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In the face of the huge sticks of the old patriarch, the Yuanying stage master sneered and there appeared a flashing golden helmet on the top of his head, emitting a burst of golden light and welcoming it.

There was a loud bang, the huge sound was accompanied by a pile of leaves, everyone’s sights were covered in pieces of fine cedar leaves and they were no longer able to see the other person.

“Can the ability of such insects hurt me?” The voice of the Yuanying stage master rang in the ears of everyone, it seemed to sound very calm. However, anyone familiar with the Yuanying stage master knew that the more calm he became, the more angry he was.

Two Jiedan stage tree monsters refused to give him face, how could he let this kind of thing continues to happen? The Yuanying stage master also moved with real anger, he really had to give some painful lessons to these cypresses.

With the Yuanying stage master’s shout, a huge transparent giant hand appeared in the sk and it grabbed at the cypress monster on the ground. This was a blow with about 80 percent of the Yuanying stage master’s cultivation base behind it. He was confident that under this attack, these tree monsters who does not know the emercity of heaven and earth would be seized by him.

Boom, the bust on the ground covered the entire sky like smoke, with small pieces of snow and ice, flying in the sky. The spirit gathering formation arranged by Yang Chen was crushed by this blow and the surrounding ground even shattered by a few feet. The power of this attack was simply staggering.

But what was even more frightening was that under this attack, even ordinary trees and even earth and stone within the scope of the attack have been broken, but the hundred and ten cypresses were not damaged, nobody would believe it unless they witness it themselves.

One hundred and eight were only the cypresses who have cultivated to the peak foundation stage. They even rely on a strange array to block the qi of the Yuanying stage master. Looking at this quantity, it should be a heavenly spirit earthly fiend formation. However, the Yuanying stage master has seen a lot of arrays, but he has never seen such a magical array and it was able to block his own attack.

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This was not the most embarrassing aspect of the situation. While he was shocked by the defense of these cypresses, a shadowless and invisible sword light has penetrated the smoke and appeared at his feet.

The person who controlled the flying sword was very dexterous. Under his control of the flying sword, the flying sword was almost silent. Plus this was refined from the wooden heart, no matter from the appearance or the inside, it was common with the ordinary branches and it was difficult to distinguish. The traces of the flight was almost the same as some of the branches that were flying around, making it hard to guard against.

The other party was thinking about sneak attacking on a Yuanying stage master by borrowing the heavily sloppy camouflage. Faced with the spiritual awareness of the Yuanying stage master in the battle, this kind of sneak attack was meaningless. The Yuanying stage master even intended to directly ruin this flying sword, giving the flying sword master a lifelong unforgettable lesson.

The Yuanying stage master sneered with a cold face, standing in the air and being motionless. His whole body’s spiritual power was exhausted and condensed under his feet, he was just waiting for the flying sword to come and he would use one foot to smash it.

The master of the flying sword really counted everything, he directly cut into the abdomen of the Yuanying stage master and the flying sword was kicked by the Yuanying stage master with an extremely rapid kick. At the moment of kicking, the Yuanying stage master knew that his kick was strong and the flying sword was kicked into pieces of irregular wood chips.

At the time of glory, the Yuanying stage master suddenly had a pain in his chest and abdomen and he fixed his eyes on it, it was a few pieces of finely divided cedar leaves, like a dagger, pierced between his chest and abdomen.

The leaves of cypress trees were very irregular and they were in all directions. This thorn was a large piece of skin, blood was flowing out none stop.

Whatever the branches before, it was simply a cover made by these cedar leaves. Not enough of these so-called daggers, it was simply a leaf, and there was no spiritual fluctuation on them, which was simply undetectable.

The Yuanying stage master was furious, he has suffered such injuries in front of a group of Jiedan stage tree monsters. Was it tolerable? Under his wrath, he did not care about anything. When he reached out, he pulled out the cypress leaves that pierced his chest and abdomen.

This action was a very natural movement when he was injured. The next step was to immediately heal the wound with his spirit power and quickly recover. However, under his wrath, he completely forgot the shape of the cypress leaves. Several daggers piercing his chest and abdomen were violently pulled out and even a few pieces of fist-sized pieces of meat were directly pulled out.

