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Chapter 437.2: 437.2
chapter 437 . 2: The Tragedy Of The City Lord

Unexpectedly, this was the result and the eyes of the first city lord almost popped out from being stunned . A little Jiedan stage junior, even if he has a good protective magic weapon, it would be heaven defying to prevent the attack of a Yuanying stage master, but Yang Chen actually blocked a powerful blow from him, how could it be?

The problem was that now was not the time to discuss whether this matter was possible . The main concern of the first city lord was that there were two powerful guys behind him who were chasing after him on the spot .

Nothing happened, but the people behind took the opportunity to chase him up . The lord of the city must stop the pace of the people’s pursuit anyway he could .

The fiercely erupting first city lord no longer cared about the others, the spiritual power of his whole body swelled, regardless of the situation . Within a hundred miles of the surroundings, almost as if detonating some high-equivalent explosives that were buried, it was exploding everywhere . The mountains, rocks, trees and grass were all turned to ashes in this burst of fire .

In just a moment, hundreds of square meters of land were vacated and almost all the creatures in the circle were burnt to death, leaving no bones . Even the river seemed to be steamed up suddenly, exposing the bare river . And those stones in the river channel were also burnt into powder .

The dacheng stage master who was desperate could show off extraordinary power . However, what made the first city lord desperate was that not only the dacheng stage master Wang Yong was okay, but even what he thought were just a Yuanying stage Hou Yun and a Jiedan stage junior Yang Chen, nothing happened to them .

Wang Yong and Hou Yun tightened the encircling circle, while Yang Chen was still facing the first city lord . When the two attacks failed to kill Yang Chen, the city master also panicked . He dares to fight him head on, this time he didn’t know why but there was nothing but escape in his mind .

A blood-red long sword appeared in Yang Chen’s hand and the eyes of the city master focused on the flying sword . The powerful instinct of the monster race told him that this sword was quite dangerous . The eyes of the grisly ghost on the hilt seemed to be staring at him tightly and he felt like he was going to cut him in the next moment .

He didn’t know why as a dacheng stage master would he intuitively think this flying sword was dangerous, but he would not doubt his feelings . This intuition has saved his life countless times .

The figure of the first city lord rushed to the ground and stopped abruptly, his scimitar appeared again in his hand . Although there were already some cracks on it, after all, it was his own life source magic weapon, which was still easier to use than other magic weapons .

Yang Chen has rushed straight up, this was an unusually unacceptable scene . A dacheng stage master stood on the spot because of fear, but a Jiedan stage junior rushed to attack . The roles of the two seem to have changed .

The blood red sword’s shadow severely cut towards him . The first city lord subconsciously stopped it, he immediately realized that it was dangerous . He clearly felt that something was not right with the flying sword, how could he still use his own magic weapon to parry it?

It was only at this time that he thought, but it was too late, with a snork, the flying sword of the first city lord easily became two pieces .

A scream came from the mouth of the first city lord . His life source magic weapon was completely destroyed, almost killing him . Who would have thought that Yang Chen’s flying sword would be so sharp that even a dacheng stage masters’ magic weapon couldn’t stop a blow from it?

His spiritual awareness was severely damaged in an instant . This was not the pain of Hou Yun breaking the magic weapon, but the shock of the spiritual awareness brought by the complete destruction of the magic weapon . The distress of the destruction of the life source magic weapon and the pain of the devastation of the spiritual awareness, at this moment, the first city lord was almost desperate .

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But Yang Chen had no thought of keeping his hand, the blood demon vine flying sword was directly cut towards him again, it cut through the clothes of the first city lord, cut his skin and cut into his shoulder .

The blood in his whole body seemed to be attracted by something and it rushed crazily towards the wound on the shoulder . The first city lord had tried his best to control it and could not succeed . He could only feel the fear as his blood was absorbed by the magic sword .

Although his mind was sober, the power in the whole body of the first city lord seemed to have disappeared as his blood was absorbed . His legs could no longer support his body and he slumped softly on the ground, unable to move .

When Elder Hua Wanting was still in the Yuanying stage, she was controlled by the blood demon vines and she did not die . Now, the first city lord, who was already in the middle dacheng stage, would naturally not die, just like elder Hua that year .

On Yang Chen’s side suddenly appeared the beautiful Gongsun Ling . Seeing the paralyzed city master, Gongsun Ling’s eyes immediately burst into a gleam .

The first city lord instinctively felt worse . Sure enough, Gongsun Ling stepped forward and he did not know what tricks were used . The first city lord only felt that something had changed in front of him and all of them lost their traces, leaving him alone .

After the master of the city was received in the mountain river geographical map, Yang Chen and the others took a breath of relief . The lord of the city has been controlled, so there would be no big obstacles in the immortal’s cave .

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The reason to seriously injure the first city lord was that Yang Chen was afraid that Gongsun Ling could not control the dacheng stage master . Anyway, after his injury recovered, Gongsun Ling’s cultivation base would have long been elevated and would be more and more tightly controlled . At that time, even if the city master knew that he was in an illusion, he couldn’t break free .

Without the restraint of the city master, the old tree demon could control the speed of refining the immortal’s cave a hundred times faster . Originally afraid of the discovery of the city cord and destroying the immortal’s cave, now he didn’t have to worry about this problem at all, so the old tree demon could stop holding back .

Hou Yun swaggered together with Yang Chen and entered the immortal’s cave . The monsters in the immortal’s cave were still having fresh memories of Yang Chen so far . Seeing Yang Chen was like having seen a ghost .

The monster race were not without brains . The last time the second city lord chased Yang Chen, he never came back . This time the first city lord suddenly chased out with anger and Yang Chen swaggered into the immortal’s cave, which seemed to have explained many problems .

With the help of Yang Chen, Hou Yun easily became the current city lord of the immortal’s cave . Several guys who dared to resist were directly beaten into meat paste by Hou Yun . The bloody situation told everyone in the immortal’s cave that this place has changed and it was no longer the same immortal’s cave as before .

The monster race has always respected strength . It was not uncommon for such a city master to change from time to time . Soon the monster race in the immortal’s cave accepted the news that the city master was replaced .

Yang Chen could finally rest assured, he doesn’t need to care too much about the immortal’s cave . Now Yang Chen was planning another conspiracy against Li Liheng, ​​the young master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, to see if he would succeed .

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