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Chapter 386.1: 386.1
After a series of magical characters were displayed, Yang Chen had already thoroughly mastered the medicine nourishing gourd . Soon, Yang Chen appeared in the same place, and there was a little purple-red gourd in his hand .

The mountain peak that stretched hundreds of miles across the street disappeared in this moment without a trace, showing a huge valley, as if the mountain has never appeared here .
When Gongsun ling found that Yang Chen was missing .

She was worried about it for a while, but found that none of the five women around her had made any movements and she was a little relieved . After waiting for about half a day, Yang Chen finally appeared .

Although it has been guessed that Yang Chen was going to collect the medicine nourishing gourd, Gongsun ling still plunged into Yang Chen’s arms after seeing Yang Chen . It seemed that only in the arms of Yang Chen, when she smelled the familiar flavour of Yang Chen and felt his warm hug would give her complete peace of mind .

Soon, Gongsun ling’s attention went to the little purple-red gourd in Yang Chen’s hand . After watching it for a while, she reached out and touched it . She curiously asked: “This is what you said, the medicine nourishing gourd? Is it very powerful?”

“Of course!” Yang Chen showed this with practical actions . The achievement ring was opened, all the medicinal pills flew out, and then it was sucked into the gourd at the speed of light .

There were dozens of medicinal pills wrapped in layers of talisman which looked familiar to Gongsun ling, it broke the talisman in front of her, and then flew into the gourd .

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Gongsun ling was startled on the spot, it was clearly second grade questioning inner heart pills, she just took one before her retreat, naturally she recognized it clearly . However, although Yang Chen said that it was not a precious thing, but Gongsun ling still felt it was very precious in her mind, but when she saw this scene, it was still very shocking .

It turns out that Yang Chen had so many second grade questioning inner heart pills, no wonder he took these things for them like they were like ordinary things .

Just looking at the medicinal pills that flew into the medicine gourd, the value was already incalculable . Gongsun ling once again sighed . It seems that the feelings that she had received because of the big gourd were too small .

“These are the second grade questioning inner heart pills?” She still had to confirm it . It was too shocking, so Gongsun ling asked aloud .

“Yes . ” Yang Chen smiled and said: “I said, it is not a precious thing . When you need it, you can open it and take some . ” At the end, it seems that the meaning was still unfinished,Yang Chen added “There are still many raw materials, no need to save them . After using this batch of second grade questioning inner heart pills, we will refine the third grade in the future . ”
These words made Gongsun Ling stunned . It seems that the boundary of her imagination was not enough, even without illusions, the facts have not reached the border .

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“If you can come up with another heaven seizing pill, I believe that there is nothing impossible in this world . ” Gongsun Ling looked at Yang Chen and said this sentence .

Gongsun ling words would make others sigh, but Yang Chen was very strange after hearing this, a question was revealed in his eyes, it seems to be “How do you know?” Gongsun ling was shocked .

“You don’t really have a heaven seizing pill right?” Gongsun ling was shocked and there was horror on her face when she asked this sentence .

“You can really can predict accurately senor apprentice sister!” Yang Chen shook his head with some helplessness and sighed . Then, in front of the two, there appeared a jade box .

On top of the jade box, it was engraved with the lines of an array . The above was shining with light . At first glance, it was the array that was working . With the eyesight of Gongsun ling, of course, it could be seen at a glance that this array was a method that could seal up the effects of medicine and trap the things inside the box .

Yang Chen opened the jade box without thinking, and then there was a densely shining talisman and inside it was a small jade box . The same pattern was also engraved on the above and the effect was still the same .

The small jade box was opened again, and it was still wrapped in a talisman and the inside was a small jade box . At this time, Yang Chen said: “This is the heaven seizing pill that you said!”

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“You! You! You!” Gongsun Ling reached out and covered her surprised cherry mouth . After the three consecutive words, almost no other words came out, she finally reacted after a while, she was shocked: “You refined two heaven seizing pills with elder Wu Xiong’s materials?”

“One!” Yang Chen opened the jade box, and a blue-colored dragon medicinal pill appeared in front of Gongsun ling: “This is the one that was refined for elder Wu Xiong . ”

It seemed that it felt that the bondage of it whole body has been eliminated . The heaven seizing pill was shocked, then the medicinal pill suddenly turned into a blue dragon shadow, it planned to fly away .

But how could Yang Chen make this kind of mistake, before the jade box was opened, his spiritual awareness were already covering the surrounding and the space was firmly locked . The dragon shadow flashed, but it was still in place . It just kept moving and moving, just like living things .

Controlling the medicine nourishing gourd, Yang Chen took the heaven seizing pill slowly into the gourd . It seems that it felt good about itself in the gourd . The heaven seizing pill did not struggle and quickly disappeared into the mouth of the gourd .

“Elder Wu Xiong had experience and confidence in resisting the hurricane wind tribulation, so he did not use the heaven seizing pill when ascending . ” When Yang Chen took the heaven seizing pill into the gourd, he made a sigh of relief and continued to explain to Gongsun ling “It is useless for him to keep it, so he gave it to me as a reward for refining medicinal pills . ”

Gongsun ling who has seen the heaven seizing pill, but still has a feeling that she couldn’t believe her eyes . How could this happen? How could it happen?

Yang Chen found ancestor Wang Yong before collecting the medicine nourishing gourd, and asked him to return to the heaven seizing pill . This was because of the congenital deficiency, so did not spend the hurricane robbery, or completed with the help of Elder Wu Xiong, and can not be regarded as a complete state of the capture of the heaven seizing pill .

The medicine nourishing gourd could maintain the medicinal qi and could nourish the medicinal pills . Because of this, Yang Chen decided to take the heaven seizing pill into the medicine nourishing gourd .

Maybe before Wang Yong ascends, the heaven seizing pill would also be able to take advantage of this and slowly improve the quality and restore to it most complete state .

Gongsun ling’s comprehension was very good, but it limited by her experience . Even if the retreat was successful, it was always artificially set a border for herself . Even if the border was getting bigger and bigger, it was still within the limits .

This time, she saw Yang Chen’s second grade questioning inner heart pills, and saw a heaven seizing pill appeared in front of her . Gongsun Ling suddenly realized a truth .

It turns out that in the world of cultivation, there was only one that cannot be imagined and cannot be done .

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