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Chapter 391.1
The movement here naturally disturbed Gao Yue who has been paying close attention to this place . Soon, when Gao Yue saw the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill, she was inevitably caught in a sluggish state .

Even if Yang Chen was likely to reach the realm of the fifth grade alchemist master, Gao Yue did not think of it at the moment and now Yang Chen has reached this point . For a time, Gao Yue became a bit dumbfounded . Suddenly, she didn’t know how to describe him as a disciple and a husband, a genius or a monstrous talent?

Yang Chen did not let Shi Shanshan wait for a long time . After he finished refining the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill, he only recovered and practiced for a day and night, and then went with Shi Shanshan to a place she didn’t know

Gao Yue and Sun Qingxue, they knew that Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan were going out for Yang Chen’s challenge to Shi Shanshan . However, neither of the two women followed .

Sun Qingxue remembered firmly that when she and Yang Chen were in the secret plane, they were in the foundation stage and Yang Chen killed the Yuanying stage praying mantis in an instant . Although sister Shanshan was powerful, there was still some gaps compared with the five praying mantis .

As for Gao Yue, she has never doubted Yang Chen’s combat effectiveness . The corpse of the second city master has been refined and placed in her Qiankun bag . For the challenge of Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan, Gao Yue has never doubted the result .

It was estimated that the palace master and the elders were not worried about the request of Shi Shanshan . They were only worried about the requirement of the fifth grade medicinal pill by the Blue Cloud Sect . But now Yang Chen only used a short three years, and all of them have been resolved in the time of alchemy . It seems that Gao Yue must also inform the sect to prepare for the marriage .

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The pride of Shi Shanshan, the two women seem to understand that was why they have not followed, that was, they were afraid that Shi Shanshan would not look good after losing in front of them . However, this move in the eyes of Shi Shanshan, had the opposite meaning . Gao Yue and Sun Qingxue were already Yang Chen’s wife, so they didn’t want to see the face of their husband if he lost .

Where the two people fought, Yang Chen chose a small valley in the Meiqing Mountain that was not noticeable . Putting a set of arrays made by Gongsun ling into the surrounding area, it formed a powerful illusion array . When outsiders came over, they could not know what happened in the array .

“Ready?” Yang Chen stood barefoot with Shi Shanshan, looking at the unarmed Shi Shanshan and asked quietly .

Shi Shanshan nodded and didn’t make a sound, but she seemed to have brought out the spiritual power of her whole body .

“First time” Yang Chen extended a finger .

Buzz, Shi Shanshan was waiting for Yang Chen’s attack . Suddenly a dull bell sound like a direct sound from the soul was heard, there was almost no reaction . Shi Shanshan’s spiritual awareness was shaken and she fainted .

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She didn’t know how long it took, Shi Shanshan woke up from a coma . Upon regaining consciousness, Shi Shanshan bounced from the ground and noticed that there was no slight abnormality in her body, only then did she begin to observe the surroundings .

Yang Chen was sitting not far away and Shi Shanshan found out now that she had just got up from a wooden bed, it seemed that she had been lying on a wooden bed .

She has just been in a coma,Shi Shanshan has rich experience in combat . How could she not know that Yang Chen has launched a spiritual awareness attack? However, in this moment, relying on a magic weapon to stun herself, Shi Shanshan really does not want to admit this failure .

“You rest for a while, we shall continue . ” Yang Chen seems to have seen the thoughts of Shi Shanshan long ago, with just a gentle smile, he handed Shi Shanshan a calming spirit pill . This set of pill could quickly calm people, for Shi Shanshan, this was a good fit .

“Come again” Shi Shanshan did not reject Yang Chen’s kindness, she immediately took the medicinal pill and meditated . Soon, Shi Shanshan sent an invitation again to Yang Chen .

“Second time” Yang Chen extended two fingers .

This time, Shi Shanshan did not give Yang Chen any chance . When Yang Chen’s voice just fell, Shi Shanshan’s flying sword was already on Yang Chen’s body . Of course, what was embarrassing was that it was on Yang Chen’s thigh . This kind of challenge, of course, Shi Shanshan would not give Yang Chen any consideration .

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Bang, the sound of a crisp metal crash sounded and Yang Chen’s body stood still in the same place, and the flying sword that slammed on his body was directly bounced off . Yang Chen’s body had no slightest injury .

Bang, Shi Shanshan was relentless and several consecutive sword strike was made . This time, not only the thighs, but also the chest and abdomen were attacked .

It was a pity that no matter how Shi Shanshan urged her flying sword, Yang Chen’s body was like a piece of steel, it was still without any damage .

“Don’t you have another praying mantis puppet? attack together . ” Yang Chen stood in the same place, even after receiving a few swords attacks from Shi Shanshan, he even reminded Shi Shanshan that she should use the Yuanying stage puppet to fight .

In the heart of Shi Shanshan, Yang Chen also provoked flames of anger with this remarks and she released the praying mantis without thinking . As soon as the puppet was released, the huge forearm was like a sharp knife, and it attacked Yang Chen .

It’s a pity that even the peak Yuanying stage praying mantis still had no use when it reach Yang Chen’s body . There was no reaction except for a few low sounds .

How could this be? Shi Shanshan was really shocked for a while . She didn’t even react when Yang Chen stepped forward . Until Yang Chen put a flying sword on her neck, Shi Shanshan realized that this time, she seemed to be defeated again .

“According to the Green Jade Immortal Island requirements, you should already be my wife . ” Yang Chen put away his flying sword, standing in front of Shi Shanshan, he gently lifted the chin of Shi Shanshan with his hand, in the confused state of Shi Shanshan, he gently kissed her lips .

Shi Shanshan’s eyes regained their clarity, her hands directly pushed Yang Chen out, subconsciously she reached out to wipe her lips, her heart was full of anger .

“You just rely on a defensive magic weapon, the victory won’t count . ” Even if it was two consecutive defeats in Yang Chen’s hands, Shi Shanshan was still somewhat unconvinced . In particular, this time, Yang Chen relied on the defensive magic weapon and took the opportunity of her own shock to succeed .

“Well, I don’t have to defend with the magic weapon . ” Yang Chen’s quickly replied, directly sticking out three fingers, he directed itat Shi Shanshan “The third time?”

When Yang Chen shouted for the third time, Shi Shanshan’s figure had already rushed up quickly . She firmly believed that Yang Chen would never be her opponent once he had no magic weapon for defense .

Peng, a red smog suddenly slammed in front of Shi Shanshan and then Shi Shanshan noticed danger . A few vines like snakes entangled her hands and feet .

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