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chapter 438.1: The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Dilemma


In the months before Yang Chen went out, Li Liheng had been taking the spirit congealing pills given by Yang Chen. Yang Chen was even able to judge how many he ate by the level of his spiritual awareness.


However, after two or three years, Yang Chen discovered that Li Liheng’s concentration of spiritual awareness had not changed in a few months.


Although the spirit congealing pills given by Yang Chen was only a medicinal pill that assists in the cultivation of spiritual awareness, which could condensate the spiritual awareness to a certain extent, this kind of medicinal pill was of ​​the spiritual world. For the ordinary people, because the strength of their spiritual awareness was not enough, the degree of condensing was also very limited.


However, Li Liheng and the Greatest Heaven Sect were already very excited. The medicinal pill that could condense spiritual awareness, even if it was not Li Liheng, any person who has a problem with their spiritual awareness, couldn’t they also use it?


It was for this reason that the senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect let the elders of the medicinal hall boldly study the spirit congealing pill. If they could get the refining method, then the Greatest Heaven Sect would have no less than an extra weapon.


It was a pity that at their current level of refining pills, not to mention researching the refining method, even the materials used were not fully understood. After consuming hundreds of them in vain, nothing has been gotten from the study. Such a result even led to Li Liheng not having enough pills, now there were hundreds more missing.


Yang Chen had said that one for every half a month for thirty years, to ensure complete recovery. And the last time he gave the pills to the Greatest Heaven Sect, he had given enough, it was the right amount.


This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect was in trouble. When Yang Chen got up and left the Pure Yang Palace to go to the ten thousand trees forest, Li Liheng’s pill was not much, only enough for the two years that was remaining.


The concentration of the spiritual awareness has not changed for a long time and Yang Chen immediately noticed this. Although he didn’t know what happened, what was certain was that Li Liheng was in big trouble.


In the middle of Li Liheng’s cultivation, Yang Chen suddenly asked through the spiritual awareness imprint ” Is it my Greatest Heaven Sect’s disciple? Are you using the refined spirit crossing over cultivation method?” He just asked this sentence, regardless of Li Liheng’s feelings, he directly took his spiritual awareness imprint and threw it into the river of blood again.


This time Li Liheng seemed to be in hell and heaven at the same time. Heaven was once again feeling the majestic and irreducible divine spiritual awareness. The other party also asked him if he was a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect and using the refined spirit crossing over cultivate method. Hell was once again because of his own illness.


After waking up, Li Liheng immediately reported the incident to the sect master. When the other party even knew about the refined spirit crossing over cultivation method, the sect master and several core elders were shocked and happy. Needless to say, this must be the predecessor of the Greatest Heaven Sect, otherwise the name of this cultivation method would never be known to him.


It must be known that this cultivation method was originally hidden in the Greatest Heaven Sect’s secret plane, it was kept in a safe place. Even the elders of the hidden pavilion didn’t know that there was this kind of cultivation method, let alone outsiders.


A magnificent predecessor who knew the refined spirit crossing over cultivation method and asked if he was a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect. All this has already shown the identity of the predecessor. It was definitely the elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect in the spiritual world or the immortal world.


The predecessor was able to conceive with the refined spirit crossing over cultivation method through his spiritual awareness, he must be a person who cultivated a unique cultivation method. Maybe he has been waiting for this for some years. How exciting it was to be able to establish contact with disciples in the lower realm.


For the mortal world Greatest Heaven Sect, this was simply the No. 1 event in the sect. Even if the sect master suddenly hanged himself, it would probably not be as important as this matter.


However, Li Liheng’s spirit congealing pills disappeared at this juncture. Not only that, Li Liheng also fell into a coma again because he did not take enough time continuously, causing the old disease to relapse.


At this moment, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s sect master Li and several core elders even had taken the hearts of several elders in the medicinal hall. They promised to ensure that they could study it thoroughly and they could replicate it successfully, it cost hundreds of the pills, but they failed. If these medicinal pills were taken by Li Liheng, wouldn’t it be able to cure the stubborn disease and help them communicate with the elders of the spiritual world or the immortal world from now on? What would they need a consciousness clone for?


The sect master and several elders also regretted it and that they didn’t listen to the few guys who did not agree with the medicine hall. Moreover, because sect master Li had concealed too much of the issue, so after Li Liheng fell ill again his status within the sect fell, otherwise how could he allow those elders to take away hundreds of spirit congealing pills and not dare to say anything?