The violent pain almost made the Yuanying stage master faint immediately and finally he used his amazing cultivation base to resist. But even so he could not attend to one thing without losing track of another thing, so he could no longer fly in the air and he fell heavily.

As soon as he fell, he fell into the array of one hundred and eight cypresses. These guys were also really good. After Yang Chen’s teaching, in addition to their own cultivation in the past 30 years, they have been practicing this array. They were already extremely familiar with it. They have just been able to take the attack of the Yuanying stage master and they could attack now, it was even more unscrupulous.

The heavenly spirit earthly fiend great formation that Yang Chen passed down was different from the ordinary one. The tree monsters in the formation cultivation base were equal and at the same time, they made a move to defend. Even if the other party wanted to break the formation, in addition to knowing how to break the formation, there would be violent attack used.

Violent hacking requires a strong cultivation base, especially the one hundred and eight monsters seriously needed to be injured in a single move. However, under the influence of the formation method, no matter how strong the attack was, there were always one hundred and eight tree demons scattered at the same time and the tree monsters were strong in defense, plus being rooted here, they could always draw support from the earth, the Yuanying stage master was not a fire attribute cultivator, naturally he could not succeed.

Bang bang, after a series of attacks, almost never falling, all hit the master of the Greatest Heaven Sect. The attack power of the 108 tree monsters combined, although not able to put the other side to death, it was not so easy to deal with.

In addition, the Yuanying stage master also has an injury, after a series of attacks, so that he was even more indifferent to the injury, his defense was stretched and uncomfortable.

Finally, he survived the first wave of attack. The Yuanying stage master was a Yuanying stage master. Immediately afterwards, as the tree monsters cultivation base was insufficient the attack was disengaged. He stopped the wound between his chest and abdomen and then decisively called out his own life source flying sword.

“A group of things that don’t appreciate good will, you want to kill me, do you think that this grandpa has a good temper?” As a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he has always been used to arrogance, when he suffered such grievances, injuries and shame, it made the Yuanying stage master’s anger rise to the highest point.

“Today, if I do not ruin your corpse, I will not have been born!” The Yuanying stage master violently shouted.

As soon as the voice came out, the old patriarch and Mu Ba heart were all sinking.

To launch his life source flying sword, it meant that he plans to kill. How powerful was the Yuanying stage master’s life source flying sword, not to mention whether the old patriarch could lock the flying sword with it body, even if it was locked, it was estimated that it would be driven by the other party’s life flying sword, he would be unable to help himself.

It was naturally Mu Bai who plotted against the Yuanying stage master with the leaf dagger. He not only refined the wooden heart sword embryo, but also carried a few botanical leaves daggers. Under one blow, he really got to the Yuanying stage master. However, the other party’s strength was too strong, no blows were fatal, this was the most misplaced aspect.

Now, the Yuanying stage master has already called out his own life source flying sword, saying that some people in the family must also be sacrificed. Of course, Mu Bai would never look at his own people get killed, even if they were dying, they must also get enough payback.

The other side’s life source flying sword has been lunched. Within a few breaths, a gap has been found in the heav­enly spirit earthly fiend great for­ma­tion and a few whispers were heard. Three cypresses in the foundation stage have already been pierced.

Fortunately, the key to the cypress was not in one part of the body, even if they were injured, but they could continue to stimulate the formation.

Mu Bai was in a hurry and hurriedly attacked the flying sword. The dozens of cypress leaf daggers also spun out and attacked the opponent from each direction.

A sneak attack could be successful, but it does not mean that the second time could also make the other party lose guard. The Yuanying stage just simply spin the life source flying sword in front of his eyes, the leaf daggers flying to his side was smashed into pieces.

These daggers were just refined by Mu Bai on the side so the quality was not high. When they met the opposite party’s life source flying sword, there was almost no effort on it.

As for the rest of the tree monsters, apart from the old patriarch, there were almost no one having a flying swords, all of them were still cultivating the cultivation method and formation of Yang Chen. Depending on the formation, they may be able to withstand a while, but it would never last long.

But whether it was the old patriarch or Mu Bai, even the young tree monsters, they did not give up resistance. For them, since they had promised Yang Chen in the past, they were now the people of the Pure Yang Palace. Even if they were dead, they cannot side with another faction.

“Even if we wait for a violent death today, we also have the Pure Yang Palace to avenge us!” The old patriarch also showed his flying sword and shouted, the flying sword smashed towards the Yuanying stage master. Even if he was not his opponent, he must fight to the end.

