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Chapter 390.2
Time flies, especially when Yang Chen was focused on alchemy, he would not notice the passage of time . The current fourth grade refining process has been completed, but Yang Chen was still continuing .

Although the profound spirit furnace could automatically improve the refining effect, Yang Chen still needed a little insurance, at least half of the fifth grade refining had to be completed, so that the pill success had a higher grasp .

In the two years and eight months, Yang Chen already felt that the medicinal pills in the pill furnace have been faintly showing signs of the fifth grade and then he stopped .

Coupled with the efficacy of the profound spirit furnace, this lingzhi mushroom jade pill already had the standards of a fifth grade medicinal pill . If it was necessary to strengthen again, Yang Chen was afraid that once the sixth grade medicinal pill was released, it may trigger the stormy waves of the entire dao sects .

The fifth grade medicinal pill was enough to make people feel shocked . Yang Chen was not a person who was willing to make a big splash . As long as he maintained enough alchemy advantages, there was no need to alarm to the point where he would feel threatened .

In addition, even if Yang Chen wanted to complete a higher-level refining, he was also powerless . With his current cultivation base, it was impossible . Now it was upgraded to fifth grade by the profound spirit Furnace . In fact, the essence was still of a fourth grade medicinal pill, but the pill itself was the lingzhi mushroom jade pill, which was much higher than the qi replenishing pill .

Fourth grade was the current true level of Yang Chen . If he wanted to carry out a higher-level refining, Yang Chen probably estimates that at least he had to reach the later stage of the Yuanying stage or even higher . The gap between fourth grade and fifth grade was by no means a big gap, just like the overwhelming effect of medicine .

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To the fifth grade medicinal pill, it could almost be called “the true spirit pill”, the medicinal pill that would appear in the spiritual world, the wounds of the three dacheng stage elders and the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill have only one effect – – medicine to cure disease .

In the eyes of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, after Yang Chen’s dazzling collection of pill recipe techniques, five golden medicinal pills instantly became successfully made and then a flash of light that could not be overlooked flew to Yang Chen’s hand .

Yang Chen himself carefully explored it first, and even after taking the medicinal pill into his sea of consciousness to observe it, he nodded with satisfaction and handed it to Sun Qingxue .

“Yang Da Ge, have done with refining the pill?” Sun Qingxue subconsciously asked without hesitation . After seeing Yang Chen nod, she looked down and carefully observed the pill in her hand .

“Ah” a long screams came directly from the mouth of Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan who was waiting to ask what was the medicinal pills, was shocked and asked “What happened? What happened?”

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Sun Qingxue was somewhat sluggish and handed the medicinal pill in her hand to Shi Shanshan and her mouth was still slightly open . She couldn’t believe what she saw . On the golden medicinal pills, how could there be five pill marks?

Shi Shanshan thought that Sun Qingxue had seen something wrong . After taking the medicinal pills, she only carefully scanned the circle and suddenly fell into horror .

This was actually a fifth grade medicinal pill . How was this possible? Shi Shanshan almost screamed like Sun Qingxue, but still forcibly resisted . She was afraid that she was wrong, and after seeing it over and over again, she was sure that this was not Yang Chen casually making a few pill marks on the medicinal pills, nor was it a fake pill mark, but it was really five solid pill marks .

“I said, I will be marrying you in a grand manner . ” Yang Chen’s incomparable words came out from his mouth . Facing Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen extended his right hand “Fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill, Little Xue, marry me . “

Sun Qingxue was immersed in a huge surprise . Yang Chen’s words made her wake up from the surprise, and then she heard her dream of Yang Chen’s marriage proposal . Once again, she fell into ecstasy and no longer cared about others and put herself in the hands of Yang Chen .

Yang Chen was only gently picking up the situation . Sun Qingxue’s delicate body was thrown into the arms of Yang Chen and Yang Chen hugged her tightly and the tears of joy flowed involuntarily .

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With a big hand out, Yang Chen gently picked up the pretty face of Sun Qingxue . His big finger gently crossed the cheek of Sun Qingxue, gently wiping away the tears she shed, and then Sun Qingxue became very shy . In front of others eyes, a kiss was made on the red lips of Sun Qingxue .

Sun Qingxue instantly fell into a huge happiness . She only felt that she was already in paradise and the wonderful taste made it almost impossible to support herself . Without the slightest struggle, Sun Qingxue obeyed and closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss from her beloved .

Shi Shanshan was watching it all by the side, but there was no thought in her heart that she wanted to stop it . According to the conditions set by the Blue Cloud Sect, Sun Qingxue was already the wife of Yang Chen . It was just a lack of a ceremony remaining . What reason does she have to stop the affection between Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue?

However, this kind of scene made Shi Shanshan feel a little shy, but Shi Shanshan didn’t retreat . She was still immersed in the fact that Yang Chen refined a fifth grade medicinal pill in front of their eyes .

How could this be? How was this possible? How did he refine the fifth grade medicinal pill? But everything happened under her own eyes, everything was a fact .

Now Shi Shanshan finally understood why Yang Chen would let her and Sun Qingxue accompany him to alchemy, so that they could witness this moment with their own eyes .

If it wasn’t for Shi Shanshan’s own eyes being there, even if Yang Chen took out the fifth grade medicinal pill, Shi Shanshan might have suspected that Yang Chen was cheating and used the medicinal pill given by the Blue Cloud Sect . Everything happened now under her own eyes, Shi Shanshan just wanted to disbelieve it, but she couldn’t .

Looking at the happy expression of Sun Qingxue being kissed in Yang Chen’s arms, Shi Shanshan was somewhat envious . If she was kissing in Yang Chen’s arms at the moment, what kind of feeling would it be?

At the thought of this, Shi Shanshan suddenly woke up and hurriedly expelled this thought from her mind . How could she think of this, Yang Chen has not fulfilled the conditions she has proposed, he has not defeated herself in an upright manner . Even if he has solved the conditions of Sun Qingxue, but if he wanted her, Shi Shanshan would never let the matter drop easily .

The thought flashed and Shi Shanshan suddenly had another problem . Yang Chen let her recharge her batteries for three years, and then challenge her to ten games . What does that mean?

Could it be that Yang Chen wanted to find a chance to beat her in the ten challenges? Yes, it must be like this . As long as he could beat her, he would reach her own conditions and marry Yang Chen as his wife .

Looking at Sun Qingxue’s surprise to the ultimate happy expression, Shi Shanshan suddenly hesitated, was it that she should hold back a little Yang Chen’s challenge, just little bit, maybe others couldn’t see it? .

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