Li Liheng’s problem was quite tricky. Without the spirit congealing pills, the old disease has recurred, and the hope of easily seeing it cured was shattered.


Fortunately, there were still people who could refine this kind of spirit congealing pills, but they were not just people in the Greatest Heaven Sect. Since Yang Chen was able to agree to refining for the first time, it was likely that he would agree to refining it for the second time.


The problem was, this guy Yang Chen was an enemy who was hated to the bone by the Greatest Heaven Sect. Originally, it was because he was able to make alchemy, so they had to temporarily suppress hatred and seek for his help. The matter that has already been very suffocating, should they continue with it?


On the one hand, the elders of the spiritual world and the immortal world could communicate with them, eliminating the need to have a Great Principle Golden Immortal loss thousand years of cultivation base to have a consciousness clone descend into the mortal world. On one side was a guy who they wanted to get rid of quickly, which was more important, it seemed easy to make a decision.


Yang Chen was even more abominable, it was only a younger generation of the Greatest Heaven Sect who was in the foundation stage who offended him, he indirectly killed six Yuanying masters and then killed a large number of killers commissioned by the Greatest Heaven Sect. Simply speaking, it was not much hatred, especially when everyone understood that it was Yang Chen who Li Qingchen provoked first.


In this way, it was not unacceptable to let Yang Chen live a few more years. As long as Li Liheng’s problem was solved in the future, when to kill Yang Chen could be decided at any time, now they had to keep him alive and let him make alchemy for the Greatest Heaven Sect.


They obviously wanted Yang Chen to die, but the reality made them have to work hard to maintain Yang Chen’s life. It must be said that this was an unusual contradiction. This kind of thing may happen frequently among ordinary cultivators, but it almost never happened in the cultivation world. This time it happened to the Greatest Heaven Sect, the leader of the dao sects.


Therefore, the high-level officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect were under an indescribable emotion, they once again sent foreign affairs elder Mao Qi to get in touch with the Pure Yang Palace again.

chapter 438.2: The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Dilemma


Yang Chen was in the ten thousand trees forest, but he still threw Li Liheng’s imprint into the blood river every few months. Li Liheng, who was far away in the Greatest Heaven Sect, does not know how much suffering he has suffered for this, even worse than before.


Mao Qi went to the Pure Yang Palace and of course did not get the results they wanted. Yang Chen went out, and did not say when he would return, when Yang Chen was not there, even the master of the palace did not dare to promise them anything.


Of course, these were excuses for the master of the palace to deal with Mao Qi. Everyone knew that Yang Chen was now the young sect master of the pure Yang Palace. As long as the master of the palace agrees, Yang Chen would rarely object. But now that the Greatest Heaven Sect asked Yang Chen to make alchemy. This kind of persecution was in favor of Yang Chen.


Yang Chen was the main force of alchemy, the fifth-grade alchemy master, who knows what kind of medicinal pill he would refine when he was in a bad mood? The senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect used to value the alchemy masters in their medicinal hall, but after this, they dared not put their hopes on the elders of the medicinal hall anymore and asked for help honestly from the Pure Yang Palace.


Another thing that made Mao Qi quite uncomfortable was that it was not a secret that hall master Mao Qi had visited the Pure Yang Palace as it was impossible to hide from outsiders. Soon, several major sects knew the purpose of Mao Qi visit and they were a little dissatisfied.


Yang Chen refined once every twenty-five years and everyone lined up in accordance with the rules. It wasn’t the first time that it wasn’t the Greatest Heaven Sect’s turn that they got their refining. The Greatest Heaven Sect paid a variety of prices to get the first chance to jump in the queue from several big sects. Now they wanted Yang Chen to take action again for them, how could the other sects keep quiet and watch?


The news made several major sects know that it meant that the Greatest Heaven Sect had another batch of troubles. But hall master Mao couldn’t blame anyone, the Pure Yang Palace doesn’t have the obligation to keep the Greatest Heaven Sect’s secret. They haven’t paid the price, why should they keep their mouth tight? Moreover, Mao Qi has sought the Pure Yang Palace this time. Even if the Pure Yang Palace did something extraordinary, he did not dare to complain much, not to mention that the Pure Yang Palace did not do anything extraordinary.


The few major sects were not small sects like the Pure Yang Palace and the coercion and temptation could be easily solved. No one could say that Mao Qu could only take the opportunity of Yang Chen’s return and visit one by one. The good words were exhausted, and various benefits were promised. In short, he hoped that the several major sects could understand.


