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Chapter 397.1

Yang Chen and Gongsun ling did not know what happened in these days . They were on their way to the north . In the territory of the monster race, Yang Chen directly increased the speed of the shuttle to the fastest speed possible .


It has been a few years since the 30 years of agreement with the cypress and Yang Chen was afraid that the cypress would be worried about the authenticity of his own words, so his speed was fast .


Fortunately, for Gongsun ling’s mountain river geographical map, their speed was not important . The places they pass by were still recorded in detail . This was the reason for Gongsun ling to follow him .


The waves in the central plains dao sects has nothing to do with the monster race side and there was no news to pass here . It seemed that everything was normal .


With the high speed of the shuttle, there was no such thing as an ordinary demon that could catch up with them . Yang Chen and Gongsun ling were very relieved . Of course, this was not one of the biggest reasons . It was that She Kui and Xie Sha have recently felt that there were some bottlenecks in their cultivation so they also followed the two out to the monster’s domain .


The two powerful guys didn’t have any systematic cultivation methods to cultivate before . They relied on instinct to support their Yuanying stage realm and then they followed it with the transformation secret art and became more powerful . After Yang Chen brought back the cultivation methods of the monster race, the two talents were truly having their own cultivation methods and they began to cultivate step by step .


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Incorporating the fifth earth true essence, plus their cultivation to this period, both of them have reached the level of the late Yuanying stage . It was just stuck on the threshold of the peak Yuanying stage and it’s not possible for them to enter it for a while, but this realm was entirely because of their state of mind, not any other reason . For the time being, they were not willing to waste a questioning inner heart pill, so they came out with Yang Chen to take a closer look at the monster race world, it was good for their cultivation .


Whether it was the dao sects or the demonic sects or even the monster race, after the Yuanying level or above, it was not simply a matter of hard work to advance . Reading thousands of books was not as good as traveling thousands of miles, it was so for scholars and the same was true for cultivators .


The development of Mu Bai family was indeed good . With the cultivation method provided by Yang Chen and with the spirits gathering formation of Yang Chen, even in the bitter cold of the extreme north, the members of their family were still very lively and moisturizing .


The cypress family had the foundations that had been polished in the northernmost places for thousands of years . The cultivation of Yang Chen’s cultivation method was simply smooth and it was easy to restore their original cultivation base and even began to hit higher realms .


As a young master, Mu Bai was convinced that not only was Yang Chen giving them the direction of cultivation, but also let them see the hope of their family’s brilliant rise .


In the past 30 years, the cypress family has undergone a small form of cultivation and at least everyone could turn into a person and walk on the ground . Although they could still see the appearance of the big tree, it was already a lot of changes from before .

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Seeing that Yang Chen and their agreed date have passed, but Yang Chen did not come as scheduled in 30 years . However, after talking about it for thirty years, everyone was not in a hurry . For those who were cypress, the time of ten or eight years was just a leisure time .


As for Mu Bai himself, because he got Yang Chen’s personal instructions, he also absorbed a lot of Penglai divine wood branches and leaves . His superior qualifications seemed to be more powerful and his cultivation went soaring . In just 30 years, he directly rushed to the middle Jiedan stage .


Not to mention the realm, on his single-handed combat power, at least the same level of partners has long not been the opponent of Mu Bai . In this aspect of combat, Mu Bai seemed to have a genius-like comprehension . With Yang Chen giving him his personal guidance, even the patriarch, the master who was infinitely close to the Yuanying stage, was not the opponent of Mu Bai .


Originally, the life of the cypress family was very good, but these days they had to face a big trouble . A dao cultivator rushed to this side and took a fancy to their family .


The newcomer was a master of the Yuanying stage . The person amazingly did not immediately kill them after coming, but released his power to show his strength and asked them to serve him .


This kind of thing, Yang Chen once did it once, but even Yang Chen at that time still spent a lot of time and effort, even uprooting the patriarch and the cypress, which made them fearful of him . As for the conviction, they still waited for Yang Chen to take out those cultivation methods and give them some guidance before he could achieve results .

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The person who came here came up and wanted them to serve him without any clamour, how could the cypress family agree . Not to mention that they have already agreed with Yang Chen to join Yang Chen’s sect the Pure Yang Palace, even if there was no such thing, the monster race cultivated freely, how could it be so inexplicable to put a layer of shackles on them?


The other party asked for a reply within a few days . Now that the answer has been made, the other person’s figure also appeared in front of the mountain, his sword was hanging in the air, staring at the crowd .


“Have you thought about it? If you join my Greatest Heaven Sect, if you want to have a status, you will have a status, if you want resources, you can have resources, if you want cultivation methods, you can have cultivation methods and you can have a thousand times more better cultivation place than the bitter cultivation haha ​​in this extremely northern place . ” The master was a middle-aged man who looked kind and eye-catching, he looked like a good man and seemed to have a lureful element in his words .


The trees have become monsters and they have always gotten strong bodies and this has already been shown in the body of the Gui Shanyou, the hall master of the Pure Yang Palace . Not to mention his performance in the great calamity of the demonic art, overseeing the 100,000 mountains, even with dozens of Yuanying stage masters trying to mess up, he was able to suppress everything .


It was discovered that there was such a cypress demon family in this extremely northern land and even the expert of the Greatest Heaven Sect was extremely excited . He was originally a Greatest Heaven Sect expert who specially recruited disciples from the monster race . If he could bring this cypress nest to the sect, they would be an extremely powerful force in the future .


This kind of great merits, he would not let it go, especially here in the bitter cold, presumably these cypress monsters qualifications must be very outstanding, but he could not easily let it go .


Of course, recruiting the monster race to join the Greatest Heaven Sect, but he also had to treat each other with courtesy, good words and persuasion, after all, at the same time, they would be people of the same sect, they could not have a bad relationship .  


Therefore, at the beginning, he still used a lot of temptations . Cultivators, whether they were dao cultivators or monster cultivators, would they not need resources for cultivation?


Unexpectedly, the tried and tested tricks in this group of cypresses didn’t have the desired effect .  


The other party refused to accept, which made the Greatest Heaven Sect expert have an ugly face . Since they wouldn’t accept his kindness, he had to give them some lessons and let them know that the Greatest Heaven Sect was powerful .

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