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Published at 30th of September 2020 06:19:03 AM
Chapter 437.1: chapter 437.1: The Tragedy Of The City Lord
chapter 437 . 1: The Tragedy Of The City Lord

However, at this moment, he could not tolerate any more thoughts from the first city master . Hou Yun’s stick has been smashed down .

The first city lord was not a domineering character . He has dominated the immortal’s cave for hundreds of years, but it cannot be done by kindness . Hou Yun wanted to challenge him everything he had, even if Hou Yun’s previous performances were all false .

Not thinking about it, the first city lord held the scimitar in his hand and greeted him upward . First he had to take care of this obnoxious guy and then fight hard with the dacheng stage master . Wang Yong was only in the early dacheng stage and has not yet reached the middle dacheng stage . He was by no means his opponent .

The plan was very good, but the actual implementation was very different .

Bang, the stick was raised high and it was hit hard, hitting the scimitar raised by the city lord . This time, Hou Yun’s falling did not occur again, but the city master disappeared instantly .

On the ground where the original first city lord was, a humanoid pit suddenly appeared . Hou Yun’s stick directly smashed the first city lord into the ground, just like the scene where the first city lord just attacked Hou Yun, but the object was reversed .

The huge force numbed the body of the shocked city lord and had no time to use his escape method to leave the ground . Hou Yun had already hit the ground directly with the stick .

Huh, there was a huge elastic force from the surrounding underground, which directly ejected the first city lord under the ground from the underground and he flew high .

In addition to immediately controlling his spiritual power to resist the powerful and terrifying power, he performed flying acrobats in the air to also

maintain his body balance . As a dacheng stage master, he had never experienced such an embarrassment .

Although the spider puppet rushed to Wang Yong under his control early in the beginning, Wang Yong’s qillin fire confined the spider puppet to death, whether it was venom or spider silk without any trouble .

The first city lord, who had just stabilized his body in the air, face changed sharply and the scimitar appeared quickly behind his back . The shadow of the scimitar only appeared above the back and a stick figure hit the scimitar firmly .

This time, it was not the same result as before . Going down with a stick, the life source magic weapon of the first city lord was open and cracked and a small gap was suddenly broken from it .

The damage of this life source magic weapon directly caused the first city lord’s spiritual awareness and sea of consciousness to be jointly injured . When the consciousness was shocked, the brain was dizzy .

But this did not end . The big stick that smashed the scimitar did not stop, but after it’s speed was reduced by the scimitar a little bit, the potential remained unabated, carrying a crazy power, it hit the first city lord heavily on the back .

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Bang, this stick directly made the body of the first city lord fly into the distance with an unprecedented speed . While he was still flying in the air, the blood spurting in his mouths was like a water truck, leaving countless crimson all the way .

The first city lord had the dacheng stage cultivation base and he summoned one of his body protection magic weapons when he was fighting, but that didn’t help matters .

The magic weapon for body protection was directly smashed by Hou Yun with the stick and the unparalleled strength carried by the stick went straight through his chest and abdomen . The internal organs of the first city lord were shaken so intensely as if they were almost broken .

Countless blood-red vines not knowing when they started creeping from the ground, all the way to the position of first city lord along with the blood ejected from the first city lord .

Of course, the first city lord knew about this blood-red vine . The name of the blood demon vine was also a fierce name among the monster races . Once entangled, the blood of the whole body would definitely be drained and they would end up as a corpse . Shocked, the first city lord flew into the air without thinking .

With a soft sound, a transparent hole suddenly appeared in the right shoulder of the first city lord . The red qilin flying sword directly penetrated the first city lord’s shoulder and two blood arrows flew back and forth .

The figures of Hou Yun, Wang Yong and Yang Chen appeared in three directions of the first city lord . Hundreds of white feathers were fiddled with in Yang Chen’s hands, which were the feather arrays used by the second city lords to trap Yang Chen .

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Of course, the master of the city knew the triumphant magic weapon of the second city master and he knew that once this formation was laid, he would never be able to escape underground . This also meant that he could never escape from below now . To get out of here, he could only repulse the three people or tear the opening from someone’s body .

Obviously, Yang Chen, the weakest cultivator, was the most suitable object in the eyes of the first city lord . Even if Hou Yun’s stick and Wang Yong’s sword had already seriously wounded him, dealing with Yang Chen, a little Jiedan stage junior was still as simple as crushing an ant .

Struggling with a severely injured body, the first city lord did not dare to be negligent and rushed in the direction of Yang Chen . Although this direction was not the direction to go back to the immortal’s cave, he was left without worry, as long as he did not die, there was always a chance to get back to the immortal’s cave .

Yang Chen stood in the same place, as if frightened and motionless, he just watched the first city lord rush over . Not to mention taking out a weapon, even his feet didn’t seem to know how to move .

The first city lord sneered in his heart . When he saw more of this, his hands and feet became soft when he saw him . The Jindan Junior who was afraid for some reason, Yang Chen was not as strong as those guys .

The thought of being reduced to this point and was designed by Yang Chen step by step . Even if he escaped, he would not let Yang Chen live . His hatred towards Yang Chen was unprecedentedly fierce . Even if those magic weapons were not available, Yang Chen should be humiliated and the hatred in his heart dispelled .

“Junior go die!” Even if the city master was seriously injured, he was still a dacheng stage master . Even if his life source magic weapon has been damaged and cannot be used, he could still take Yang Chen’s life .

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As he flew, he striked with his hands . A huge virtual palm appeared in the sky and striked towards Yang Chen .

Boom, the giant palm was shot firmly at Yang Chen’s place, it aroused a smoke and instantly blocked all eyes . The lord of the city’s angry blow was more powerful than the one he made in the beginning . The ground around Yang Chen directly sank in and a deep palm pit appeared on the ground .

“How is it possible?” Although he couldn’t see Yang Chen from sight, the spiritual awareness of the first city lord had never left Yang Chen’s body . The changes in Yang Chen’s body just now made the lord of the city cry out in alarm .

In the moment that the giant palm struck his body, a shadow of a golden bell suddenly appeared outside Yang Chen’s body . Besides the golden bell, there was also a dragon shadow flying around it . The giant palm struck it and there was not a slight damage to Yang Chen .

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