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Chapter 443.2: 443.2
chapter 443 . 2: Spirit Congealing Pill Formula

The spirit congealing pill and the spirit congealing pill recipe, how to choose between the two, even a fool knows . Yang Chen’s move, one was to fish for people, the other was to teach people to fish, one was to cure the symptoms and the other was to cure the root cause .

“As long as you come up with a specific price tag!” Mao Qi at the moment didn’t know what to say .

If he could get the pill formula of the spirit congealing pill, even if he let Yang Chen get an exuberant price, Mao Qi felt it would be worth it . Isn’t it just some precious materials? The Greatest Heaven Sect was rich, that was something he could say with an unprecedented confidence .

With the pill formula of the spirit congealing pill, Li Liheng’s problem could be solved completely . The spirit congealing pill would also not only be available to Li Liheng, but even other cultivators could use it, it could condense spiritual awareness . It was particularly important that with the pill formula, the Greatest Heaven Sect would no longer be subject to others .

Yang Chen’s taste has been uncomfortable several times, Mao Qi tasted that kind of discomfort . Mao Qi couldn’t help want to solve it once and for all .

“Seventh grade fire seed!” Yang Chen was also impolite and directly offered his price .

“Hiii!” Even if Mao Qi had already known that he would have to overpay, after hearing Yang Chen’s price tag, he could not help but take a cold breath . Looking at Yang Chen, he felt incredible .

“The pill formula for the heaven seizing pill, grandmaster you said it was mediocre in the past, wasn’t that the case?” A bit wry smile appeared on Mao Qi’s face, knowing that Yang Chen would open his lion’s mouth, but he didn’t expect this bite to be so big, wasn’t Yang Chen afraid he wouldn’t be able to swallow if it was too big?

“Junior can never sell the pill formula of the heaven seizing pill, but only the pill formulas that i prepared . ” Yang Chen shut him up with this point . When Yang Chen was falsely accused by the Xiang Family, they said that he had taken the Xiang Family pill recipe, so at this point, Yang Chen would never admit it .

“This spirit congealing pills, could it be comparable to the heaven seizing pill?” Mao Qi didn’t care about it . In his mind, the pill formula that Yang Chen should sell was the pill formula of the heaven seizing pill . Although there were a lot of people with the heaven seizing pill formula, but the one that could be beneficial to the inner core of the dacheng stage masters, only Yang Chen had it . It was not only Mao Qi, many people felt that the pill formula in Yang Chen’s hands was the real heaven seizing pill formula .

“It doesn’t matter how useful it is . ” Yang Chen smiled and said, “If you don’t use it, it won’t be worth any money . If you use it, it will be worth a lot of money . If you use it urgently, it won’t hurt . Senior Mao doesn’t have to worry about it for the time being, it’s the same price tag as before, so take your time . ”

These remarks were precisely in Mao Qi’s mind . The spirit congealing, to put it bluntly, was to condense the spiritual awareness . This was the pill formula of ​​the spiritual world . For people in the mortal world, the effect was not necessarily good . For the people who do not have a spiritual awareness in the human immortal realm . After taking the spirit congealing pills, the medicine’s efficacy would stop after a hundred pills .

However, under the arrangement of Yang Chen, Li Liheng now inevitably needs this kind of spirit congealing pill . Especially the spirit congealing pill also has a relationship with the cultivation method of Li Liheng, Mao Qi couldn’t carelessly consider it .

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Judging from Li Liheng’s performance in contact with his predecessor’s spiritual awareness twice, it was after taking the spirit congealing pills . Everyone knew that with Li Liheng’s current cultivation base, it was impossible to achieve this . Even the predecessor who created this cultivation method in the past didn’t do it until the peak Yuanying stage .

From this perspective, even if Li Liheng was cured in the future, if he wanted to make the cross-border spiritual cultivation method function in advance, he must have the help of the spirit congealing pills . Otherwise, with Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness, if he wanted to reach the peak Yuanying stage, they don’t know whether it would take hundreds of years or thousands of years .

Yang Chen’s words were clear, you don’t need it, although you don’t need to buy it . But when you want to use it, you have to come to Yang Chen to ask for the pill again and again . He believed that the third trip would come at a price that was enough to exchange for a seventh grade fire seed .

Now Yang Chen has a seventh grade fire seed, which was the pure yang true fire of the Pure Yang Palace, the treasure of the Pure Yang Palace . However, Yang Chen firmly believed that there must be a seventh grade fire seed in the Greatest Heaven Sect . If enough high-quality fire seeds could be collected in the mortal world, then Yang Chen’s yin-yang heaven burning fire would become more and more complete after going through the heavenly tribulation .

Whether to buy the pill formula or not, Mao Qi was lost in contemplation about it . Yang Chen didn’t urge him, so he sat slowly opposite him . Of course, this time it was not to serve tea, but to wait for Mao Qi to make a decision .

This decision was quite difficult to make . To use a seventh grade fire seed to purchase a pill formula that was not worth so much on an ordinary day . It was definitely Yang Chen who was wielding a double-edged blade to strike . But when he thought of coming to Yang Chen again and again, that feeling would never be better than now .

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The first was to cut a large piece of meat with a sharp knife and the second was to cut the meat with a blunt knife, it was slow and painful . In addition, it may cut more meat than the first . The two were balanced so it was difficult to conclude .

However, the last time a swear was made in the sect to his face, Mao Qi made a quick decision . There was no good fruit for indecision and the price could be higher next time .

“A seventh grade fire seed, deal!” He said these words after almost biting the back of his molars . Mao Qi’s face was quite ugly like there was a kind of cold wind blowing at him . After breaking the cauldron and sinking the boat, this time, the bamboo sticks that could be knocked on in the future would be knocked off at once .

“Hall master Mao is really decisive, this younger generation junior admire you!” Yang Chen gave a thumbs up directly in front of Mao Qi “the pill formula is already prepared, this younger generation junior will be in the sect, waiting for hall master Mao to exchange with the seventh grade fire seed . ”

This time Mao Qi left vigorously and soon after he left, the figures of Wang Yong and the master of the palace appeared silently on Yang Chen’s side . Just now, the master of the palace and the ancestor Wang Yong understood everything clearly .

“Is it ok to give them the pill formula? If they are able to refine the pills, you would be in danger . ” The palace master was worried that the Greatest Heaven Sect taking the pill formula would be harmful to Yang Chen, so he asked worriedly .

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“Master, be rest assured!” Yang Chen replied with a smile “they can get the pill formula, but it is not always possible to produce the medicinal pill . ”

“You are giving them a fake pill formula?” Master Zhang Jiao shook his head immediately and said “This can also be an excuse for the Greatest Heaven Sect . ”

“It is the real pill formula!” Yang Chen directly dispelled the worries of the master of the palace “However, the basic standard for refining the pill is being a fifth grade alchemist master . I will give him the pill formula, but they can only watch it and finally they have to ask me to refine it for them again . ”

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