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Chapter 442.2: 442.2
chapter 442 . 2: Now The Price Has Changed

Of course, the Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect, which were behind, were also happy . Today was the turn of the Green Jade Immortal Island, tomorrow would be their turn . They would just exchange some precious materials in exchange for dozens of dacheng stage masters, this was definitely the most commendable part of this transaction .

The rest of the rogue cultivators who had been waiting in line were equally happy . What everyone asked for was nothing more than a questioning inner heart pill . Now that it was possible to get a second grade questioning inner heart pill, why would it not make these people ecstatic?

At this time, if someone moved against Yang Chen, they would definitely be provocatively provoking several major sects and these countless masters . Even if their power was huge, such as the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was estimated that they dare not risk this situation .

Speaking of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Mao Qi was now a little bit disturbed . Last time that he couldn’t convince Yang Chen, he was scolded by the high-level officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect . Although it was Yang Chen’s demands which was too much, Mao Qi didn’t have a long-term view on it, which made the sect master and several core seniors very dissatisfied .

Of course, strictly speaking, it was no wonder that Mao Qi didn’t agree . Mao Qi did not know the importance of Li Liheng for the Greatest Heaven Sect . Because the sect master did not tell Mao Qi the real secret, in Mao Qi’s mind, there was also a trace of speculation that Li Liheng was the illegitimate son of the sect master . So in his heart, Li Liheng’s status has not been elevated to any high level .

Naturally, this led to the situation when Yang Chen asked for an exuberant price and Mao Qi felt that it was not worth it, so the two sides were unhappy .

In the view of the senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect, if Li Liheng’s problem could be completely solved, it was worth all the costs . Not to mention that it was only two kinds of sixth grade fire seeds, even if they were to use seventh grade fire seeds, it was worth it .

If Li Liheng communicates with the predecessors of the spiritual world and the immortal world, what would they care about questioning inner heart pills, what about inner sensing pills, couldn’t the predecessors of the spiritual world still give advice on it? The Greatest Heaven Sect would be able to refine it by then . Why would they bother to look at the faces of Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace?

This kind of prospect, compared to the two sixth grade fire seeds, it was known which was strong . In the end, Mao Qi refused, how could he not irritate a few senior members?

It wouldn’t be too much trouble if he could go back and discuss it on the spot . But after Mao Qi left, Yang Chen began to retreat to refine medicinal pills and it would take five and a half years for the alchemy . The Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t find anyone even if they wanted to agree .

It was easy for Yang Chen to get out of the border, but he immediately brought big news . The questioning inner heart pills that he refined, half of them were second grade pills . It was already the batch for the Green Jade Immortal Island . Now, with this batch, their strength would definitely advance by leaps and bounds . At that time, the status of the Greatest Heaven Sect as the dao sects leader may be threatened .

Now the Greatest Heaven Sect was a little hesitant, should they ask Yang Chen for the questioning inner heart pills or the spirit congealing pills . After all, the effect of the questioning inner heart pills were very significant . In the short term, a large number of dacheng stage masters could be added, which was also a guarantee for their sect’s status .

But in the long run, it was better to get the spirit congealing pills . The benefits of being able to communicate with the predecessors of the spiritual realm and immortal realm need not be said, but the problem was that Yang Chen has made it clear that it would take longer this time and it may take 50 years for Li Liheng to recover . Fifty years later, even if Li Liheng was cured, it would be unclear how long it would take to communicate with their predecessors .

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This paradoxical mood made the Greatest Heaven Sect’s seniors uncomfortable . Of course, the most uncomfortable thing was that their fate was pinched in the hands of Yang Chen . Was it not uncomfortable to beg a younger generation junior who killed the six yuanying stage masters of their sect .

But now they had to fight for a chance anyway, no matter what the price was . Because there was already news, since Yang Chen was able to make two consecutive refining for the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was not counted as a promise to outsiders and other sects naturally had thoughts .

To put it simply, isn’t it just paying extra benefits? The good thing was not only for the Greatest Heaven Sect, Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect which was not bad in the mortal world, could get enough price and now several big sects have sent special envoys to contact the Pure Yang Palace, hoping to get Yang Chen to make some extra medicinal pills for them .

Not only the big sects, but also some small sects were starting to move . There were even a small sect who intended to use an unparalleled female disciple as the price .

The news that Yang Chen married four beautiful wives at the same time could not be concealed from others . Someone immediately speculated that Yang Chen was a lewd man? The small sects couldn’t bring enough benefits, but if they were to bring one or two beautiful disciples, perhaps Yang Chen would accept them .

So many people were planning to make a move, if the Greatest Heaven Sect still hesitates and waited for their turn, it was not known what year later it would be . The Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t tolerate this happening .

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Hall master Mao Qi hurriedly came back to the Greatest Heaven Sect again . This time, the sect master specially told him to swear a heart oath and told him the truth about Li Liheng’s cultivation method . At the same time, he also explained that when Li Liheng took Yang Chen’s spirit congealing pills, he came into contact with the spiritual awareness of a predecessor of the spiritual world briefly .

After understanding all this, hall master Mao Qi finally understood what kind of mistakes he had made and what kind of losses he brought to the sect . Before his departure, hall master Mao Qi had already made up his mind, with the authorization of the sect master and several core elders, at all costs, the goal must also be achieved .

The other sects who came to the Pure Yang Palace to ask for medicinal pills, Yang Chen gave it to the master of the palace to decide . Anyway, as long as Yang Chen’s normal cultivation was not delayed, Yang Chen doesn’t mind refining more medicinal pills to increase his experience . At the same time, these refined medicinal pills were all the favors owned to the Pure Yang Palace and it would bring some help for the Pure Yang Palace in the future .

But only the issues regarding the Greatest Heaven Sect, the sect would not decide it for Yang Chen . Last time Yang Chen told the master of the palace that he would make some arrangements for the Greatest Heaven Sect and the sect unconditionally supported this .

So, after Mao Qi arrived at the Pure Yang Palace, he soon appeared in front of Yang Chen again .

“Grandmaster, the conditions you mentioned the last time, two kinds of sixth grade fire seeds, in exchange for the spirit congealing pills, we agree!” Mao Qi also liked to negotiate with Yang Chen, although sometimes the conditions were harsh, but everyone went straight to the point, it saves a lot of things than those negotiations that need to go around the bush .

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“Senior Mao Qi, that was the price tag five years ago . ” Yang Chen faced Mao Qi suddenly and generously, suddenly he laughed out loud “Now, it is not the market at that time . ”

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