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Chapter 389.2
Yang Chen’s remarks made the four women somewhat surprised . Yang Chen wanted to refine the fifth grade medicinal pill and he has given Shi Shanshan three years to recharge her batteries, and then challenge her to ten games, what was this?

If he say that he wanted to defeat Shi Shanshan, one was enough . Why did he still need ten games? And for three years, what kind of medicinal pill was to be refined?

No one knew Yang Chen’s plan, Yang Chen promised to heal the several elders, but it was as a favour . This was to repay the sect masters, the two women did not dare to neglect . They did not come alone, they immediately arranged their own rewards . The two women came to Yang Chen’s pill room after a day of rest .

Gao Yue and Gongsun ling have been accompanying Yang Chen several times so Yang Chen alchemy was not surprising for them, but it was the first time for Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan to see Yang Chen’s alchemy, the two seemed to feel very fresh .

Gongsun ling’s mountain river geographical map needed for her to travel around but Yang Chen wanted to retreat . She has to go out, at least to visit all the sites of the dao sects domain, and to map the mountains and rivers of the dao sects .

Anyway, Gong Sunling had a praying mantis puppet with her and there was also the ship protection, plus the spirit pill that Yang Chen gave her, which was enough to cope with the danger of most dao sects domain . Before Yang Chen refined the pill, Gongsun ling bid farewell to Yang Chen, bid farewell to Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan, and with several core Jiedan stage disciples of the Pure Yang Palace, set foot on the road of going out and practicing .

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When Gong Sunling came back this time, she also had to collect a few potential apprentices . She was already a mid Jiedan stage master, which was enough to satisfy the conditions of the apprenticeship .

Gao Yue wanted to refine the dragon’s horn flying sword . Although it has always been within the sect, it has to be tempered with her master at all times, and the design of the dragon’s horn flying sword must be perfected . Therefore, the matter of accompanying Yang Chen in his alchemy would be handed over to Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan .

The two women saw Yang Chen alchemy for the first time and felt curious . However, Yang Chen did not start alchemy at the beginning, but gave each of the two women a first grade inner sensing pill and second grade inner sensing pill and let them take it in turns .

Everyone knew that the second grade inner sensing pill was Yang Chen’s unique medicinal pill . They knew that there were still many pills in his hand so the two women were not polite . After Yang Chen said to Shi Shanshan that he wanted to marry her in an open and overboard manner, she also had a lot of good expressions for Yang Chen . Although she still had the face of frost, she did not have that kind of target .

After the two inner sensing pills were taken, the two women quickly realized that there was something wrong with the spiritual power in their bodies . Whether it was Sun Qingxue or Shi Shanshan, they were all geniuses with great talents in cultivation . After discovering the problem, they naturally made targeted adjustments .

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Just two medicinal pills were enough to save the two women at least twenty years of hard work . After all, adjusting the previous cultivation deviations was by no means an easy task and it was even harder to find out . With the inner sensing pills, the sooner the two women discovered it, the easier it was to correct the deviation, the higher their future achievements would become .

Shi Shanshan seemed to have some understanding of why Yang Chen asked her to recharge herself . This three-year period was just enough for Shi Shanshan to adjust her whole body’s spiritual power to the best conditions . She was very much looking forward to what kind of combat power Yang Chen would use at that time .

Next, Yang Chen did not immediately start alchemy, but asked in detail about the two women, how the injured elders in their sects were injured .

Because this time the two women came to ask Yang Chen to help, so before they set off, they also specially went to see the injured elders . Everyone was injured and their feelings were told to the two women . When Yang Chen asked, they naturally relayed them in detail .

“The injury of the elders, or you want to see it with your own eyes and judge it better?” Although Shi Shanshan said this, but she still had some doubts . It was difficult to make a correct judgment without seeing it with his own eyes and even diagnosing it .

“I just need to know if a certain kind of medicinal pill can be used to treat it . ” Yang Chen replied with a smile, and then after thinking about it, took out the profound spirit furnace .

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Even if Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue were not good at alchemy, but when they saw Yang Chen’s profound spirit furnace, they still couldn’t help but become dazed . Yang Chen’s profound spirit furnace level was so high that the two women could not believe it, in any case they could not believe that Yang Chen, a cultivator in the early Jiedan stage, how could he refine an alchemy furnace to such a high level .

In this respect, Yang Chen certainly would not explain it, but he picked up the medicinal ingredients he needed from the medicine garden . Lingzhi Mushroom, which has been maturing for more than a thousand years, has directly produced more than 20 strains . Other fresh herbs, which were more than a thousand years old, were also fresh and incomparably appearing in front of the two women .

They have already seen the ten thousand years medicinal ingredients for refining the questioning inner heart pill . These things, which were less than two thousand years old, were very precious, but they were still not in the eyes of the two women . Seeing that Yang Chen had prepared a lot of medicinal herbs, he then threw them into the profound spirit furnace as if he had thrown a pile of rags .

Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan both raised their eyes and stared carefully . Yang Chen was a senior alchemist master . It was not an illusion, but the real thing . So the two women really wanted to see if Yang Chen’s alchemy technique was as magical as the outside world guesses .

Yang Chen wanted to refine the medicinal pill, which was the lingzhi mushroom jade pill . This kind of medicinal pill was the best medicinal pill for healing . For injuries in cultivators below the Yuanying stage, as long as there was still a breath in them, it could pull people back from the edge of the netherworld . When Gao Yue was in the 100,000 mountains and was in danger, he relied on the lingzhi mushroom jade pill to save her life .

The more high-level cultivators were injured, the less likely they were to recover . Generally speaking, the masters of the dacheng stage were highly skilled and would not be easily injured, but once injured, it was definitely a big problem .

This lingzhi mushroom jade pill was only used for the injury under the Yuanying stage . If the cultivation base was higher, it would be less effective . It was of no use to the master of the dacheng stage .

However, it was relative, a first grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill was of no use, but this does not mean that a fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill would be useless .

Yes, Yang Chen was going to refine the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill in front of the two women, to heal the three dacheng stage elders who were injured in the two big sects .

Asking the situation of the three elders’ injuries was to judge whether the fifth grade Lingzhi Mushroom jade pill could cure their injuries . Fortunately, in Yang Chen’s view, the fifth grade Lingzhi Mushroom jade pill was enough .

No one knew this but Yang Chen was already a sixth grade alchemist master before his rebirth . In addition to the fact that the sixth grade alchemist master in the heavenly court was far worse than the great principle golden immortal, the experience and techniques of alchemy was no problem at all, plus the basic knowledge of the elderly lord pill scripture and recent jade slips . Not mentioning the fifth grade lingzhi mushroom jade pill of the mortal world, even if it was a sixth grade pill, it was not a problem for Yang Chen .

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