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Chapter 397.2: 397.2
To be a master of the Yuanying stage and to fight a hundred and ten tree monsters that were only in the Jiedan stage, it was simply bullying .

In the view of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s expert, this group of cypresses in this bitter and cold land, he did not know where they got a spirit gathering formation, it was arranged in such a sinister array, thinking that this was a paradise was really stupid .

How could they know how wide the world was outside, how many powerful masters there was, killing them was just a matter of raising their hands .

Waiting for this hundred and ten tree monsters and to bring them back to the sect was naturally a great achievement .

Moreover, the Yuanying master himself was in this extremely northern place, there were still some things he had to do, after these cypresses submit to him, as they were not afraid of the cold, they could help him a lot .

After waiting patiently for a few days, it was time for the cypresses to give him their answer . Today, he was here to wait for the reply of the cypresses . In his opinion, when he told them the font size of the Greatest Heaven Sect, plus those temptations, even if they disagreed at first, they would consider it now!

What the Yuanying stage master never thought of was that when he thought they had condescended to succumb to the posture and gave him a face, these cypresses monsters once again gave him a good slap in the face .

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“We will not join the the Greatest Heaven Sect!” As a patriarch, he has seen Yang Chen’s strength and then he has looked at this master’s, naturally there would be a comparison . Moreover, there has been an agreement with Yang Chen and he would not be rude and break it . In some cases, the monster race was indeed more honest than dao cultivators .

“Do you not want to give me face!” The guy from the Greatest Heaven Sect was furious . These guys dared not put him in their eyes . He should give them a big lesson today ” If you won’t accept my goodwill then prepare to taste defeat!”

In the screaming voice, the flying sword of the Yuanying stage master has already flown out, he was going for the patriarch with the highest cultivation base . As long as he subdue this stubborn old guy, the others would naturally not talk .

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Dang dang, a sound of crisp and loud sound was heard, the flying sword solidly stabbed the body of the old patriarch . However, the body of the old patriarch, this sturdy cedar and in this bitter cold, it has been growing for almost a thousand years, the flying sword of the Yuanying stage master couldn’t through it at once .

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Not only that, the flying sword that pierced the body of the old patriarch was actually caught in the body by the old patriarch and the arm and big hand of a large trunk incarnation had firmly grasped the other end of the flying sword .

The flying sword of a master of the Yuanying stage was completely controlled by the old patriarch with his body and arms . Even if the Yuanying stage master used his spiritual awareness to control the flying sword, it couldn’t move a little under the body of the old patriarch .

He wanted to penetrate deeper into the body of the old patriarch, but the body of the old patriarch was becoming harder and harder . The quality of his flying sword cannot be deepened . He wanted to retreat, but was blocked by the old patriarch’s big hand, so he was in a dilemma .

Under this circumstance, unless the Yuanying stage master’s spiritual awareness was powerful and it could bring the old patriarch and his own flying sword together . Otherwise, even if the flying sword could still fly, there would be no lethality . Moreover a ten thousand years cypress monster, it was not known how deep his roots were, could a trivial Yuanying stage master uproot him?

Even Yang Chen, in their face off, used the mountain picking strength of his body refining technique, only then was he able to uproot the old patriarch, this guy wanted to do this kind of thing in the air, it was simply a fool’s wish .

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The flying sword was controlled between the tricks, but Yuanying stage master did not think of it . He thought that he was a Yuanying stage master so teaching a lesson to these ignorant tree monsters would be easy, but did not think of things being this difficult .

However, after all, he was a Yuanying stage master, he immediately released his pressure, once again and at the same time, there appeared another magic weapon in his hand . The Greatest Heaven Sect was a big sect and almost every master who has reached the Yuanying stage has a life source flying sword . So far, even if an ordinary flying sword was made, he has not used the idea of using his life source ​​flying sword .

The rebellion of the old tree monster made him look at each other and strengthened his determination to suppress this cypresses . If he has this kind of powerful monster race under him . It would be a great help for him in a few years of training . In the sect, he would certainly be able to improve his position .

This time, the Yuanying stage master took out a bracelet and looked at the air and threw it into a huge circle it turned to the head of the old patriarch .

However, while the circle was still in the air, it was stopped by a flying sword that suddenly appeared . The Yuanying stage master found that the flying sword turned out to be released by a young cypress monster .

It was naturally Mu Bai that released the flying sword . Yang Chen’s separate guidance made him know how to sacrificially refine his own life source flying sword . The flying sword of the previous life Mu Bai was made by refining his own heart . In this case, Yang Chen’s guidance was also proportional, as it was still refining .

However, after the leaves and branches of the Penglai divine wood were absorbed, the quality of Mu Bai flying sword was higher than that of his previous life . Just because the time of refining was still short, the grade was not high, it was now just the prototype of the flying sword, but there was still a certain distance from it becoming the real flying sword .

But even so, it has been able to fly out to fight . Under the control of Mu Bai, the flying sword embryo actually stopped the bracelet of the Yuanying stage master in the air and it could not continue to fall .

At first, the Yuanying stage master was still somewhat careless, but after a while, his face could not help but be surprised . This young tree monster was at best in the middle Jiedan stage . He even used an unformed sword embryo and the magic weapon he controlled to become a tie . Although he has not used his own life source flying sword, this was enough for him to be surprised .

After discovering this, the Yuanying stage master couldn’t help but feel a joy in the heart . This tree monster belongs to it and it was really strong . This was the middle Jiedan stage, if it reached the Yuanying stage, couldn’t it kill him easily?

This kind of enchanting monster must be in his own hands and in the future, there would be a place in the high ranking members of the Greatest Heaven Sect for him . With this idea in mind, the Yuanying stage master was even more prosperous and has made a variety of means, must be completely convinced .

However, it was counterproductive . After the old patriarch took control of the flying sword, he began to vacate a hand and held a large branch . Just like holding a huge stick, he would hit it in his pocket and did not give the Yuanying stage master a little bit of face .

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