ancestor Wang Yong not to laugh, but Yang Chen’s move was too detrimental . This was more enjoyable than killing a few of them and it also made people feel happy .

“How do you plan to deal with the Greatest Heaven Sect next?” After the palace master curiously asked this question, he added another sentence “Forget it, you don’t need to tell me, even if it’s the Greatest Heaven Sect, if they were to come for a pill from you, it should be painful for them!”

After dealing with Mao Qi of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the master of the palace and Yang Chen talked about the changes that occurred during the time Yang Chen went into seclusion these past days .

For more than five years, almost every year, the Pure Yang Palace would announce that it had recruited two or three Yuanying stage monster cultivators to join their eccentric hall and there were also dozens of monster cultivators at the peak Jiedan stage .

Relative to the situation in which the various sects have tried to recruit the monster race in recent years, this movement of the Pure Yang Palace was neither large nor small . Such a large sect as strong as the Greatest Heaven Sect was not always able to find a bunch of monster race Yuanying stage masters to put into effect . After all, what was formerly known as eliminate the demons and protect the dao, the disciples of many sects also beheaded many monster race cultivators . Not every monster cultivator would be willing to join the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Generally speaking, in the first few years, several major sects have recruited more than a dozen or so yuanying stage monster cultivators to join them . In the following years, it would be a good result to have one yuanying stage monster cultivator every three to five years . There was no sect like the Pure Yang Palace . Every year, two or three Yuanying stage monster cultivators would join them .

Although it seemed a bit outrageous, it could be explained . In the first place, the Pure Yang Palace was a small sect . At that time, their disciples didn’t make a lot of killings in the monster race domain, which had an advantage over other sects . In addition, the Pure Yang Palace was the first to introduce the eccentric hall, giving those monster cultivators a sense of identity from a congenital perspective .

In this way, although the Pure Yang Palace did not have much expansion in the beginning, in the eyes of outsiders, the high-end strength of the Pure Yang Palace has almost doubled in the eyes of outsiders . The addition of the Yuanying stage monster cultivators made the Pure Yang Palace more powerful .

Of course, for many years, the Pure Yang Palace has been following Yang Chen’s method to train agents in the secular world and scavenging for excellent disciples everywhere . Over the years, the results have been fruitful .

Thousands of disciples with excellent qualifications joined the Pure Yang Palace with the annual sect enrollment ceremony . Externally, this was a very normal phenomenon . Now the Pure Yang Palace has a fifth-grade alchemy master, which was naturally also part of the choice in many people’s minds . It’s just that no other sect would find that the average qualifications of these new disciples in the Pure Yang Palace were much higher than those of other sects .

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These disciples have been properly arranged to cultivate in the Yi Xiu Mountain Villa . Over the past few decades, more than half of the new disciples have shown excellent spirit power cultivation skills, they successfully built their foundation and entered the foundation stage . In a short time of ten years they rushed to the middle and late foundation stage, it was not known how many times faster they were than the previous disciples .

Following this momentum, as long as there was a maximum of one hundred years, the number of Jiedan stage disciples in the Pure Yang Palace would be able to increase by the thousands and as time goes by, there would be more and more promising disciples .

At least the master of the palace has seen the hope of the rise of the sect from the current momentum of the development of the Pure Yang Palace . The elders now also have to vigorously train some disciples in the peak Jiedan stage to expand the ranks of the elders, they were just waiting for some promising disciples to cross their tribulation to the Yuanying stage, so they could join the ranks of the elders .

Now there were more Yuanying stage monster cultivators in the sect, far more than human cultivators . For the sect, this was also an unbalanced situation . Fortunately, there were more and more disciples at the peak Jiedan stage . He believed that with the accumulation and the continuous supply of second grade inner sensing pills and thunder pomegranate from Yang Chen’s turn, there would be more and more human cultivators who would cross their tribulation into the Yuanying stage . The power of the Pure Yang Palace would become more and more balanced .

In general, the sect was very good and everyone was happy . The master of the palace was now in a good mood, with with a peaceful mind his cultivation base has already reached the peak Yuanying stage, it has only been a few decades . Although there was his double cultivation with Wan Qian, the confidence of the master of the palace was also a very important reason for this growth .

Other elders have different levels of diligence . The law enforcement hall master Meng Xian has reached the peak Yuanying stage . It was estimated that there would be another dacheng stage master in the Pure Yang Palace in a few decades .

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The information obtained by the Wine Immortal House was continuously sent to the Pure Yang Palace . At the same time, Senior Jiu Xian reached the peak Yuanying stage . The sect has handed a questioning inner heart pill to Jiu Xian, they were just waiting for him to arrange everything and find a place to retreat and cultivate . At that time, the sect would also send the old tree demon to act as his dao protector .

Everything was developing in a good direction and Yang Chen’s hard work has finally started to bear fruit . At this point, Yang Chen could first prepare for the marriage with ease and marry his four charming brides .

However, before that, there was one more thing that must be done . That was the delivery of the pill formula to the Greatest Heaven Sect .

The seventh grade fire seed was only Yang Chen’s reward, but the Greatest Heaven Sect had to compensate one or two sects, but it was not as outrageous as Yang Chen’s reward . The Greatest Heaven Sect was a big sect with a lot of assets and since they have already paid this price, they certainly don’t care about the small gift to the Pure Yang Palace .

Mao Qi does not need two or three months to come and go, he believed he would visit again soon . He didn’t know what kind of expression the Greatest Heaven Sect’s senior members would have when they heard this price tag, but what was certain was that for Li Liheng and his cultivation method, the Greatest Heaven Sect would surely pinch their noses and accept this big loss .

The Greatest Heaven Sect did not only send Mao Qi . This time, there was also a dacheng stage elder with him, one of the three dacheng stage elders who was injured in the incident that year .

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The reason why there was a dacheng stage master was to ensure the safety of the seventh grade fire seed . Perhaps with Mao Qi and several accompanying Yuanying stage masters, it could be guaranteed foolproof, but the seventh grade fire seed would definitely be coveted by countless masters .

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