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Chapter 389.1

The more Shi Shanshan said this, the more she was expecting Yang Chen to defeat herself in her heart, but she has never realized it .


Looking at Yang Chen who has been staring at her and laughing, Shi Shanshan was also a little annoyed, she could not help but speak angrily “If you intend to rely on this cheating method to achieve the two conditions, even if the sect agree, do not think about me agreeing to it!”


“You are right, even if I have absorbed a sixth grade fire seed, i will not necessarily be your opponent . ” When Yang Chen talked, he still had a smile, so that Shi Shanshan always had an urge to fight him, but listening to what he said as if there was nothing he could do, she suppressed her anger and was waiting for Yang Chen to continue .


“But, don’t forget, the condition you mentioned is just me defeating you . ” Yang Chen smiled again and slowly said: “But you never said, when will i have to defeat you!”


“No matter when, the result would be the same!” Shi Shanshan was very proud to lift her chin slightly, Shi Shanshan only had some heart demons when Yang Chen went to visit her the last time . After overcoming the heart demons, her strength has seen a promotion, vaguely reached the realm of the late Jiedan stage, and soon she would break through to the peak Jiedan stage . This was also the qualification that made her so proud .


“When i seriously hurt you, it’s the same?” Yang Chen’s eyebrows picked it up and looked at Shi Shanshan with a smile . “Don’t tell me, you have a sure grasp of any opponent, so you will never be injured . ”

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The senior cold plum fairy could have such a reputation, not by bullying the weak, but because she could always challenge the enemies who were more powerful than her and win in battle . As for the injuries, it was more commonplace, but every time there was an injury, Shi Shanshan would become even more powerful, learning from the battle has always been the strength of Shi Shanshan .


She did not think that Yang Chen would have proposed such a method . Even if Shi Shanshan wanted to argue, she would not be able to argue . She just never thought that Yang Chen would get along with such a way to deal with the conditions she proposed . In her eyes, one-on-one and face-to-face battles were fair and there would never be someone so rogue .


However, what Yang Chen said was not wrong at all, and did not even violate her own request . One-on-one, yes, face to face, it’s not wrong, but it’s true that Shi Shanshan, who was seriously injured, was probably not the opponent of Yang Chen .


Originally she thought that she could create obstacles for the marriage with Yang Chen, after Yang Chen’s sentence, suddenly the condition became the most ridiculous joke,it was easily removed by Yang Chen .


In this case, it seemed that Yang Chen has already had a fifth grade medicinal pill on hand and he could also defeat Shi Shanshan . Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue seem to be Yang Chen’s wife, which was not so far away .


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“Yang Da Ge, the sect master said, if you want to use this medicinal pill to complete the conditions, you must wait until after the dacheng stage!” Sun Qingxue said these words like she was facing some injustice and there was such a trace of discomfort in her heart .


In fact, the Green Jade Immortal Island also has the same conditions . If he wanted to use the nine secluded heart flame to defeat Shi Shanshan, he must wait until after the dacheng stage to be able to marry Shi Shanshan .


However, Yang Chen proposed such a solution . With Shi Shanshan’s habit of challenging experts, the chance of injury was very great . Yang Chen would soon be able to meet the conditions of Shi Shanshan, who would become his wife, but Sun Qingxue could only wait for Yang Chen to reach the dacheng stage before he could marry her . Even if Yang Chen’s cultivation was extremely fast, it would take at least several hundred years .


In this case, Sun Qingxue certainly felt somewhat unbalanced and couldn’t help but complain .


After Shi Shanshan was made speechless by Yang Chen, she heard Sun Qingxue again, her face sank again, and said to Yang Chen coldly “Yang Chen, if you use the method of disadvantages to reach the conditions, I will look down on you for the rest of my life . Little Xue will look down on you as well!”


When talking, she was looking at Sun Qingxue with a cold and unprecedented expression . These words were indeed the words of Shi Shanshan . Although Yang Chen’s method does not violate her conditions, she would definitely mock him .

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Sun Qingxue still wanted to say something, but when she heard Shi Shanshan’s words, she saw the coldness shot in the eyes of Shi Shanshan . After all, she still didn’t say it . She just turned to Yang Chen’s side and looked at Yang Chen’s face pitifully and nodded . The reluctance on her face seems to explain to Yang Chen that this was not her intention, but she must stand side by side with Shi Shanshan .


“Yang Chen, if you really use this method . ” Just after Shi Shanshan said this, Gao Chen near Yang Chen also opened her mouth: “I will be unhappy too . ”


“You should be a great hero, you shouldn’t use this way . ” Gongsun ling watched Yang Chen kill the Yuanying stage devil, killing the Yuanying stage master, although she knew that Yang Chen was teasing Shanshan, but she still followed Gao Yue .


Four women, two have promised to marry him, one wanted to marry him but was blocked by the conditions of the sect, but the other was somewhat unwilling to agree easily to it, so he must defeat her . But the four people all have the same attitude at the moment, as if they have formed an alliance .


The sentences of the two women made Shi Shanshan look at the two women’s eyes and her face changed a little, softening a lot . At this moment, the four women seem to be facing the same enemy, standing on the opposite side of their own family .


“Your husband is not a top-notch character, but he has never been a swindler and deceitful . ” Yang Chen, of course, must show his attitude, he must not be looked down upon by his own women .


“If i want to marry you, it must be open and overboard, and l will never let your heart feel dissatisfied . ” Yang Chen’s chest was straight and out “The two conditions you mentioned, I will never use a method of cheating to achieve it . ”


When these words were said, except for Sun Qingxue who was worrying, the other three women were all glazed in their eyes . They have never seen Yang Chen’s arrogance in order to marry them, and naturally they were happy .


“Little Xue, Shanshan, you can tell your sects now, I said that I promised . After three years, I will go to the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island to take a trip to treat the several elders . ” Yang Chen said quickly “Tomorrow, you are to come back here . ”


“Why?” Sun Qingxue asked anxiously .


“To accompany me in alchemy . ” After Yang Chen gave Sun Qingxue a smile, he turned to Shi Shanshan and smiled and said “Shanshan, I will give you three years to converse your strength, impact your realm boundary, three years later . I want to challenge you, I want you to marry me willingly!”

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