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Chapter 390.1: 390.1
In the eyes of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen’s alchemy was absolutely dazzling . A large pile of medicinal materials was thrown into the pill furnace and they were separated to an area under the control of Yang Chen, and then different flames emerged and certain medicinal material was refined separately .

If this process occurs in sequence, it was not surprising that each medicinal material was refined and then added to the pill furnace at the appropriate time . This was the common fact of all cultivators in the alchemy process .

However, Yang Chen’s practice has subverted the common sense of the two women . All the medicinal materials were refined at the same time . The most ridiculous thing was that the flames used in the refining of each medicinal material were still different .

There were many kinds of fire seeds in Yang Chen’s hands . The two women were clear about this, after refining the questioning inner heart pills, the two major sects give Yang Chen no more than 100 kinds of fire seeds .

Different medicinal ingredients were refined with different fire seeds, this was common sense and undoubtedly . Some herbs were suitable for smoldering fires, some were suitable for slow fires, while others require yin fires, and so on .

However, controlling several different flames at the same time and refining dozens of medicinal materials at the same time has exceeded the imagination of the two women . What type of concentration would be needed in order to accurately grasp all the medicinal materials refined?

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Not only control different flames, but also the different flames have different maturity . Different fire seeds need to correspond to different herbs, and even a kind of medicinal ingredients needs different flames and different heats .

Just this alone was enough to make the two women marvel at Yang Chen’s alchemy technique . The two women themselves were masters of cultivation, naturally they understood what such subtle control means, even Shi Shanshan, seems to have a new evaluation of Yang Chen’s combat effectiveness .

The refining of medicinal materials has no difficulty for Yang Chen and even just verified the things recorded on the jade in the medicine nourishing gourd . Of course, Yang Chen used the correct method of conciseness this time, instead of deliberately making mistakes in order to know what the consequences of the mistakes would be .

The next refining, the two women could not understand . But the principle was very clear, nothing more than to add the right medicinal herbs to the pill furnace at the right time, but Yang Chen’s approach was slightly different .

In fact, there was not much difference . The strangeness of the profound spirit furnace and the exquisiteness of Yang Chen’s control of fire seeds was that Yang Chen could use the flame to temporarily store the medicinal materials in a certain corner without being damaged by the medicinal materials . When the medicinal material was added, the refined liquid was controlled to be added .

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Under the gaze of the two women, Yang Chen soon completed the refining of the first grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill . Because of the improvement of the quality of the profound spirit furnace, each refining of the medicinal pills could automatically increase a grade . If Yang Chen took out the medicinal pills at this time, Yang Chen could easily get the second grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill .

However, this was not the purpose of Yang Chen . Yang Chen has quietly started the refining of the second grade .

The two women only knew that Yang Chen was refining a kind of pill that could alleviate the injury of the injured elders . No one would think that Yang Chen was directly attacking the fifth grade refining system .

It’s not that the two women couldn’t think of it, but it’s more than the imagination of the two women . In the past, there has never been a fifth grade alchemist master in the mortal world . Yang Chen was only a small Jiedan stage descendant . Even if he was extremely strong, the fourth grade was the limit . How could it be carried out?

Even those senior alchemists who were famous in history, when they attacked the fourth grade alchemist master realm, they only chose the simplest refining to carry out the fourth grade refining . Even the Blue Cloud Sect’s predecessor, who’s consciousness clone descended, did he not only refine the fifth grade qi replenishing pill?

Who could think that Yang Chen was using so many millennial elixir, to refine a high-grade healing holy medicine, even thinking about impacting the fifth grade?

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The two women only thought that Yang Chen’s alchemy was an ordinary alchemy . Anyway, they never accompanied Yang Chen in refining medicinal pills . In addition, they had just taken the inner sensing pills, and they could just look at Yang Chen’s alchemy and try to solve some deviations in their cultivation .

The second grade inner sensing pill was indeed a shock to both women . After personally experiencing the effect, they finally understood why Qiao Ming and Xu Chengxin were able to face their tribulation by relying on a pill . At that critical moment, the help provided by this medicinal pill was definitely a qualitative change in the cultivation of people .

In a blink of an eye, a year has passed . Yang Chen has completed the refining of the second grade, and turned to the third grade refining system . Outside the pill furnace, the situation in the pill furnace was not seen at all . The two women still thought that Yang Chen had not finished refining, and no one had reminded him, just quietly accompanying him .

The alchemy was very calm, there seems to be no waves, only Yang Chen’s look was more and more focused, and his expression was more and more cautious . With the third grade refining, Yang Chen was able to control it relatively normally, but when it came to the fourth grade refining system, there was some trouble .

After all, Yang Chen’s cultivation base was too low . In the past, Yang Chen was a sixth grade alchemist master . He could easily refine the mortal medicinal pills to the sixth grade . However, it was based on his great principle golden immortal cultivation base .

The current Yang Chen was only in the early Jiedan stage, even if the cultivation of the Yin-Yang five elements secret art made it so that Yang Chen’s spiritual power was at the level of a master of the Yuanying stage, but compared with the great principle golden immortal, it was almost heaven and earth . The difference was that he couldn’t be compared with one finger of the great principle golden immortal .

In this case, it was still difficult to control the fourth grade refining system perfectly . Fortunately, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has reached the level of the middle dacheng stage, and he could barely control the situation .

Yang Chen showed prudence and concentration, so that both women understood that this pill was at a crucial moment for the refining . The two women no longer cared about their own affairs, but carefully guarded Yang Chen, trying not to let Yang Chen be disturbed .

Although this was the site of the Pure Yang Palace, there was no theory that anyone would rush in, but the two women were extremely careful . At the same time, Yang Chen also had a layer of worry . It was not afraid of the dangers of Yang Chen, but he was afraid that his refining would fail .

It was also the most attractive time to focus on one thing . Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan had enough good feelings for Yang Chen . At this moment, they were attracted by Yang Chen’s kind of concentration .

Sun Qingxue already belonged to Yang Chen . If it was not the request of her sect, she might have promised to become Yang Chen’s wife . And Shi Shanshan, while watching Yang Chen so dedicated to the refining of medicinal pills, seems to have more understanding of Yang Chen’s efforts .

The success has never been accidental . Yang Chen could become such an outstanding alchemist master, he must have his extraordinary place . Looking at Yang Chen’s face that has been faintly visible, Shi Shanshan’s heart began to soften .

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