“Pure Yang Palace?” The Yuanying stage master became infuriated “It turned out that the Pure Yang Palace took the first step, just today, I will send you to see the ancestors of the Pure Yang Palace!”

After determining that they were his enemies, the Yuanying stage master completely began to attack crazily. The life source flying sword, after cutting off the old patriarch and Mu Bai’s sword embryo, left a deep wound in each of them and then flew into the heav­enly spirit earthly fiend great for­ma­tion.

With every attack, the flying sword could cause several wounds, in a few moments, when the injured tree monsters were more than half, they could no longer maintain a complete battle formation.

They were like sitting ducks to the Yuanying stage master, there was no decent resistance. Even the tree monsters including 45 foundation stage was instantly smashed into a few paragraphs and there was no more half-scent.

“Put up with him!” The rest of the formation could no longer be maintained, but the bloodness of each tree monster was not reduced and they rushed forward without fear of death.

“Today, I will kill the remnants of the pure Yang Palace and see who dares to fight against my Greatest Heaven Sect!” The Yuanying stage master listened to the shouts of the tree monsters and he saw their unyielding faces. He has already changed hands and targeted the old patriarch and Mu Bai who threatened himself the most.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to stop the two monsters. It was really hard for him to do anything to the old patriarch and Mu Bai. Even if it was his life source flying sword, the sharpest part still couldn’t have much effect.

But now matter who it was, if there are a lot of holes in your head, you couldn’t live any more. The Yuanying stage master was playing with this idea. After cutting the waist of two foundation stage tree monsters, his flying sword pierced the patriarch’s chest.

“When I kill you, I will send your body to the Pure Yang Palace!” The Yuanying stage master has completely gained the upper hand at this moment, but his tone was still the same”I have to look at the old tree monster of the Pure Yang Palace and see what kind of face he will make!”

“Who is saying such big words?” The voice of the Yuanying stage master was not allowed to land and the sound of two screaming thunder sounded from a distance. From the sound to the ears of everyone, it seemed that the person who made the sound has already arrived.

Two incomparable figures appeared in the air on the left and right side to the Yuanying stage master. The Yuanying stage master was shocked. He just received the flying sword in front of him, and his foot was in a fog.

He didn’t know what the origin of this fog was, the Yuanying stage master’s body quickly flew away, but after a while, the original cypress monsters, has been lost to his sight, he did not know where they disappeared to.

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“She Kui Xie Sha??” Seeing the faces of the two figures, the Yuanying stage master’s face could not help but reveal great shock and his voice also shivered. There were a total of three people in the Pure Yang Palace hall of eccentrics, except for the old tree monster Gui Shanyou, there were two others in the Yuanying stage. The two were still the first to join the hall of eccentrics and many experts of the other sects knew their names.

As monster cultivators, She Kui and Xie Sha were also extremely powerful in some of their later battles. The master of the Greatest Heaven Sect dared to play in front of the cypresses, facing She Kui and Xie Sha, he really did not dare to speak loudly.

“Is hall master Gui someone who you can talk about so casually?” She Kui had a gloomy smile and had eye that emit­ted an omi­nous light. The opposite of Xie Sha was the same.

In the Pure Yang Palace for these two, in addition to Yang Chen, the one they were most obedient to was the old tree monster Gui Shanyou, now this guy dared to talk about hall master Gui like this, if he was seeking his own death, he could not blame others.

Whiz, the Yuanying stage master ac­tu­ally with­out demur turned around and flee. Not to mention that he was alone, even if he was ten, he does not dare to face the two fierce guys.

“Two predecessors, he killed several of us, don’t let him go!” It was the voice of Mu Bai. It was estimated that the other party was going to flee and he reminded She Kui and Xie Sha.

“Want to run?” She Kui sneered and showed it original form directly. A huge python of thousands of feet, with just a twist, it stopped in front of the Yuanying stage master, two huge eyes, shot cold light, staring at the opponent who had already become scared without any courage.

“Keep his life, ask him what he is doing here?” This time the voice was very soft, it made people who heard feel like listening to the spring breeze, it was Yang Chen.

“Master, you are finally here!” Mu Bai suddenly heard Yang Chen’s voice and shouted loudly.

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