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Chapter 388.2: 388.2
“The dacheng stage!” Sun Qingxue couldn’t hide any secret in front of Yang Chen, as long as Yang Chen wanted to know, and it was not the kind of secret that couldn’t be said, Sun Qingxue would tell Yang Chen . Therefore, when Yang Chen asked, Sun Qingxue said it .

“Little Xue!” Shi Shanshan looked at the side and was very annoyed . Sun Qingxue was always acting too simple, so that Yang Chen so easily got information out of her, it made Shi Shanshan very dissatisfied .

Up to now, Shi Shanshan still believed that Yang Chen did not fully guess it, but because of the attitude of Sun Qingxue it was exposed, so that Yang Chen discovered it, so he could just put the pieces together .

It seemed that the two women had unified their stands before coming . Now Sun Qingxue so easily turned to Yang Chen, even Sun Qingxue felt a little guilty . Under Shi Shanshan’s contempt, she narrowed her neck, as if she didn’t dare to look at Shi Shanshan’s appearance and bowed her head .

“The Green Jade Immortal Island also want me to reach the dacheng stage?” Yang Chen smiled and looked at Shi Shanshan, still waiting for her answer .

“Snort, even if the island master agrees, if you can’t complete the conditions I mentioned, don’t think that I will admit that you are my husband!” Shi Shanshan’s character was very unyielding, although she still refused to spill everything, but it was also considered answering the question of Yang Chen .

Gao Yue and Gongsun ling already had some problems, the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island what do they want to do . They did not refuse, but they proposed two conditions that seemed impossible to complete . It was a refusal, but they have secretly set a deadline . As long as Yang Chen could get to the dacheng stage, they would let the two women marry him . What were they thinking about for this, the two of them couldn’t understand .

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“This is also a way, not hurting our relationship and can finally fulfill us, but the time will delay us somewhat . ” Yang Chen smiled and nodded: “The most important thing is to let the two main sects have a very reasonable reason for this, sect master Lu and the island master thought about it perfectly . ”

Sun Qingxue admired Yang Chen at the moment and did not say anything . Yang Chen actually guessed so many things . Big brother Yang Chen was really unpredictable . However, the better Yang Chen performed, the more fascinated Sun Qingxue seemed .

“Even if you have reached the dacheng stage, if you can’t complete the two conditions, you can’t let the sects agree easily!” Shi Shanshan looked at Sun Qingxue’s fascinating expression and she was so angry . What was this good for Yang Chen? The heart of the radish, but also give him a good face . Up to now, Shi Shanshan has not given Yang Chen a smile, but she was cold to him .

Looking at Shi Shanshan, Yang Chen suddenly laughed, which made Shi Shanshan even more uncomfortable and gave Yang Chen a cold face again .

However, when this face was seen in the eyes of Gao Yue, she couldn’t help but want to laugh . If she was really angry, why would Shi Shanshan be here, the famous cold plum fairy was not famous for her endurance of humiliation . After all, she still liked Yang Chen in her heart .

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“If I said that I know what is in these two boxes, will you believe it or not?” Yang Chen took the two jade boxes in his hands and asked the two women .

“I will not believe it!” Sun Qingxue was straightforward and said it directly . She has seen this box and her spiritual awareness couldn’t go in no matter how much she tried . It was closed and tight, and there was no sound when she shakes if . How could he know what was inside?

Shi Shanshan was coldly snorting in her heart, there was no way for Sun Qingxue to hide anything in front of Yang Chen . However, by this time, she also had some curiosity . The jade box she had seen, there was something inside, she was not clear what it was, she would like to know if Yang Chen could guess it or not .

“In this, it must be a medicinal pill . ” Yang Chen picked up the jade box of the Blue Cloud Sect from Sun Qingxue and said with a smile, “And it is a fifth grade medicinal pill . ”

After he said this, he did not wait for the public to have any surprises and directly opened the sealed talisman . After a flash of light, the seal on the box began to disappear and Yang Chen opened the jade box, revealing a layer of round medicinal pill wrapped in a talisman .

When he opened the seals of those talismans, a round red medicinal pill appeared in the hands of Yang Chen, the medicinal qi quickly entered their nose . For what kind of medicinal pill it was, everyone had no interest about it for the time being . The eyes of all the people were concentrated on the five obvious pill marks on the medicinal pill .

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Five pill marks, it was obvious that this was a fifth grade medicinal pill . Looking at this medicinal pill that should not appear in the mortal world, except for Yang Chen, everyone was very sluggish .

The Blue Cloud Sect proposed that Yang Chen should refine a fifth grade medicinal pill and then gave Yang Chen a fifth grade medicinal pill . This really made people not to know what to say .

Yang Chen was thinking about other things . This medicinal pill was just the most common qi replenishing pill . However, after becoming a fifth grade pill, it has become a rare spirit pill . Yang Chen felt very strange, how did the Blue Cloud Sect get this fifth grade pill?

There was no fifth grade alchemist master in the history of the mortal world . This was recognized by everyone, so where was this fifth grade medicinal pill from? For a moment, Yang Chen thought of the descent of a conciseness clone . There was no fifth grade alchemist master in the mortal world, but there were like clouds in the heavenly court, if the Greatest Heaven Sect could afford to have a conciseness clone decent, the Blue Cloud Sect could also afford it .

Apart from this reason, Yang Chen couldn’t figure out what else was possible . The Blue Cloud Sect’s tactics of arrogance and deliberation were indeed capable of letting Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace be disappointed at first, and then become grateful to them, so that they were firmly tied to their chariots and the end was a good means .

Although this was only a qi replenishing pill, but it was a fifth grade medicinal pill, so Yang Yang could learn a lot of things from . After removing all the talisman, he kept it in the newly acquired medicine nourishing gourd

“In the box of the Green Jade Immortal Island, I think, it must be something that can make me defeat you after I cultivate it!” Yang Chen took the second jade box and said to Shi Shanshan .

Not waiting for the reaction of Shi Shanshan, Yang Chen opened the jade box directly . Unexpectedly, there were two things inside, one was a refined jade lamp that preserved a fire seed and the other was a piece of jade slip .

“Nine secluded heart flame, sixth grade fire seed! The Green Jade Immortal Island has played a big hand!” After seeing the fire seed, even Yang Chen could not help but be surprised .

Nine secluded heart flame, was the advanced upgrade version of the heart fire seed that Yang Chen currently has, the grade has reached sixth grade, his own was in the fourth grade . Apart from the seventh grade pure yang true flame, which was now kept by Yang Chen, this was already the highest grade of fire seed he had .

As for the jade slip, it was a way of collecting the nine secluded heart flame . For Yang Chen, this piece of jade slip was actually dispensable .

“Even with this, you can’t beat me!” Seeing this, Shi Shanshan’s face still hasn’t changed, just coldly throwing a sentence to Yang Chen .

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