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Chapter 443.1: 443.1
chapter 443 . 1: Spirit Congealing Pill Formula

Mao Qi almost spurted blood directly on Yang Chen’s face . Why was the market price not the same now? To put it bluntly, it’s just one visit or two and the price was different?

At this moment, Mao Qi almost wanted to stand up and walk away . He hasn’t seen such a ruthless person, Mao Qi would like to ask Yang Chen, if he knew who he was trying to pressure? Does he know what the Greatest Heaven Sect’s anger means?

But Mao Qi didn’t ask and he knew it was useless . When the Greatest Heaven Sect was angry and sent six Yuanying stage masters to kill Yang Chen . As a result, the six Yuanying stage masters died instantly and Yang Chen now sat in front of him trying to take advantage of them .

Should he attack Yang Chen? Mao Qi did not have this idea, the Pure Yang Palace would never allow Yang Chen to fall into any accidents in his ancestral sect . There were definitely the old tree demon or Wang Yong peeping here, once Mao Qi dared to have bad intentions, even if he was the hall master of the foreign affairs of the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was estimated that he would still not survive .

“Senior Mao, it is not that I am being greedy . ” Yang Chen’s abominable voice sounded at this time “Presumably, Senior Mao also knows the price tag for the alchemy of the Green Jade Immortal Island . Now someone has something higher than this price tag and has begged this younger generation junior to make alchemy .

“It takes the same amount of time, on one side is a higher price tag than the Green Jade Immortal Island and on the other side is the price tag of Senior Mao . If it was to be senior, which one would you choose?” The same question was asked again, Mao Qi even didn’t know how to answer .

From the perspective of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Mao Qi would of course insist on getting the alchemy if the Greatest Heaven Sect first . But from the perspective of Yang Chen, of course, it was alchemy for others . And being the Blue Cloud Sect or the Five Elements Sect, which of these Sects does not fall under the Greatest Heaven Sect, why should Yang Chen lower his price to cater to the Greatest Heaven Sect? Moreover they once sent their experts to kill Yang Chen .

Mao Qi was speechless and was only able to ask sorrowfully “What price is it now?”

“The young sect master’s pills this time needs more than the last time, and it couldn’t be refined in a single session . ” Yang Chen smiled on the face and began to give Mao Qi instructions “The last time when the spirit congealing pills were refined it took six years, this time, it would take at least ten years . What kind of price does Senior Mao think should be charged?”

It would take twice as much time, the implication was that the price should be at least twice as much as the price of the Green Jade Immortal Island questioning inner heart pills, which couldn’t be paid for with just two kinds of sixth grade fire seeds . Mao Qi hated that he couldn’t slap himself at the moment . When Yang Chen gave his price at that time, if he directly agreed, there wouldn’t be such a thing happening now .

But it was useless to regret now . Yang Chen’s worth was indeed on this side . The price was clearly marked and there has been no deception . Mao Qi couldn’t disagree with it .

Thinking of the significance of Li Liheng’s cultivation to the Greatest Heaven Sect, Mao Qi also had to pinch his nose to recognize the account and gritted his teeth and said “Okay, twice the price tag of the Green Jade Immortal Island’s pills . Ten years later, this old man will come to pick up the spirit congealing pills!”

“Hold on! Hold on!” Just when Mao Qiqi hummed and got up to leave, Yang Chen stopped Mao Qi “Senior Mao, you can’t get the spirit congealing pills in ten years . ”

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“Are you playing with this old man?” Mao Qi’s eyebrows all stood up on the spot . The first sentence just said that it would take ten years, but the latter sentence said that it would not be ready in ten years, anyone else would get angry .

Fortunately, Mao Qi has been in charge of the foreign affairs hall for many years, knowing when he could be angry and when he must suppress his anger . Resisting his anger, Mao Qi stared at Yang Chen fiercely, waiting for his explanation .

“Senior you are late, junior has agreed to refine for the Blue Cloud Sect, so I will refine for the Blue Cloud Sect after my marriage . ” Yang Chen said with a smile “This junior will get married after four years and I will refine for the Blue Cloud Sect five years after my marriage, plus the ten years of refining the spirit congealing pills, senior will have to wait for nineteen years before you come again!”

First come first serve, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was impossible to squeeze in front of the Blue Cloud Sect . Not to mention that the Blue Cloud Sect’s strength was not too much below the Greatest Heaven Sect’s strength . The Blue Cloud Sect’s Sun Qingxue and Yang Chen would soon get married . Yang Chen would never give up on his relatives to please the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Yang Chen’s marriage was also a major event . Even if Mao Qi was in more hurry, he couldn’t tell Yang Chen that his marriage was a trivial matter . If Mao Qi said so, it was not only Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace that would be offended . It was known that, both the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect were getting their female disciples married to Yang Chen .

The last time he disagreed with the price of two kinds of sixth grade fire seeds, there was such a retribution immediately . Not only did the price increase several times, but the time was also directly delayed for more than two decades .

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While Mao Qi was angry in his heart, he was increasingly dissatisfied with the fact that the sect master and the core elders had not previously informed him of the issue regarding the young sect master . Even if the price was too high, he would have agreed to Yang Chen’s conditions .

More and more angry, Mao Qi suddenly did not know what he should use to describe his mood at the moment . Regret? Anger?

“Senior Mao seemed to be in a hurry . ” Yang Chen’s words reached Mao Qi’s ear again “If so, junior has a solution, I don’t know if Senior Mao is interested or not?”

“Oh? What’s the way?” Mao Qi said, suddenly he felt like the mountain on his shoulder turned into water as he saw light at the end of the tunnel .

“This junior doesn’t have time to refine, but this junior can find other people!” Yang Chen said with a smile “This junior has the intention of selling this pill formula and I don’t know if this senior is willing to buy it?”

“What are you trying to say?” Mao Qi could hardly believe his ears and couldn’t help but ask again .

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“This junior is planning to sell the pill formula of the spirit congealing pill, and I wonder if senior might be interested?” Yang Chen asked again without hesitation .

“What is your asking price!” Hearing that Yang Chen was really willing to sell the pill formula, Mao Qi was completely uplifted this time and his face also overflowed with a radiant look, which was no longer helpless . His voice also grew louder and full of confidence .

When Yang Chen saw Mao Qi feeling refreshed, he was secretly happy in his heart, but his face had a look of reluctance and he said with a little bit of pain “Senior Mao, based on the sincerity of senior, that this junior is willing to give senior face . But junior can not give it to you for free, so this price will be a bit high, senior must already know . ”

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