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Chapter 445.1: 445.1
chapter 445 . 1: Purification Of The Mountain River Geographical Map

If Mao Qi said that, of course, it was valid . As long as the spirit congealing pills worked, Li Liheng could get in touch with the predecessors in the spiritual world . Naturally, when the time comes and they wanted a pill recipe, they would get a pill recipe and if they wanted a cultivation method they would have a cultivation method, who would care about a small Pue Yang Palace?

They couldn’t move against the Pure Yang Palace now mainly because of Yang Chen, they would not have this scruples at that time, they could destroy the Pure Yang Palace . Even if it was the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island, would they go all out to fight against the Greatest Heaven Sect? He couldn’t say that at that time, the two major sects had already got enough questioning inner heart pills, where would they care about Yang Chen .

Thinking of this, Mao Qi suddenly thought of a question . Since Yang Chen was willing to sell the pill recipe for the spirit congealing pill, then the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill, was Yang Chen willing to sell that also?

Reminiscent of Yang Chen, who had previously claimed to have won the heaven seizing pill, he was willing to sell the pill recipe, but at that time people felt that the price was too high and no one was willing to purchase it . Now that he had used a seventh grade fire seed to purchase the pill recipe for the spirit congealing pill, could the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill also be traded?

As soon as this issue appeared in his mind, he couldn’t stop it and he began to think about this possibility . At this time, Mao Qi regretted it a little bit . If he knew this, he wouldn’t have let Elder Hu stimulate Yang Yang in the back as he wanted to plant him with a heart devil .

If Yang Chen was willing to sell the pill recipe, now there should be no other sect who knew about this matter . This time, he must quickly send the pill recipe for the spirit congealing pill back and then report this to sect master Li . If they could get all the pill recipes for the questioning inner heart pill and the heaven seizing pill, wouldn’t they never have to look at Yang Chen’s face again?

The price was nothing more than a seventh grade fire seed . In the secret plane of the Greatest Heaven Sect, there were at least three other seventh-grade fire seeds, enough to buy all of the pill recipes that Yang Chen was proud of . A seventh grade fire seed was not an ordinary fire seed, even if they wanted to destroy it, even dacheng stage masters do not have this ability, so even if they gave it to him it was no problem . When the time came they could take it back naturally .

The more Mao Qi thought about it, the more proud he was because of his indecision last time, so he missed the opportunity and was scolded by the sect master and several core elders . This time he finally found a way to atone for sins and still made a great contribution to the sect . He must go back quickly and settle this matter with the sect master and elders . Otherwise, once the issue spreads, it would definitely make the other sects move into action .

Yang Chen sent away all the people from the Greatest Heaven Sect . The issue was no longer on his mind, anyway, that game would take decades, he was not in a hurry . His marriage would take place in four years but Yang Chen was not in a hurry . But there was one thing that was already imminent and has to be taken seriously .

The mountain river geographical map of Gongsun Ling . After gathering three dacheng stage masters and hundreds of Yuanying stage masters, it was finally time to complete the refining .

The refining of this life source magic weapon depends on the level of the cultivation of each individual . Generally speaking, it takes more time for a Yuanying stage master to refine it, it was possible that it could take a hundred or even hundreds of years . Of course, the longer the quenching time, the higher the understanding between the magic weapon and the master, this was beyond doubt .

Even Yang Chen himself has been smelting and refining the immortal beheading blade for more than 150 years, but he hasn’t realized it yet . In Yang Chen’s plan, the Jiedan stage was to be used to refine all his life source magic weapons .

Of course, there were some exceptions to Yang Chen’s situation . In addition to the immortal beheading blade, the five yin yang flying swords all needed to be tempered . The other flying swords were supplemented and consumed less time . They could also be used at any time, no one else could do it .

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Different people have different situations . Yang Chen was in such a situation, Gao Yue was another situation . Although the dragon horn flying sword has not been formed yet, it was also equivalent to the tempering of the life source magic weapon in the process of the scouring and penetration of the spirit power and the spiritual awareness through the years . After all, the process of refining the magic weapon by the refining master was also a hardening process that cannot be ignored .

Not everyone was a refining master, so most people’s magic weapons were made by others . A large part of the cost of refining mortal world magic weapons was to erase the original spiritual awareness imprint of the refining master on the magic weapon .

The situation of Gongsun Ling was the most special . The mountain river geographical map has long lost it’s master’s aura . Especially after the cleaning of Xiao Tian, it was a pure and new magic weapon .

Moreover, the characteristics of the mountain river geographic map determined that Gongsun Ling was destined to spend less time to refine it than everyone else, but could achieve better results . One couldn’t do anything about it, even for Yang Chen, if there were three dacheng stage masters and hundreds of yuanying stage masters to help him refine the magic weapon, it couldn’t be very fast .

But this does not mean that Gongsun Ling couldn’t complete the smelting work very easily . Although the process of smelting could save a lot of time, for the final step of smelting, Gongsun Ling still needed to concentrate on it to complete it .

There was no perfect thing in the world, so was the situation of Gongsun Ling . Although the many experts helped save the time for smelting, it also resulted in the spiritual power that was smelting the mountain river geographical map not being pure . Although the dominant power was still from Gongsun Ling, there were still some impurities after all .

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The last step was to thoroughly filter the spiritual power of those who helped in the refining, so that the mountain river geographical map would become the magic weapon of Gongsun Ling .

Switching to Gongsun Ling of the previous life, this process would definitely be extremely difficult and it would even take no less than the time to quench it . But now with the help of Yang Chen, everything was much simpler .

For every master of refining, if there was a chance, would not miss the feast of the refining of the mountain river geographical map . In front of Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Wang Yong were now staring attentively . At the same time, the master of Gongsun Ling and her ancestor Gao Shiyan were also on the side . They were also concerned about their disciple .

Her spiritual awareness was already in the peak Yuanying stage . Gongsun Ling’s control of her own spiritual power was definitely among the top ranks in the mortal world . Except for dacheng stage masters, this was the peak realm .

Yang Chen was very attentive to his own wife’s affairs . Not only did he have the fifth earth spirit power essence to help her cultivation, but also the best material for purifying impurities, the four seas mysterious coral liquid .

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling have taken in the four seas mysterious coral liquid many times and Wang Yong has also had a cup because of Yang Chen’s filial piety . However, when Yang Chen’s four seas mysterious coral liquid was put out in front of everyone, even Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling and both strangers were also shocked .

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No matter which cultivator it was, no matter how high their cultivation base was, how broad their knowledge was, seeing a large bathtub filled with the four seas mysterious coral liquid suddenly appear in front of them, they would be scared like this .

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