This time, several big sects were not so good to talk about the issue. For the first time that the Greatest Heaven Sect jumped into the line, it was already for the sake of face and benefit. Then the Greatest Heaven Sect privately begged Yang Chen to take action, everyone could bear it. But for it to happen again and again, the Greatest Heaven Sect was not the only dao sect in the mortal world.


The poor Mao Qi said all the good words, accompanied with a smiley face, but he couldn’t make the several big sects relent. This once in a few decades opportunity, the several major sects would never let it be given to others this time. The last time their favor was used by the Greatest Heaven Sect was almost the same. This time, the benefits would not be allowed.


Even a few big sects also collectively sent out some words. If the Greatest Heaven Sect should break the rules like this again, the four big sects would collectively resist the Greatest Heaven Sect.


The Greatest Heaven Sect may not care about the union of a hundred small sects, but they did not dare to underestimate the combination of the four big sects. The four major sects added up, their strength was enough to exceed the Greatest Heaven Sect by several times. If the Greatest Heaven Sect does not want to be an enemy of the four great sects, it could only behave properly.


The problem was that the rules stated that they would have to wait for a hundred years, this was still the most conservative estimate. In the twenty-five years of refining for the four major sects each, it would have been a hundred years. Even if the small scects and masters who lined up behind could give them face, it would take a hundred years. Not to mention the masters who could get Yang Chen’s attention, basically they were the masters in the peak yuanying and dacheng stage masters. The Greatest Heaven Sect would not care if it was only one or two masters, but the Greatest Heaven Sect could not handle a collection of ten or eight masters.


If Yang Chen was to agree to have a secret meeting, they could promise him a high price so that Yang Chen would secretly agree and refine for them. But Yang Chen was not in the Pure Yang Palace, this was not the Pure Yang Palace lying. The compass that could trace Yang Chen’s whereabouts clearly shows that Yang Chen was now in the monster race domain that was a million miles away from the Pure Yang Palace. It would take a year or two for those with wings to fly there and back.


Should they send a master to go to the monster domain to find Yang Chen? The Greatest Heaven Sect was not so stupid and if they sent out for those with low cultivation base, there was absolutely no way they could return. Yang Chen could kill six yuanying stage masters, he didn’t care about killing a few more. As for sending a dacheng stage master just as a messenger, even the Greatest Heaven Sect could not be so luxurious. Everything could only be said after Yang Chen comes back.


Yang Chen didn’t know that countless people had been waiting for him, so he accompanied the old tree demon, Hou Yun and Wang Yong to slowly solve this matter of the banyan tree immortal’s cave.


The most difficult thing to do when taking the banyan tree immortal’s cave was that they had to stop the first city lord from ruining the immortal’s cave in an act of desperation, so they lured him to hundreds of miles by various means. For this reason, Hou Yun did not hesitate to stage a bitter fight and finally succeeded.


The old tree demon went directly into the banyan tree immortal’s cave and began to control the banyan tree immortal’s cave from within. Yang Chen did not hide it and took the old tree demon directly into the space with the first wood spiritual solution.


Over the past few decades, hundreds of drops of first wood spiritual dolution have accumulated there. Yang Chen was totally not interested, but for the old tree demon, this was a treasure beyond compare. Countless root systems instantly collected the hundreds of drops of first wood spiritual solution and began to absorb it.


Hou Yun was a water attribute cultivator and the ancestor Wang Yong was a fire attributed cultivator. They would not value the first wood spiritual solution very much, and Hou Yun already has the tenth water true essence, so he does not care. If it was the third fire true essence or fourth fire true essence Wang Yong might covet it, as he might not have to use a heaven seizing pill and he would have confidence in his ascension.


The old tree demon’s comfort was a serious proof of one thing, that was, to go out with Yang Chen was definitely a good thing. Gongsun Ling got a dacheng stage master to become her slave. The old tree demon not only merged with the banyan tree immortal’s cave, but also got the first wood spiritual solution and his cultivation base raised to a higher level.


Even his master ancestor Wang Yong, also got a powerful spider puppet, the only one that didn’t get much, it seems to be Hou Yun. But as long as this guy was in a good fight he was happy, he won’t care too much. What’s more, the body refining cultivation method that Yang Chen gave him was enough for him to use until ascension and even use it for thousands of years after ascension.

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